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Abundance and Prosperity – The Law of Attraction

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Isn’t the Law of Attraction working for you when it comes to abundance and prosperity? Do you want to attract more money and success? Then you probably need to understand the difference between abundance and prosperity. Here’s the missing key that you have been looking for.

Abundance is the feeling – Prosperity is the form

Abundance and prosperity - The law of attraction

How you feel means everything when it comes to manifestation, according to the Law of Attraction. Abundance is a feeling place, that you need to connect to, if you want to experience prosperity.

If you want money and success, you need to understand the difference between abundance and prosperity. In short, prosperity is the manifestation of the abundance. Abundance is the feeling, and prosperity is the form. But why does this matter? It matters because if you are going to manifest prosperity (the form), you need to need to stop worrying about the physical manifestation and pay more attention on the abundance within you (the feeling).

Prosperity is the manifestation of the abundance, but first you must feel and radiate abundance. The only step in the creation process that you need to get involved in, is to make sure that you are a vibrational match to your dream. So, in order to manifest prosperity, you need to connect with the feeling place of abundance.

Are you connected to Abundance?

If you want more money and the Law of Attraction is not working for you, you are probably spending too much time questioning why the money hasn’t showed up yet. You need to focus more on the feeling place of abundance, and less on the physical manifestation that we call prosperity. But why?
Because you create with your vibration – from your thoughts and emotions. The Law of Attraction responds to whatever you ”radiate” to the Universe. So, the first thing you need to ask yourself is: ” do you radiate”? What do you often think and talk about when it comes to money, and how does this feel?

Do you focus on abundance and prosperity or do you focus on the lack of it. Do you visualize how great it would be if you had more money and what you could do with that extra money? Or do you focus on what you can’t buy since you don’t have enough money? Do you feel excited as you observe other people enjoying the things that you would like to have, or do you feel envy? When you are questioning why the money hasn’t shown up in your experience yet, you are focusing on the absence of prosperity, and that doesn’t feel good, right?
Your feelings are always guiding you and letting you know if you are on the right path or not, and if you feel bad, you are not connected to your inner abundance. But don’t worry, because you can easily get connected to abundance and prosperity by following the steps below.

How to connect to Abundance and Prosperity

Abundance is a state of being. It is a vibration that you create with your thoughts and feelings. As you feel abundance, you will attract prosperity.
The good news is that you can connect to abundance right now, and here’s how you do it:

Stop waiting to be happy and notice all the abundance that exists in your life right now. Live in the present moment and live in appreciation. Look for things that are working for you. Ask yourself what your life would be like without the things you often take for granted. For example, appreciate that you actually have a home that you are safe and warm in, even if you are dreaming about a new house. Appreciate the fact that you can eat delicious and nutritious food every day, and that you can breathe and move your body. Tell your friends and family how much you appreciate them. Go out for a walk and enjoy all the wonders in nature. Look for things to appreciate and write it down on a peace of paper. Visualize what abundance feels like. Say thanks to all the beautiful things that you already have in your life today. Do this every day, and as you retrain your brain to deliberately focus on abundance, there will be nothing else…

…As you radiate ABUNDANCE, you will attract PROSPERITY…this is the Law of Attraction…

Posted: September 7, 2013 at 1:06 pm
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  • Thank you for this wonderful article. Abundance and prosperity are often misunderstood. This piece helps define each very well.

    What I love the most is that you highlight the importance of the feelings that we have. When we focus on what is truly important (our feelings) and bring those in alignment with what we want, then the Universe has to deliver it!

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