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Increase Your Self Esteem – Hypnotherapy for Confidence

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increase your self esteem hypnotherapy for confidenceUsing hypnotherapy for confidence can transform your life. All the times when you have stood on the side lines and watched others succeed, can be changed. Hypnosis changes ideas and thoughts you have about your own capabilities and turn them on their head. But just how can using hypnotherapy for confidence issues make such dramatic changes?

The first thing to remember is that you were not born more afraid than the next person, you have learned to be afraid. Just as when you were a toddler learning to walk you watched other walking and believed it must be possible and persevered to make it happen. In an art class in preschool maybe your teacher praised praise on another child for his impressive picture, and passed yours by. That day you may have learned that there are others better at painting. These are the benchmarks you and that boy live your life by, he knows he is good with the paintbrush but may remember how another child beat him in running in sports day. Perhaps others were scolded for not being quiet like you? Other shier children have maybe been scolded for mistakes they have made. Whatever the reason for your lack of assurance, one thing you can be assured of is it is locked away in your subconscious.

Amazingly the subconscious makes up 90% of your mind. To teach the subconscious lessons, it must be quietened.

A hypnotist can help you change your subconscious mind. There are also many recordings to guide you through hypnotherapy for confidence problems. They all do the same thing. Taking you into a deep state of relaxation, they use subliminal messages to examine old preconceptions and learn new ones. In the safe environment of your therapy you are able to rehearse how it would feel to speak out at meetings. The great feeling of walking over to that attractive someone and seeing them smile in return. Your mind learns to calm those physiological responses you recognise now. Your brain learns to slow the heart rate and your palms become drier too. Used regularly hypnotherapy for confidence trains your mind and body to respond calmly to situations. No more panic, no more belief you are not to be seen or heard.

People often cannot isolate the first moment they started to change. They have rehearsed their transition so often in their heads, their great leaps of faith seem like no struggle at all. Where the prospect of speaking in front of people may have instilled the dread of leaping of a cliff, after practising hypnotherapy for confidence the big moment felt like nothing at all. The pay off however feels massive. It feels so great to see people’s surprised faces and pleasure at hearing your suggestions.

The great thing is there are no bounds to the way hypnosis can help your life. Finding love, having a better sex life, passing exams, getting promotion, all are down to the way you see yourself and your ability to take risks. Try hypnotherapy for confidence problems and see your life not just turn round, but sky rocket.

Posted: January 16, 2013 at 10:38 am
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