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Heal Your Body with Affirmations for Health

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heal your body with affirmations for healthIf you have never been one for positive thinking then affirmations for health may feel a little awkward or strange. Clearly though developing a mindset which allows healing to take place can make very real differences to your personal health. The most difficult thing is thinking of phrases to help healing, so here are some ideas of affirmations for health.

I am full of energy and vitality – My mind is calm and peaceful

Yoga breathing from deep in your lungs flushes the cells with oxygen and focuses your mind making it still. Why not start your affirmations for health by centring yourself in this way?

Good health is my birth right – I bless my body daily and take good care of it

Sometimes making a conscious effort to put yourself first can feel selfish and perhaps goes against everything that comes naturally as a parent or lover. I find that this particular health affirmation is a nice reminder about what is important. The carer must be cared for too, self care is your right and your own responsibility. If we are strong in ourselves we can be more sturdy when others need us. Make time for yourself.

I listen to my body’s messages with love

These aches and pains, that lacklustre feeling, and even the recurring Monday headaches, are all signposts that something is wrong. Before you reach for the medicine cabinet take a few moments to try to discern what your body could be telling you. The concept of a dis-ease of the spirit could seem alien, but is that headache an outward sign you dread another day in your job? Did you eat or drink something your body doesn’t like. Conversely did you not give it something it has become dependent on? (Monday morning headaches are often a symptom of going cold turkey from a lack of office coffee over the weekend). Using affirmations for health like this is a good way to remind yourself to appreciate the discomfort for what it is. Pain is a warning sign somewhere, somehow you are doing something wrong. Listen and take your body’s advice, slow down and focus on change of some description.

Every passing day my body becomes more energetic and healthy

Affirmations for health, like any affirmations should vocalised as in the present moment. The picture you draw now has already happened if you like. This is a great visualisation of your vitality in a never ending crescendo of wellness.

I think only positive thoughts – I am always happy and joyous, no matter what the external conditions are

It never hurts to give ourself a reminder to smile. Focus on your intention to not be rocked by what is going on around you. You will almost be able to feel roots growing into the ground steadying you.

Some people find saying affirmations out loud helps them to express themselves more clearly and with greater intention. It could be you see no real effects for a while but stick with it. Law of attraction works like pushing a snowball down the hill. At first it is awkward and takes a lot of effort to get things going, but suddenly the ball takes shape and so it gains momentum, and eventually you are chasing it as it runs so fast under its own steam.

Law of attraction works in very much the same way. Recite your health affirmations diligently and wait for your body to start to follow your predictions.

Posted: January 16, 2013 at 12:43 pm
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