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AffirmationsWhat is an Affirmation?

An affirmation is a mantra that a person repeats over and over (either mentally or vocally) with the objective that the act of repeating a phrase stimulates the mind to adopt a desired perspective. It is a practice that has become increasingly popular in New Age philosophy and is geared toward promoting positive energy.
The affirmation procedure can address all facets of an individual’s life, including their job, their relationships, or their health. The rationale for affirmations is that the repetitions influence the subconscious mind into changing a person’s mental outlook; it is a novel procedure in that portends that a person can consciously change their subconscious processes. See examples and videos of positive affirmations for love, health, money and success below.

How do Affirmations work?

Affirmation works in much the same way as meditation, although where meditation is often geared toward a cleansing the mind, affirmations work toward impressing a new perspective toward a person’s situation. An additional difference between affirmations and meditations is that where meditation often involves a single word, term, or sound, an affirmation is a complete thought or sentence.

How to use Affirmations

There is no uniform procedure regarding the methodology for affirmations; someone could conduct an affirmation procedure in public (with a group), by themselves, at night, during the day, etc. What is important is that the affirmation be practiced in the same way each time; it is most productive when it assumes the form of a ritual, since it attempts to provide structure to individuals who are subsumed in anxiety. The affirmation that is repeated should not change from one day to the next; it should be a phrase or belief that the individual believes strongly and is deeply invested in, and if one alters the affirmation then no progress will be made.

Also, make sure that you only focus on what you want as you do your affirmations. An easy way to know this is that when you feel good, you are focused upon what you want, and when you feel bad you are focused upon what you don’t want. If you do your affirmations whey you have negative emotions, you are focused upon the absence of what you want, and you will only attract more of what you don’t want. Instead, quiet your mind and meditate for a while before doing your affirmations. When you feel relaxed without any inner resistance, it’s time to do your affirmations.

How to make powerful Affirmations

  • Affirmations should be positive in nature. Focus on what you want (don’t focus on what you don’t want) and articulate your goals in postie form – make them bold and clear.
  • Affirmations should be broad in scope. Avoid affirmations that refers to an isolated instance (i.e. “I will win today’s match”) since an affirmation is intended to shape one’s overall outlook toward life, over a long period of time.
  • An affirmation should be grounded in the present tense, since it attempts to produce immediate, empirical results; it is hoped that the affirmation should work analogously to hypnosis, in which the individual awakens from their affirmation with a refreshed perspective that stimulates the individual to face the world with a positive outlook.

Although it could be asserted that a potential limitation of affirmations is that they work solely through a person’s mind and do not incorporate any external stimuli, affirmations are successful precisely because they endow the individual with the autonomy to affect their outlook.

What are Affirmations used for?

Everyone can benefit from using Affirmations. It can be applied to achieve success in your personal or professional life. Affirmations work to achieve success in all areas of life! For example, use affirmations if you want: improved health, happy relationships, more passion in your life, more money, increased self-esteem, a new car, a loving partner, more energy, lose weight etc. Remember, affirmations work pest in the present tense, and don’t forget to enjoy your affirmations as you say them out loudly to yourself.

What are the benefits of using Affirmations?

The benefit of using affirmations is that you will eliminate the feelings of doubt, insecurity, and unworthiness, that are hindering you from achieving a positive end result. Affirmations will help you change your thinking and belief, and as you do that, your whole life will change! In other words, affirmations can help you change your life!
A belief is just a thought that we keep thinking, so in order to change a belief, we need to change our thinking. Let’s say that you often say to yourself “I am not good enough”, after a while you will start believing just that. So, in order to change the belief that you have about yourself, you need to change the thoughts that you have running in the background of your mind. This is where positive affirmations come in. As you repeatedly tell yourself instead that “I am perfect just the way I am”, or “I can do anything”, you will start believing that!
As you define what you want with affirmations, your attention will follow, and your mind will begin to look for “evidence” that matches the affirmations. You will look for reasons to feel good about yourself! What you focus upon (as you affirm), you will attract, according to the Law of Attraction!

When Affirmations don’t work?

The first thing you need to understand is that you don’t only affirm with your words, you affirm and attract with your vibration. You must be a match to your dream in order to manifest it, according to the Law of Attraction. If your affirmations don’t work then you are probably focused on the absence of what you really want.

For example, if you want more money and are worried or feel unworthy as you do your affirmations, then your words will not be a match to what you are vibrating. When you feel bad you are in fact affirming the opposite of what you mean to. You will only attract more of what you don’t want, because you are focused upon that! So, don’t do the affirmations when you are worried or feel discomfort in any way, because when you have negative emotions, you are focusing on the absence of what you want.

This is why it’s very important to clear your mind and let go of any resistant thought first, and then do your affirmations. Begin by relaxing your body and mind. Concentrate on your breathing for a while to raise your vibration. When you feel calm and relaxed, now it’s time to do your affirmations. Get inside your Vortex and then do your affirmations, according to Abraham-Hicks.

Positive Affirmations for Love, Health, Money and Success

Below are some examples of common affirmations for love, self-esteem, health, money and success, that you can start using right now. You will also find featured featured affirmation videos. Enjoy!


Positive Affirmations for LOVE and Self-Esteem

  1. I am loving, loveable and loved
  2. I love and approve of myself
  3. I love and respect myself at all times
  4. Loving myself heals my life
  5. I express my feeling openly and easily
  6. The more love I give the more love I receive
  7. I am open to love and I radiate love
  8. I am a magnet for my perfect loving match
  9. My partner and I are perfect match for each other and the love between us is divine
  10. My soul mate is attracted to me and is on the path toward me

Self-Esteem Affirmations

Love Affirmations

Affirmations for HEALTH

  1. I am healthy
  2. I know that I am of good health
  3. I eat healthy and I stay healthy
  4. I love my body and all it does for me
  5. I am getting healthier and healthier every day in every way
  6. Every cell in my body is healthy and radiates health
  7. Throughout the day I am full of energy throughout the day
  8. I choose health
  9. I always make positive healthy choices for myself
  10. I have an abundance of energy and health

Attracting Healing Energy Affirmations

Affirmations for MONEY

  1. I am wealthy, confident and happy
  2. I attract money and wealth into my life everyday
  3. I receive money just by thinking luxuriously
  4. Abundance is my birthright and I attract it to me now
  5. I will always have more than enough money
  6. I align with receiving money when I feel good
  7. Money always comes to me in perfect timing
  8. I am comfortable having large sums of money
  9. Money comes to me in fun and surprising ways
  10. Divine guidance is creating wealth opportunities for me

Affirmations to Attract Money

Affirmations for SUCCESS

  1. I am successful
  2. I live a positive life and only attract the best into my life
  3. I create abundance in all I do
  4. I am a happy, healthy, lucky and successful person
  5. I welcome with open arms all the success that comes
  6. I can accomplish whatever I put my mind to
  7. I am making positive choices in my life
  8. There are no failures – I learn from everything I do
  9. I love and trust my creative gifts
  10. I am unlimited being and I can create anything I want

Success Affirmations

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