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Abraham-Hicks – How to Attract a Specific Lover

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In this video, Abraham-Hicks are coaching on relationships. If you are attracted to a specific lover, their guidance may be of great interest. Abraham’s infinite intelligence and broad perspective will give you a new insight on the Law of Attraction and on how to attract someone specific.

Since repetition is very important in order to change old thinking habits, we at also provide you with a summary of the video, see below.


Apply the teachings by Abraham-Hicks on the Law of Attraction, and move forward towards a fantastic relationship!

Summary: Abraham-Hicks – How to Attract a Specific Lover

Your vibration must be PURE in order to ATTRACT

If there is a particular person that you are attracted to, it’s possible to attract this person in to your life, according to the Law of Attraction.  But if you feel “competition” for this person or insecurity in any way, your vibration is not pure so the person can not come to you. In other words, if you feel resistance, you won’t be able to attract the person you want.

Find a place of RELIEF in order to ATTRACT

Your work is to keep yourself in a place of relief. When you want a relationship so much that it hurts, you want it too much. When you think about it and feel doubtful, then you want it more than you are able to allow. On the other hand, when you don’t think about it and miss the thought of it, then you don’t think about it enough.

The rule of thumb is to think about this person as much as you can, as long as it feels good. This is how to attract anything you wantyou must feel good. And when it crosses the line and doesn’t feel good, then your work is to quickly get in to a place of relief. Choose a better feeling thought and keep talking your angst down. Talk yourself back into a soothed place. Below are some affirmations to keep you in a place of relief.

  • I don’t have to make anything happen
  • What I am wanting is coming
  • If not this person, then another one just like him or even better will come to me

Use the person that you are attracted to as a FOCAL POINT

One thing to remember that will give you relief, is that there is not only one “perfect person”. But the person you see as your “perfect partner” is very helpful to you right now. Use this person that you are attracted to, as your point of attraction.

You could look at someone who has many characteristics that you don’t want, but if you don’t see (or focus on) the unwanted characteristics, the Universe will not bring to you the replication of the characteristics that you don’t want. So if you choose to only focus on what you want, these are the things that Universe will attract to you.

You could pick out one thing about someone that you really like, for example appearance. Then you could mentally give this person all of the other attributes that you are wanting. When you use these attributes as a focal point, it causes you to focus energy. As the desire is fresh and you feel good as you focus – and not a feeling of lack because this person has not yet come fully to you – then you are doing all kinds of things within your own vibration that puts you in a place where the Law of Attraction is lining you up with what you really want.

Affirmations where you use your lover as a focal point

  • You appeal to me in all of this ways … (give your examples).
  • I draw the essence of you to me.
  • Thank you for being here for me to observe, to think about, to dream about, and to visualize around.
  • Thank you for being a focal point that I use to align my energy.
  • I trust that “Law of Attraction” will bring me an exact replica of that which I believe you are.

Write down the affirmations for relief, and the affirmations where you use your lover as a focal point. Look at the lovely words and read them out loud as often as you want. Put inspiring pictures around the words to enhance the affirmations and meditate around this subject. Don’t forget to feel wonderful while affirming. Feel as if the perfect relationship is already in your experience.

The Universe has imagined it better than even you have

The Universe has got all of its information about what you really like and desire, from you. But also, the Universe has remembered every piece of it and put it together in perfect formation. This means that the things that are on its way to you are so much better than you think that you want right now.

All you need to do is to appreciate all the wonderful things around you and follow your bliss. Feel joy and have fun. Work your way up the emotional scale. Find a better feeling thought, and look for things to appreciate. Use affirmations and meditate over things that you want, and feel wonderful while doing it. When you do as many activities as you can that feels good to you every day, then all of these things that the Universe know that you want, make their way to you and appear in perfect timing for you.

Trust the Law of Attraction

Abraham (the infinite intelligence) can see all that is lined up for you and how it will thrill you. Abraham has seen “the end of the movie” and want you to know that it really turns out great.

– But is this movie going to turn out exactly the way that I wanted it to turn out?(You)
– Yes it will turn out exactly the way you want it to turn out. (Abraham)
– But how will it happen, and who will it be, and when will it come? (You)
 – Now you get in to that place where you not so much allowing it to be (Abraham)

If you don’t trust the Law of Attraction and are in a place where you are not allowing it to be, you prolong the unfolding that would please you. Abraham want you to know that everything will turn out good. Don’t prolong it by doubting. How to attract something or someone, is all about understanding and trusting the Law of Attraction.

Let the Universe give you what you really want

Abraham want you to know that it’s going to be really good for you, so why not enjoy the journey? Why not relax a little? Don’t try to demand that the Universe give it to you in the distorted precision that you are identifying. Instead, let the Universe give you the relationship that you really want.

Abraham-Hicks - How to attract a specific lover






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