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Spiritual Enlightenment

What is Spiritual Enlightenment?

Definition: Spiritual enlightenment is about “aligning to the energy of your source”. It’s not about finding a pre-described process, but rather about following your inspiration and allowing your connection to the source – and thus allowing the manifestation of your desires.


Spiritual Enlightenment – From Ego to Spirit

Spiritual enlightenment is a very personal and complex experience, and a precise spiritual enlightenment definition can therefore be difficult to come up with. However, in general it is often referred as an expansion or a shift in consciousnessfrom the ego to the spirit. It is a state where the ego no longer exists. A definition of spiritual enlightenment could therefore be the awakening to full consciousness.

Spiritual enlightenment is a vision, not an action. It changes how one sees the world. The world is no longer viewed by the ego, but is seen through the eyes of God/Source. The spirit is filled with unconditional love, and has no feelings of fear, anger, jealousy, competition etc. As you become spiritually enlightened, you will no longer hold on to these negative emotions created by the ego.

To see the world from the eyes of God/Source (instead of seeing the world from our ego), takes some practice and only a few people will ever be ”fully” enlightened without any trace of the egoic mind remaining. So for most people, spiritual enlightenment is an ongoing process that will surprise and delight us for the rest of our lives.

The Stages of Spiritual Enlightenment

As stated, spiritual enlightenment is an ongoing process, and most people will never be ”fully” enlightened. But what are the stages of spiritual enlightenment into full bloom enlightenment? Let us categorize the spiritual enlightenment process into three stages:

1. As you leave your ego behind in the first stage of spiritual enlightenment, you stop worrying, analyzing, criticizing, and judging yourself and others. Your mind becomes still, quiet, and calm. You are very awake and present oriented. You need a lot of ”light” in this first stage of spiritual enlightenment.

2. The second stage of spiritual enlightenment is about feeling connected to everything and everyone around you. Your soul starts merging with universal consciousness and you experience unconditional love. You are merging with ”light”.

3. When you experience the oneness of God and the Universe, you enter the third and final stage of spiritual enlightenment. As an enlightened soul, you and the ”light” are now one. You are now fully enlightened.


An enlightened person is connected to the Universal force.

An enlightened spirit leave a rich and fulfilled life and is driven by inspiration and passion. Spiritually enlightened people are connected to the Universal force and have therefore easy access to all the energy they need. This is why we often can see them work tirelessly to bring peace and harmony into the world. Furthermore, spiritually enlightened people have no fear of death and see the ”transition” to the other side as something beautiful – the reuniting with God/Spirit – where there is no pain and suffering, only unconditional love. Becoming enlightened is a wonderful and ”magical” experience where you have access to the Universal force energy that creates worlds!

What are the Sings of Spiritual Enlightenment?

As you become spiritually enlightened you will notice changes around you and within you. So what are the sings and symptoms of spiritual enlightenment?

Before answering this, let us first clarify the difference between sings and symptoms. A sign is something that can be objectively observed by others, and a symptom is experienced by you. So now, let us first learn about the signs of spiritual enlightenment.

As you become spiritually enlightened, people around you will notice that you are much happier, more confident with yourself, more content with your life, more calm and at the same time more passionate than ever before! They will also notice that everything is always working out for you, and that you often seem to meet ”the right people at the right time”. They might even ask you if you have ”magical powers”.


Happiness & passion are sings of spiritual enlightenment.

However, it is also possible that your friends and family will find you more stressed, irritated, or anxious than ever before. How can this be signs of spiritual enlightenment? Well, if you have recently awakened spiritually and are still at the first stage of spiritual enlightenment (see the stages above), you may still follow your ego from time to time, especially if your spiritual enlightenment has come about very quickly. If you listen to your ego instead of your inner voice, this inner resistance will become more apparent than ever before. In order to get balanced, you need to let go of your ego.

You can’t go back to who you were before, now that you have become spiritually enlightened! You can’t think bad of yourself and others, now that you have experience unconditional love – this love that links us all together – without feeling bad. You feel bad because your inner being is not agreeing with you. Your inner being can only feel unconditional love, and since you are now spiritually enlightened and fully connected, you feel bad when you ”cut off” this connection.

