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Cheryl Richardson – You Become What You Believe

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The bestselling author and coach, Cheryl Richardson, was at Oprah Life Class and discussed the importance of having faith in yourself. She also shared her daily affirmations that she personally uses to boost her self esteem and self confidence. If you have missed that show, here’s a chance to catch up! You will find a summary on that inspiring conversation below. We have also included a VIDEO at the end with Cheryl Richardson where she discusses her personal experience on “you become what you believe”. Enjoy!

What is a Belief?

A belief is just a pattern of thoughts that we keep repeating over and over again. It’s like a “brain wash” where we repeat the same story over and over again until we believe it’s the truth. This is why belief is something that we accept as the truth. Beliefs get installed early in life. Most of our beliefs that we live by today, were installed when we were 0-6 years old. In fact about 95% of what we do in our present daily life, is based on unconscious material during that time.

cheryl-richardson-on-oprah-you-become-what-you-believeYour Belief Determines Your Actions

Thoughts are energy. This means that our beliefs are thoughts of energy that we send out to the world. We become what we believe, and then act out according to what we believe is possible. Our beliefs make us behave in a way that will prove us right. For example, if you believe that you are too old to get a job, then you will probably act in a way that will prove you right; thus the belief is “running your life”.

How do you know if a Belief is “Running Your Life”?

In order to find out if a belief is running your life, see how your life is working. Look for patterns and themes, and listen to “inner talk”. What do you often say to yourself? Do you often criticize yourself by saying: “I am too stupid, I am too old” etc., or are you supportive of yourself and saying things like “I can do this, everything is always working out for me, I am a fantastic person”?

We link our habitual thought patterns (beliefs) to our daily activities that we engage in. To find out what your beliefs about yourself are, listen to what you say to yourself when you first wake up in the morning; when you take a shower/bath; when you get dressed?

If you notice that you have negative beliefs of ourselves, the next step is to ask yourself, whose voice is in your head – the voice of you teacher, bullies, mother, father etc.? Catch yourself when you hear the self-sabotaging voice in your head, and say things like “stop it, you don’t control my life any more, this is not my authentic voice speaking right now”.

Change your Beliefs with Affirmations

Now that you have become aware of your inner talk, the next step to change your belief is by using positive affirmations. You need to change your thoughts in order to change your life, since every word you speak and every thought you think, is an affirmation on what’s going to happen in your life.

Positive affirmations can be used as a tool to help you change your beliefs / old patterns of thinking. You can for example use daily affirmations to work on your self esteem, and self confidence. If you write your own affirmations, make sure that your affirmations are fun and make you feel good. Here are examples on affirmations to help you improve your finances:

“Abundance flows into my life in surprising and miraculous ways every day.”
“Every time I turn around I get a check in the mail.”
“There is only brightness in my future”

Cheryl Richardson is a great believer in working with affirmations to enhance self-love. She works with affirmations for her self, by sending text messages on her Iphone to herself everyday, every hour. Here are examples on affirmations that she recommends:

“I love you, I really love you”
“I love you sweet heart”
“I will stand by you, I am here for you”
“I will always have your back…(your name)”
“How did you get so cute?”
“I think you are one of the most wonderful women in the world”

To improve your beliefs about yourself, you could also use the mirror and look at yourself, and say “I love you, I truly love you”. It will feel insincere in the beginning, but if you stick to the “mirror work”, for at least 30 day, you will eventually start connecting to the powerful love for yourself.

Affirmations + Action = Miracles. Affirmations are very important but you also need to take actions. Affirm what you want, and then you act as if…. This means that you act as if it has already happened.

You Are Meant For Greatness

You don’t become what you want, you become what you believe. We are all meant for greatness, but that is also often our deepest fear. Our deepest fear is not that we are powerless, but that we are powerful beyond measure. It’s not our darkness, but our light that frightens us the most. When you start to shine voices like “Who do you think you are…Don’t get a big head” can turn up in your head, but remember that this is not your true inner voice speaking, it’s your Ego that is trying to sabotaging your life. Also, often we make ourselves small because we believe that it will help other people, but remember that making yourself small doesn’t serve other people.

The book You Can Create An Exceptional Life by Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson, will help you release your inner fear and change your beliefs about yourself in order to create the life that you have always wanted.

Posted: July 6, 2013 at 11:30 am
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    Yes yes yes… this is wonderful it’s exactly what I needed to hear. I feel like I desperately want to meet other people who are practicing these principals and living in this way. I sometimes feel like I don’t encounter others like this, like me…

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