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Abundance Checks

Did you know you can write “new moon abundance checks” to increase abundance in any area of your life!? Learn how to write an abundance check, and print out your own checks here for free! Also, find out how to increase the momentum with the powerful new moon abundance check ritual.

What is an Abundance Check?

Abundance checks (or cheques) are mostly used to attract more money. However, abundance in itself is not only about money. It can be manifested in many ways such as gifts, compliments, a fantastic job offer, a new friend, a free lunch, winning a vacation, receiving free guidance from a co-worker etc. This means that you can write a check of abundance to attract anything you want, including perfect health, general well-being, and a wonderful partner. An abundance check is simply a tool that can help you improve any area of your life. But how does it work? Often, when we think about what we want, we actually think about the absence of what we desire. We are thereby vibrating the absence of our dream! To change this, it can be a very good idea to write a check of abundance and then get off the subject and let the Universe take care of the rest!

Example of an Abundance Check

Example of an Abundance Check

It’s all very simple. Just remember that as you work with abundance checks, make sure to focus on the things that are actually working in your life right now. When you focus on things that feel good now, you raise your vibration and thereby allow the manifestation. This means that it’s important that you don’t spend any time measuring, taking scores, or worrying about the manifestation, but rather trusting the process and letting go of any resisting thoughts. The things we really really want, are the things that we have most resistance on, and that’s why it’s better to focus on something else instead. Writing an abundance check is a way to focus on what you want, and then to let go and allow the Universe to deliver it to you! In other words, the abundance checks help you to get out of your own way!

What is a New Moon Abundance Check?

Abundance New Moon

Abundance – New Moon

Many people have found that the new moon can add momentum to allow abundance. This has to do with the powerful energy that the moon radiates. We all know that the moon cycle is responsible for our tides of our oceans, and we can thereby visually see and understand that the moon has a magnetism and attractive force. Also, farmers from different cultures are well aware of this powerful energy and follow the moon cycle very closely when they need to decide the best time for planting crops and harvesting. The moon represents the nurturing, feminine, and emotional aspects in our lives. The different phases of the moon radiates different force of energy. When it’s Full Moon, it’s time to let go of things that no longer serves you, and when it’s New Moon, it’s time for renewal. This is why the best time to set your intentions is during the new moon phase. When people talk about new moon abundance, they refer to the energy of new possibilities. Abundance checks for new moon, is about re-charging your potentials. Working with the moon energy can be very simple, yet highly effective. As you use new moon abundance checks as a tool for abundance, you bring in the moon magic into your life and allow your desires to manifest even faster!

When to write your New Moon Abundance Checks

A new moon abundance check ritual includes the same steps as writing an abundance check, see steps described below under “How to write an Abundance Check”. The main difference, is that you must make sure to write New Moon Checks within 24 hours after the NEW MOON phase begins, if you want to take advantage of this powerful energy. Try it, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

How to write an Abundance Check

Remember that your positive mood/emotion is a manifestation in itself, and a first sign that whatever you wish for is on its way to you. Have fun and get in a good mood before you follow the instructions!


Instructions on how to write an Abundance Check

1. PRINT OUT AN ABUNDANCE CHECK First, start by printing out an abundance check. Alternatively you could use a check from your own checkbook. No matter which one you choose, they can both serve as a “new moon abundance check”.

You can download PDF files and print out your checks here (FREE):

Gold colored checks: Single Check or a Set of 3 Checks

Blue colored checks: Single Check or a Set of 3 Checks

2. WRITE YOUR NAME – In the “Pay to the order of” field, write your full name.

3. WRITE “PAID IN FULL” OR A SPECIFIC AMOUNT –  In the field where you write the dollar amount in numbers, fill in the text “PAID IN FULL”, or you could write a specific amount in numbers.

Yes, as you write your check of abundance, you can choose between writing ”PAID IN FULL”, or write out the exact amount that you want to manifest into your life. To write ”PAID IN FULL” is to go more general. This approach can be very helpful in getting abundance in any area of your life.

If you have an inner resistance, it is always best to leave out a specific amount and go more general. Many of us have subconscious beliefs that we are not worthy and don’t deserve the things that we want. This is why it can be a good idea to just write “paid in full”. However, if you want to give it a shot, you could write down an amount that you feel comfortable with. Just be playful. You don’t need to enter an astronomical amount if you don’t want to, but you could start with a few hundred dollars. It is all about practice and feeling comfortable as you write abundance checks. Needless to say, if you want more money (assuming you have little or no resistance), it can be useful to write down the exact amount on your abundance check. This will enhance your focus and point of attraction.

Furthermore, it is probably a good idea to only write out the dollar amount, not the cents. You want to feel ease and flow during this abundance check ritual, without getting caught up in any unnecessary details.

4. WRITE “PAID IN FULL” OR A SPECIFIC AMOUNT – Write ”PAID IN FULL” or write out the amount on the line underneath your name – where you would write out a dollar amount.

In order to make it feel as real as possible, write out the dollar amount at the beginning of the line, and draw a line from the point of your last letter, to the end of any space left. This is how you would write an ordinary check to prevent someone from changing the amount, and writing abundance checks is all about making it as ”real” as possible. If you can feel that it has already happened, then the Universe will bring it to you. The Universe is responding to your energy, and can’t tell the difference if you are imagining your dream or if you are living it. You create with your vibration, and the Universe delivers whatever you vibrate!

5. WRITE WHAT THE ABUNDANCE IS FOR – If you decided to go general and wrote “PAID IN FULL” in the dollar field, you could use the “Memo” or “For” field located at the bottom left of the check. Here you can write something more specific on what the abundance is for. For example, you can write “For Perfect Health” or “For Limitless Abundance”.

If you wrote a specific amount on the check, you can also use this “Memo” or “For” field to write what the money is intended for: “For My Dream House” or “For My Dream Trip”…the sky is the limit!

6. SIGN THE CHECK ” THE LAW OF ABUNDANCE” – If it is not already pre-printed, sign the check “The Law of Abundance”. (Some people may prefer writing “The Universe”, “God”, or “The Law of Attraction”.)

7. THE DATE FIELD IS OPTIONAL You can leave the date blank or put the date when you wrote the check. Since we are talking about dates, remember that if you are to write a New Moon Abundance Check, it needs to be done within 24 hours after the New Moon phase begins!

8. SIGN YOUR NAME AT THE BACK OF THE CHECK just like you would endorse a check. This will give the Universe a signal that you are ”preparing it for deposit”. Don’t forget to write ”thank you” under your name to enhance your signal. To write ”thank you” is a way to say to the Universe that the abundance has already been manifested and that it is there for you (now).

9. NOW YOUR CHECK IS READY – STORE IT IN A SAFE PLACE You could put it in your wallet, or in a place where you can see your abundance check everyday. Seeing it daily is probably the most powerful way as it would work as an affirmation. Just believe and feel that you have the abundance right now!

**If you are writing an abundance check during the NEW MOON you should keep reading**

The New Moon Abundance Check Ritual

After writing your New Moon Abundance Check, it’s time to relax your body and mind, and focus on your desire. The request is sent to the Universe, and it is now time to put your New Moon Abundance Check in a safe place, and allow the Universe to take over and do the work. Stop worrying about how and when it’s going to happen. Forget about the abundance check, and focus on other things instead that make you feel good.

10. After 2 weeks, burn the check on the upcoming full moon While you are burning the check, express appreciation for receiving abundance into your life.

If you like, you can repeat this new moon abundance check ritual every month. It is recommended that you do this ritual for the next three new moons, and then watch what happens. You will soon experience the power of these abundance checks!


Example of a New Moon Abundance Check

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