Also, as you change, things around you will change, such as job, career, friends, hobby etc. Other spiritual enlightenment symptoms can be the need to withdraw from family members and friends. This has to do with old ”karmic” bonds that have now been released, and you may need some time by yourself to regain your balance. As you become spiritually enlightened, you now stand from a new vantage point, and can build new and improved relationships, based on mutual love and respect.

Sings of Spiritual Enlightenment:

  • happy
  • confident
  • calm
  • passionate
  • being at the right place at the right time
  • ”magical powers”
  • anxious
  • scared
  • nervous
  • stressed
  • irritated
  • short tempered
  • sudden job/career change
  • new interest/hobby
  • withdrawal from family members and friends
  • new/improved relationships

What are the Symptoms of Spiritual Enlightenment?


Enlightenment can help unlock psychic abilities.

Common symptoms of spiritual enlightenment are feelings of stability, harmony, inner peace, joy, appreciation, inspiration, and passion. Other symptoms of spiritual enlightenment are the increased and acute awareness of your emotions and your surroundings. The five senses are heightened and the sixth sense opens up or expands. Many people will develop their psychic abilities as they become spiritually enlightened and are able to communicate with the spirit world.

However, if you are at the first stage of spiritual enlightenment (see the stages above) and the spiritual enlightenment has come about very quickly, it is possible that your are still stuck with old negative thinking patterns (created by your ego). If you don’t let go of your ego, you may experience uncomfortable spiritual enlightenment symptoms such as physical pain, heart palpitations, confusion, sadness, night sweats, change in sleep pattern, intense dreams etc.. These symptoms are signs of an inner resistance that you haven’t yet released.

Your inner resistance from your negative thoughts (ego) will become more apparent now that you have grown spiritually and have tasted the feeling of being spiritually enlightened. Negative thoughts vibrate much slower than positive thoughts. So, if you introduce negative thoughts now that you vibrate at a higher frequency, you will feel this ”collision” much harder than ever before. It’s like driving a car and hitting a tree – the collision will hit harder if you drive at a higher speed!

Spiritual enlightenment is about letting go of your ego, and if you ”slip back” to your negative habits created by your ego, you will suffer. So what do you do? You release your inner resistance by deliberately choosing a thought that feels better, and then choose another thought that feels even better etc.. As you keep up this (thought by thought, minute by minute, day by day), you raise your vibration and change your old thinking habits. You will no longer allow your ego to control your thoughts and life. Instead, you will regain your true power from your inner being!

Other symptoms of spiritual enlightenment are feelings of loneliness, increased self-talk, a feeling of going crazy, and a loss of passion. Remember that all these uncomfortable symptoms will pass as you let go of your ego. You release your ego by quieting your mind through meditation (see below), and by deliberately choosing a better feeling thoughts.

Spiritual Enlightenment Symptoms:

  • joy
  • inner peace
  • harmony & stability
  • appreciation
  • passion
  • aware of what’s going on inside you
  • aware of what’s going on around you
  • the five senses are heightened
  • the sixth sense opens up or expands
  • psychic abilities
  • physical pain, especially in the neck, shoulders and back
  • heart palpitations
  • confusion
  • sadness & crying for no apparent reason
  • change in sleep pattern
  • night sweats
  • intense dreams, nightmares, dreams of angels & spirits
  • feelings of loneliness
  • increased self-talk
  • a feeling of going crazy
  • loss of passion

Now, let’s see what you can do deliberately to reach spiritual enlightenment.

How to become enlightened

Depression or near death experiences are very common catalysts for spiritual enlightenment. However, you don’t have to wait for something unpleasant to happen before you become spiritually enlightened.

Also, if you are on the first stage of spiritual enlightenment (see the stages above) but are not able to completely release your ego – and are therefore experiencing unpleasant spiritual enlightenment symptoms – there are things that you can do. So what are the best advice on how to become enlightened, and move beyond the ego?

In order to release your ego, and thus allow spiritual enlightenment, you need to quiet your mind and focus on something that feels better. Below are tips on how to become spiritually enlightened. Choose a discipline that feels inspiring to you!

  • Meditation for Spiritual Enlightenment

The best advice on how to become enlightened is to start meditating 10 minutes everyday! There are many different kinds of meditation that can help you becoming enlightened. Easiest for most people, especially in the beginning, is to practice walking meditation. The purpose with walking meditation is to be more easily and intensely aware (mindful) of your body as you walk. This practice can be done out in nature, or as you walk to the grocery store!


