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Learn to be HAPPY – Eckhart Tolle and Abraham-Hicks

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learn to be happyLearn to be happy with guidance from the best spiritual teachers – Eckhart Tolle and Abraham-Hicks. Their insights and teachings will change your life forever. Learn how to be happy in the quickest and easiest way right now!

Let us see how this great spiritual teachers can show you the way to be a happier person.

Happiness is a choice

We all want to be happy, but what’s the secret to happiness? You have probably heard that happiness is a choice. We have the ability to control our feelings by managing our thoughts. Unfortunately, we don’t seem to be able to “control” our thoughts. It’s like our thoughts have a life of their own. So how can happiness be a choice if we don’t know how to manage our thoughts?

When you learn to manage your thoughts you will find happiness

Fortunately, Eckhart Tolle and Abraham-Hicks, two of our time’s greatest spiritual teachers, can teach you to manage your thoughts and become happy! They have helped many people all around the world to find peace and happiness with their books “The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and “The Law of Attraction” by Esther and Jerry Hicks interpreting Abraham. They apply different techniques but aim for the same result: to feel good in the present moment. Eckhart Tolle´s technique is to be present and thereby stop the mind chatter, while Abraham-Hicks´ technique is to choose a thought that feels better. Their teachings are just as affective and the one doesn’t exclude the other. You can learn to be happy by using any of the techniques and reach a place of happiness.

Learn to be happy with Eckhart Tolle: Become Still and Present

Learning to be happy with Eckhart Tolle’s teaching is about managing our negative thought patterns by becoming present. Many of us have an ongoing disturbing mind-chatter that doesn’t serve us. Instead, these unconscious thought patterns take a lot of our energy; we become tired and feel sadness, frustration, anger and other negative emotions. Sometimes we don’t know why we feel bad, because most of the time we are not even aware of this negative mind-chatter, and without the awareness, we can’t stop it.

Eckhart Tolle wants us to know that there is a way of taking “control” of our thoughts rather than the other way around. By becoming present, we stop our disturbing mind-chatter and a space arises. From this space, this thoughtless awareness, a sense of peace is found, and here lies the key to happiness. Eckhart Tolle explains that in order to feel happiness, we must become aware of our feelings and accept them as they are, without any judgments or thoughts. It’s not until we accept things as they are, that the process of resolving and healing begins. When you are present, your mind-chatter automatically stops and everything feels peaceful.

Practice presence by observing your surroundings and start noticing every single detail; how the air feels, notice the different colors in the nature etc. Instead of doing things automatically, pay attention to the details of your work and focus on what you are doing and how this feels. Meditation is a wonderful exercise to become still and “in the now”, in order to resolve negative emotions. When you become still, peace and happiness arise. Next time you experience a negative emotion, apply the teachings of Eckhart Tolle; focus on your body, feel the energy inside you, be aware of the feelings that you experience and accept them as they are without any judgments and thoughts. When a thought arises (as it will), let it pass and drift away, and then turn your attention back to your body and how it feels. As soon as your mind stops thinking, you become still and aware of the silence, you become present. When you become present a sense of peace within you will arise.

Eckhart Tolle focuses on thoughtless awareness and presence in order to “manage thoughts”, and find happiness. This awareness can also be found through our emotions.


Learn to be happy using Eckhart Tolle’s approach

Learn to be happy with Abraham-Hicks: Choose deliberately a better feeling thought

Learn to be happy the way Abraham-Hicks teach us to manage our negative thought patterns by deliberately choosing a better feeling thought. Our feelings are our guidance system that is telling us if what we are thinking is true or false. When we feel good, the thoughts we are thinking are true and in harmony with our inner being. But when we feel unhappy, the thoughts we are thinking are false and not in harmony with our “inner being”, also referred to as our highest consciousness, soul, spirit, God etc. By paying attention to your feelings, you will know if you need to change your thoughts in order to feel better.

When you practice to focus only on things that make you feel good, you will change your thought patterns and feel good on a more regular basis. To deliberately choose a better feeling thought is the key to happiness. This is a process, but if you stay focused and manage your thoughts by listening to your feelings, you will make positive changes in your life. When you choose thoughts that feel good, you will also attract positive experiences in your life, according to the Law of Attraction. This means that every aspect of your life will become brighter; you will feel happiness and create positive experiences in your life.


Esther Hicks channels “Abraham”.

Use both teachings and learn to make yourself happy

Many people around the world are now applying the teachings of Eckhart Tolle and Abraham-Hicks, and have found peace and happiness. Now it’s your time to feel happiness on a more regular basis. All it takes is a deliberate decision; to day by day, minute by minute, second by second, be present and choose a better feeling thought. Apply the teachings of Eckhart Tolle and Abraham-Hicks, they complement each other perfectly.

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