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The Path to Love – Deepak Chopra

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Path to Love by Deepak ChopraDo you want changes in your life? Maybe your relationships are not working, or maybe your body needs healing? If you really want changes in your life, there is only one thing you need to do; invite your spirit into your life. In “The Path to Love: Spiritual Strategies for Healing” by Deepak Chopra, you will learn how to re-connect with your heart and soul; the key to healing your life. In other words, you will learn to create miracles in every aspect of your life.

Deepak Chopra explains that as you learn to let go of your ego and love unconditionally, you automatically allow your spirit to do its wonders, and small miracles will start to appear in your life. “The Path to Love” is an inspiring and practical book that gives you insights into what love truly is. Deepak Chopra guides you to this place of unconditional love, where you create all the things that you have ever dreamed of; fantastic health, love, relationships, joy, wealth, career etc.

path-to-love-deepak-chopra“The Path to Love” includes several meditations to help you be more present, and to invite your spirit. Deepak Chopra presents a fantastic meditation to let go of the ego; the one “thing” that stands in our way to reconnect with our spirit. You will also learn about different concepts to connect with love, the healing power that can improve every aspect of your life.

The internationally recognized motivational speaker and best selling author, Deepak Chopra, has written more than 65 books, including 19 New York Times Bestsellers, and sold over 20 million copies worldwide. He is thought by many as the pioneer and leader of the mind-body-spirit movement. Deepak Chopra has helped millions of people all over the world to reach their full potential to achieve success in every aspect of their lives, and “The Path to Love” is a great place to start.

Are you connected with Spirit?

According to Deepak Chopra, there are 3 signs that you are in touch with your spirit:

  • When you Love – and feel connected to everything and feel the intoxication of love
  • When you Know – and feel that you know what you need to know in the moment, when you have intuition and when you are creative
  • When you feel Happiness – When you feel happy you are close to your spirit

When you have these 3 experiences in consciousness and thereby getting in touch with the spirit, your body secrets:

  • serotonin, dopamine (the happy hormones)
  • oxytocin (the pleasure hormone)
  • opiates (the hormones that makes you feel “high” that regulates your immune system)

This means, according to Deepak Chopra, that the spiritual exaltation heals the body!

A great way to get in touch with your spirit and heal your body is to spend more time in the nature!


Posted: November 7, 2012 at 10:41 pm
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