Do you want to become more enlightened? Practice mindfulness meditation every day!

Mindfulness can also be practiced in a sitting position, and is then called mindfulness meditation. The purpose here is to relax your body and observe your inner and outer world with detachment. You will become more aware of your thoughts, emotions and surroundings. Also, as you learn to detach yourself from negative thoughts created by your ego, you will allow your inner voice to take its place. This shift in consciousness from the ego to the spirit, is a first step towards spiritual enlightenment. As you practice mindfulness on a regular basis, you will reach a steady place of spiritual enlightenment.

Guided meditation is a slightly different technique for spiritual enlightenment where you follow a guided voice (recorded or live) into an altered state of consciousness.

Transcendental meditation is also very helpful for spiritual enlightenment. It is done in a sitting position while chanting/focusing on a mantra to clear the mind. As you repeat only one thing/word (that holds no resistance), you create a space where the mind is just one step away from thinking nothing, and this state of mind opens up the door to experience spiritual enlightenment. The ultimate goal with transcendental meditation is to have an out of the body experience; a full blown spiritual enlightenment experience!

  • Prayer & Chanting for Spiritual Enlightenment

Praying Woman

Prayer for Spiritual Enlightenment

Next, let us learn how to reach spiritual enlightenment through prayer. Prayer can also be a door opener for spiritual enlightenment if it’s done the right way. So what is prayer? Prayer is not ”asking” or an appeal for help, but rather a silent contemplative listening for God. Be willing to wait for God, and have a peaceful and patient mind, and listen with your heart. As you open your heart, you allow the connection with God. You now have access to higher intelligence and to the Divine force! This is a spiritual enlightenment experience where you get all the answers you need, and where you find true inner peace.

Chanting is another technique that can help you align with the Divine force for spiritual enlightenment. As you repeat words (speaking or singing) in a rhythmic manner, you reduce your mind’s focus to this one action – which is one step away from no thought. In other words, you quiet all resistant thoughts from your ego, and allow your inner voice/spirit/Divine force to enter.

Let us now see how to achieve spiritual enlightenment with the eastern disciplines of Qigong and Yoga.

  • Qigong & Yoga for Spiritual Enlightenment


Qigong for Spiritual Enlightenment

Qigong dates back thousands of years to ancient China. Qigong is still used today due to its effectiveness in relaxing the body, mind and spirit, and in cultivating and balancing ”qi” (life energy). This practice is wonderful for spiritual enlightenment as you learn to connect with life force/spirit/God through the precise movements of Qigong.

Yoga also dates back thousands of years and comes from Hindu tradition. Yoga is defined as “the stilling of the changing states of the mind” and as ”union with God”. Yoga will help you to quiet your mind and become more present and aware. Yoga is a powerful spiritual enlightenment practice as it opens up your energy centers (chakras). These energy centers are the primary points where life energy (God) enters the body.

The ancient spiritual practices of Qigong and Yoga can teach you a lot about how to be enlightened. Try them out and see if they can assist you in becoming enlightened.

How to become more Spiritually Enlightened

If you have problems releasing your ego, or if you are stuck at the first stage of spiritual enlightenment and want to move on, here are some things to consider.

First, intention is always important in order to manifest your desires on becoming enlightened. So, set your goal at spiritual enlightenment and have a desire to expand your awareness. Don’t force your mind though, allow the spiritual enlightenment to manifest. So how do you do that? By accepting whatever life will bring to you (good/bad). Every single life experience (good/bad) will help you grow and become more spiritually enlightened. Self-awareness is a step toward spiritual enlightenment, and enlightenment is the product of personal growth.


Allow the spiritual enlightenment by accepting “what is”.

Reaching spiritual enlightenment is about being ready. You can go to seminars and read books on how to find spiritual enlightenment, but no matter how hard you try to listen, you will not truly hear until you are ready. Your search for spiritual growth and intention of becoming enlightened, is a very positive sign that you are spiritually awakened and aware, but don’t force the spiritual enlightenment process.

Don’t get caught up in our modern lifestyle, wanting quick fixes and results. Instead, let your spiritual enlightenment experiences happen naturally at your own pace. This will allow you to release your inner resistance gradually, so that you will have the time to regain your balance in your body, mind, and spirit. As you gradually go through the stages of spiritual enlightenment, you will also avoid having unpleasant symptoms of spiritual enlightenment.

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