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Recipe for a Happy Marriage – Ingredients for a Good Marriage

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Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had a recipe for a happy marriage? If we knew the ingredients for a good marriage, we would certainly get off on a good start. We have therefore gathered the best recipe for a good marriage!

How to be happy in marriage

The most important ingredients for a happy marriage is love and kindness. However, the thing that most people seem to forget is that if you want to stay happy in your relationship, you must love yourself first and make yourself happy. Don’t wait for you partner to fulfill your dreams, do it yourself. You, and only you, are responsible for your own happiness, and this is very important to keep in mind if you want a successful marriage. The recipe for a happy marriage includes to love and take care of yourself. So, realize that you are responsible for your own happiness, and take on that responsibility and fulfill your dreams. This goes for your partner as well, so don’t take on a responsibility that isn’t yours. If both partners are clear about this before entering marriage, then you are on a really good start!

Secrets to a happy marriage

If you want a happy relationship, you must be happy first. But why is that so important? Because you create with your vibration from your thoughts and emotions, according to the Law of Attraction. The best kept secrets to a happy marriage is that you can control your mood and vibration by deliberately choosing a thought that feels better.

When you feel bad and want to improve your mood, choose a thought that feels a little bit better, and then choose another one that feels a little better, etc. As you practice to deliberately choose a better feeling thought, you will feel happier and it will become natural for you to choose ”happy thoughts” all the time! This will make all the difference in your life, since you create with your thoughts. So, the key secret to a successful marriage is to have a positive attitude by deliberately choosing a thought that feels better. When you feel good and have a positive aura around you, your relationship will definitely benefit.

What makes a happy marriage?

All your relationships are reflections of yourself, according to the Law of Attraction. So make sure that you have the qualities that you seek in a partner. For example, if you want more love from your partner, then be more loving to yourself, your partner, and to the people around. Or, if you want a harmonious marriage, then you need to become more balanced and at peace with yourself. Give yourself the things that you want from your partner. When you radiate love, you will attract more love. When you are balanced, you will attract harmonious relationships.

The main ingredients for a happy marriage are love, kindness and positive attitude. When your mind is trained to be loving, caring, and positive, you will automatically love yourself and make yourself happy. When you love yourself completely, you will have no problems showing unconditional love to your spouse. This deep friendship, full of unconditional love, is very important in a long term happy relationship.

When we are filled with unconditional love, we are able to see things “from above”. We become more patient and have a stronger sense of faith. Also, we don’t judge anyone. Forgiving ourselves and others becomes natural. These qualities are very important if you want to attract a wonderful relationship, and the key is to practice unconditional love.

A happy marriage recipe also includes the “truth” ingredient. Again, if you want your partner to be truthful, then it’s important that you allow yourself to speak your inner truth. When you radiate openness and honesty, you will attract more of that. Furthermore, spice up your relationship with lots of laughter and passion, and garnish it with thoughtfulness and tenderness, and there you have it – the recipe for a successful marriage!

The Recipe for a Happy Marriage

Here’s the best recipe for a happy marriage:


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