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Acceptance – The Key to Successful Changes

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If you have tried to make changes in your life only to discover that things keep repeating itself, you need to read this. It doesn’t matter if it’s about your personal life or if it has to do with your career – the key to making real and successful changes is ”acceptance”. So what does ”acceptance” mean?

You have two choices in life…

The American motivational speaker and writer Denniz Waitley, once said that there are two primary choices in life:

1. to accept conditions as they exist, or
2. to accept the responsibility for changing them.

So let’s begin with the first choice that you have. What does it mean to accept conditions as they exist? This means that you need to find peace with were you are at this moment in life. Please notice that acceptance is not about being passive. However, it’s important that you first find balance, and change your state of mind and emotions before you make any outer changes. Your thoughts and emotions are vibrations that you send out to the Universe and if you don’t change your vibration, you will keep attracting the same things over and over again.

 Woman embracing acceptance.

Woman embracing acceptance.

1. As you accept and make peace with where you are right now – you take your power back

If you want to make real and successful changes, you need to first accept where you are in this moment in life, and make peace with it. If it’s hard to accept that you are not where you want to be, then remember that we are all doing the best we know how, and where you are now is perfect.

When you accept what is, you take your power back. When you accept what is, you release your inner resistance, and when all resistance is gone, you find inner peace and clarity.

As you completely accept this moment, the compulsion to think is replaced by an alert stillness. This state of inner non-resistance opens you to the infinite consciousness and intelligence that is infinitely greater than the human mind. From this fresh vantage point, you will come up with new ideas and feel inspired to act and this inspired action will lead you to a whole new place. Now you are connected to your true power and will make real changes that will turn your life around for the better.

2. Accept your responsibility to change your life – and focus only on what you want

Let us now continue with your next choice in life. If you want changes, you need to accept that you are responsible for how your life is going to turn out in the future. You – and only you – have the power to change things that are not working for you. So how do you make successful changes? By stop focusing on what you don’t want, and start focusing on what you do want instead.

The first thing you need to understand is that we live in an inclusion-based Universe, not an exclusion-based Universe. So what does this mean? It means that whatever you focus upon, you will attract, according to the Law of Attraction.

So, if you want to attract success you must pay attention to what you think and talk about. Do you focus on what you do want, or do you focus on what you don’t want? Do you say things like:

– I don’t have enough money

– I will never be successful

–  Why doesn’t anyone love me?

When, where, how will I meet my soul mate?

When, where, how will I become successful?

If you use words like do not and never, and keep saying ”No, I don’t want this” you focus on the opposite of what you want. You can never change anything by thinking about what you don’t want, because whenever you ”push against” something, you are actually creating more of it, according to the Law of Attraction. You must stop thinking about what’s missing in your life, and instead focus on what you do want, and spend time visualizing how it would feel having ”it”. When you think, imagine, visualize and talk about the things you want to manifest, you become a match to your dream. When this happens, real changes will happen.

Accept the Law of Attraction

If you use words like – when, where, how – you mess up your vibration and your signal will be unclear to the Universe, and this will reflect your life. Your life will be filled with delays and detours and you will become confused and frustrated – so stop doing that! Accept that the powerful Law of Attraction will bring whatever you are vibrating. Your only work is to make sure that your signal is clear and that you radiate the things that you do want.

So, if you want love – give love to yourself and to people around you. If you want success – think, feel and act successfully. Give what you want to receive – and nothing else!

Go with the flow!

As you accept what is, you leave all ”struggle” and inner resistance behind. As you choose to go with the flow and follow your inspiration, positive circumstances will start to occur in your life. Acceptance is the quickest and only way to get what you truly want. You will be surprised to see how quickly things will turn around for you, and how fun this journey will be! Remember, when you feel good, you are on the right path!

Posted: July 19, 2015 at 10:46 am
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