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Did you know that it is possible to make a lot of money with little effort? In fact, the effort part is what's setting you back from achieving great success. The key to success is to let go of the struggle and incorporate a feeling of ease.

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What is money and success?

- Money and Success -

Can money buy success and happiness? We all know money is a medium of exchange and success is an achievement of intention; but can success be measured in value like that of goods and services? Some would agree that a certain amount of money makes you successful because it is an impressive achievement of the attainment of fame, wealth, and power. But others would disagree saying, money can’t buy success. Is it because they lack financial gain and cannot readily identify with those who are “successful”? Or is it because they equate success with happiness?

What is success? Many who are successful in the eyes of the world tend to waver on either side of what having money and success means. An acquirement of material possessions when one grew up without much is great success. Yet, those same individuals vividly recall moments when they had little; the happiest times ever. When viewed in this light, people must refrain from defining what success is as well as what having money means because the definition is different to everyone. An entrepreneur who makes the first million is considered successful because of the amount of time and effort put into gaining the money. On the other hand, a person training for a marathon who has never ran before believes just finishing the race is sheer success. Or the sound of coins hitting the bottom of a tin can is monetary and musical success to a homeless person’s ears. And even though neither of the two receives little if any monetary gain, the success received is priceless.

Can you put a monetary value on success? That answer is dependent upon who’s asked.
Since success tends to bring money and money usually is a form of success; we can all safely say, "any amount of something when you’ve had none is an achievement, whether it be money or success."

How to be successful

- Successful -

How can you define a successful life? What are the measures by which it is defined? Is a successful life displayed by the possessions one has? Or is it merely a state of financial, emotional, or physical well-being?

Attributes for success - While all may not agree on there being a key or keys to success, the attributes of the lives of successful people have some similarities. Some of those similarities and traits include but are not limited to being; proactive, responsible, a good leader, fearless, sincere, honest, humble, and a person of integrity to name a few. And to become successful in life possessing such traits prove to be immeasurable. Although some may choose one attribute over the other or none at all, being successful in life is possible.

Be proactively successful! If you consistently wake up every morning and grab the horns of the day with vigor by accomplishing every task you set out to do, you are proactively successful! Whether or not you are a parent, raising successful children in society is a huge responsibility. A good leader may be one who lives a life that can be patterned after so as to show followers the way. Such makes one successful. Being fearless doesn’t necessarily mean you have to repeatedly face danger, it just means you have to be courageous when it shows up. That’s success.

Being successful is a decision! If you look at a successful person’s life, you will almost always see that they are sincere in some way, honest to themselves and others, humble at times, and definitely a person of integrity because they adhere to some type of moral and or professional standard. Therefore, being successful in life is not merely a prescription but a decision to achieve what you set out to do. And if you examine your life closely with the lives of other successful people you will notice some similar traits.

How to attract money

- Attract Money -

Do you believe in the Law of Attraction? We have all heard that attracting money is possible. But how do you do it? Is it by the Law of Attraction where you think positive thoughts, which turn into positive actions, and good things; like money appear? … Maybe. Maybe you don’t believe in such law, but it does exist in some form or another.

You know hard work pays off but does it pay enough? Sometimes it does. Sometimes it doesn’t. But if you tie hard work with positive thoughts, you are bound to receive a greater pay off. Why? … Because it is almost impossible to do anything and reap great reward or benefits without positivity. But how can you attract money?

In order to attract money, you must first examine your thought process. Is it stuck in the land of negativity where you are constantly reminded of what you don’t have? If it is, learn to get to a positive place in your thought process by reaffirming yourself. Negative thoughts can not only bring you down mentally but they will have a major impact on your performance in life. So put a stop to your focus on lack, your inconsistency with the process, and the doubt you possess because money hasn’t come your way yet. Invest your time and energy into all things positive like choosing to believe that the money will come. And eagerly look forward to things getting better. By doing so, your positive magnetic thoughts will keep attracting like ones and receiving good things like money will become easier and easier.

Visualize in your mind and feel the essence of what you’re visualizing. Do you imagine yourself having more money? Can you feel what it would be like? Tune into these feelings daily. The more receptive you become to such feelings the more real the physical MONEY will become.