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Did you know that stress is the root cause to every health problem? When you are stressed, you experience some form of dis-ease. The word dis-ease reflects the disrupted state of natural “ease”. The key to optimal health and wellness is to release resistance - caused by negative thoughts and emotions - and reconnect with the natural feeling of ease.

Find out effective ways to release the resistance that is disallowing perfect health. Reach optimal health and wellness with a holistic approach to reconnect mind-body-spirit.

Spiritual Awakening Signs & Symptoms

Spiritual awakening can be such a wonderful experience. However, when you start your spiritual journey, it is possible that you may experience symptoms such as heart palpitations, night sweats, confusion, or anxiety, for no apparent reason! Why is that? Are there other spiritual awakening symptoms? Yes! Find out the symptoms and the reason why you may experience discomfort as you awaken spiritually, and what to do about it:

Health and Wellness - Holistic Approach

- Health and Wellness -

If someone asked you what it took for a person to be or become healthy, the answer(s) would almost be the same universally; eat right and exercise. But being healthy is much more than just eating right and exercising which is only dealing with one aspect of the body; the physical.

Traditional medical doctors treat the body and ignore the mind, while conventional mental health professionals treat the mind but ignore the body. Both do so by prescribing medication and drugs to cover up the symptoms rather than finding the underlying cause of the symptoms. However, neither of the two addresses the spiritual. But when viewing and diagnosing the body, mind and spirit as a whole and holistically, the underlying symptoms are not covered up with drugs.

A philosophy that focuses on only one aspect is an incomplete approach. When dealing with the body as a whole, we must look at in a holistic view; mind body and spirit or the physical, emotional/mental and spiritual aspects. Approaching health and wellness in such a manner is considered to be holistic. And doing so takes care of the core and essence of who you are.

A holistic health approach doesn’t view the mind, body, and spirit as separate entities because it is believed that what affects one affects the others. The three are not independent of one another. They are interwoven and connected. When you are considering health and wellness holistically; consider wellness in your body (proper nutrition, exercise, adequate rest, etc.), wellness in your mind (changing and maintaining positive thought processes instead of stressful situations, etc.), and wellness in your spirit (learning to be in the moment, quiet reflection or prayer, or simply believing in a higher power is great for your spirit). Though optimal health and wellness is ideal, it is worth pursuing. Pursue it holistically!

Spirituality & Health - The Connection

- Spirituality and Healthy -

Is there a connection between spirituality and health? Definitely! But first let’s take a look at what spirituality is. Defined in many different ways, spirituality is a belief in a power operating in the universe that is greater than oneself, a sense of being connected with living creatures, and an awareness of the purpose and meaning of life. It is also a way you find meaning or inner peace in your life and although it is often associated with being religious, many believe spirituality can be developed outside the realms of religion.

Studies show that spirituality/faith plays an important role in the healing process. In the early beginnings of Western medicine through generations of healers - as well as today - concerns of the body and spirit were interconnected. But science, among other things, removed such thoughts from the medical system. However, today, a growing number of studies and testimonials reveal that spirituality or faith may play a bigger role in health and the healing process than previously thought.

Taking part in spiritual practices tend to promote healthy behavior, by reducing feelings of depression and anxiety, improving coping skills and social support, fostering feelings of optimism and hope, and encouraging a sense of relaxation. When you alleviate stress and stressful feelings and promote healing ones, spirituality can positively influence immune, cardiovascular (heart and blood vessels), hormonal, and nervous systems.

Greater life satisfaction! Though medical studies have shown that people who describe themselves as spiritual exhibit fewer self-destructive behaviors (like suicide, smoking, and drug and alcohol abuse) and have a greater total life satisfaction, no one can be for certain how much spirituality affects health. But one thing is sure; we were all created with a spirit, soul and body and they work together in a marvelous way. And the health of any one of these elements seems to affect the health of the others. If spirituality makes ones health better, by all means, be the best spiritual being you can be.

Letting Go of the Past

- Letting Go -

Letting go of the past will do wonders for your health! One of the best ways to bring about healing, better health and spiritual growth is by letting go of the past. How so and why? When you look back into the past, you can begin to realize the challenges you’ve faced were extensions of some sort of pain-induced circumstances. Practically everything you’ve been through has a pattern whether it be from repeated abuse (abnormal use) of something or generational recurrence. That is everything ranging from physical health problems, relationships, weight issues, and money concerns, to name a few.

Unresolved issues affect your health. The fact of the matter is, if the past challenged you or is still wreaking havoc in your life, it has caused and can cause some damage to your health whether physically, mentally/emotionally, or spiritually. Practice positivity on purpose! You’ll be amazed at what a positive outlook does for your health. Besides, an unhealthy and painful past is no match for positivity.

Studies have indicated that having a greater sense of purpose brings fulfillment in all areas of life. When your focus is on a positive future it is easier to let go of the past and step into your life’s destiny. Being healthy in every area of life is not just about the physical. It is about the body, soul/spirit, and mind collectively. When one aspect is out of order, all is out of order because they work together as one and are interconnected.

You can’t have a healthy body without a healthy mind. And you can’t be healthy when you continue to carry yesteryear's painful baggage. Therefore, you must rid yourself of anything and anyone that causes you to dwell in an unhealthy past, whether it is people, thoughts or actions. Be free from your past. Release it! And move on to a better, happier, and healthier you!