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Feeling Stuck in Life?

By admin

crossroads in lifeHow often have we heard people complaining that they feel stuck in their lives, either because a relationship is not working, or because they feel they are in the wrong job or have not been able to fulfill any of their dreams? You might even be feeling stuck in life because you feel you are missing out on all the fun, and have no means of moving forward with your hopes and ambitions. The water around you is rushing, but you are stuck in life’s flow. There are many solutions to such a problem. Let’s just consider a few.

Stop blaming others

The first think you should do when feeling stuck in life, is to stop blaming others for your problems. We need to figure out our solutions without pinning the blame on someone else. You are the only one who can take charge of your life. Start by making a game plan with purpose, determination, and perseverance. The more and more you actively step into your life, the less and less ‘stuck’ you will feel.

Don’t take life too seriously

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It might be old adage, but nevertheless, a relevant one to uplift your spirits. Stop taking life too seriously. You need to intersperse life with a bit of fun and laughter, and enjoy yourself. Let your hair down occasionally, as the saying goes, and free your mind to pursue your dreams and imagination. Make a bucket list and get moving toward accomplishing a few goals you have putting off for a long time. You never know, you can also come up with solutions to all your problems when you do this.

Live life on the edge

Stop living life in the middle of the road and try to live it more on the edge. Living life in the middle keeps you safely ensconced in security and boredom leading to feeling stuck in life. Try to come out of your comfort zone and do things that are exciting and a wee bit different from your mundane activities. Have some spontaneity in life and don’t always do what is expected of you or what can be predictably boring. Most people lead a boring life and start feeling stuck. Encourage yourself to take steps towards the edge, where it is more thrilling. Don’t be scared to try out something new, as new perspectives will open you up. You will be able to take advantage of new opportunities and possibilities in life.

Fear of the unknown

Fear stops you from doing the things you want and which your mind craves for. You might become nervous about trying out something new. Have faith and belief and take a plunge away from fear, so that you are no longer feeling stuck in life.
Something new may still be fearful or at the very least cause some anxiety, but you have the courage in you to do anything that you really put your mind to. Think about the things you have been scared of in life and the worry that you let rule your mind. Much of the things you feared never really occurred, did they? Fear is often irrational and keeps people feeling stuck in life.

Life is an adventure. Go LIVE it with passion and purpose!

Posted: January 14, 2013 at 7:52 am
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