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MindfulnessWhat is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is an attentive awareness about the present moment. It is all about staying alert and being in the present moment.

Mindfulness is the state of being aware of one’s environment; it involves an accurate recognition of one’s external reality. The concept draws its inspiration from the belief that those with anxiety or mental illness often exhibit a profound misrecognition of their surroundings; as such, mindfulness actively works to enable a person’s internal reality to cohere with their external reality to as close an extent as possible. Mindfulness is also the state of being aware of one’s internal reality, by staying present and paying attention to the thoughts and feelings form a distance, without judging them as “good” or “bad”. It is also about body awareness, and about paying attention to the breathing and being aware of any tension in the body.

The term “mindfulness” is often associated with Eastern religions, particularly Buddhism and Yoga. It is not a therapeutic procedure, but instead often draws from a number of different practices, particularly meditation. A state of mindfulness is generally characterized by active attention, emotional stasis, body awareness, and a healthy self-perception.

How does Mindfulness work?

Mindfulness Exercises

Different mindfulness techniques can be very useful for bringing presence into everyday activity. A great exercise is to detach yourself from your ego by just observing your thoughts and feelings, without feeding or fighting them. When you are mindful, you will act in more constructive and positive ways and your life will improve.

Exercises in obtaining mindfulness also often incorporate multiple modalities, as one’s mental state can be altered through a number of senses, particularly sight, sound, or smell. For example, a mindfulness exercise could have a person listen to a metronome, raising their finger in acknowledgment of each beat. An alternate exercise could involve a person responding to a blinking light, raising their finger after each beat. In both cases, the individual would have to acutely aware of their surroundings in order to carry out the procedure.

It should be noted that mindfulness does not aim to eradicate or overcome a person’s trauma or anxiety. Mindfulness is not a psychotherapeutic procedure, and should not be confused with practices such as hypnotherapy or cognitive behavioral therapy. Where hypnotherapy aims to help someone come to terms with the past, mindfulness is geared toward helping someone more actively and perceptively engage in the present.

Mindfulness Meditation

There is more ambiguity with regard to how to achieve mindfulness than one finds in more prescriptive practices, such as meditation or hypnosis. In fact, of the most popular methods for generating mindfulness is meditation, as the heightened awareness that one receives from meditating makes one more accurately aware of their surroundings and what’s going on inside of us.

Mindfulness meditation is a western form of meditation derived from a 2,500 year old Buddhist practice called “Insight Meditation” or “Vipassana”. It is a practice of being fully present in the now. By focusing on the breath as it flows in and out of the body, you get less distracted by the mind, and become more attentively aware of the sensation of the breath, and the present moment. As soon as you get distracted by the mind, simply return to the awareness of the breath with love and patience. Let go of any self-judgment and expectations. Mindfulness meditation is simply about relaxing and becoming aware of what is happening in the present moment. Daily practice of mindfulness meditation is encouraged to promote stability and inner calmness. Consistent practice of mindfulness also promotes non-reactivity of the mind, which allows us to face and embrace daily events, even those events that we call “unpleasant” and “painful”.

What is Mindfulness used for?

Mindfulness can productively be used for everyone, although it is most useful for those whose temperament is erratic, as well as those who have difficulty perceiving their external reality in a rational way. To this end, mindfulness exercises are often employed in working with people who suffer with obsessive compulsive disorder, social anxiety disorder, or addiction. It is particularly useful in those who work in high-stress environments as it can keep them grounded in a state of emotional stasis; for example, athletes or musicians might engage in mindfulness exercises before partaking in a major contest or performance.

Mindfulness for Positive Thinking

Mindfulness can help you change the way you think, feel and act. It can assist you in letting go of destructive thoughts and emotions, and can help with stress, anxiety, and feelings of depression. As you let go of your ego, you will automatically create positive thought patterns, and your life will improve.

Mindfulness is a form of meditation that can help you quiet your mind. When you are present, you release your inner resistance. As you practice mindfulness, you will let go of your ego with all its negative thoughts and emotions. In this state of presence, you will start listening to your inner voice that is filled with unconditional love for yourself and others.

Mindfulness for Success

Mindfulness is about living in the present moment without any resistance, and letting the Law of Attraction to work for you every day. As you incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life, you automatically allow the Law of Attraction to work for you. A state of mindfulness can help you become successful in any area of your life.

Mindfulness is about accepting and allowing; the two keys to success. It doesn’t matter if you want success in your personal or professional life, mindfulness can help. When you accept what is, you release your inner resistance and allow success. As you practice mindfulness, you will release all inner resistance and let go of your ego with its negative thoughts and emotions.

The first step to success, like in any battle is to defeat the enemy, and the enemy is most decidedly “worry”. When you worry, you are not in a state of mindfulness, instead you follow your destructive ego. According to the Law of Attraction, what you think about you attract more of so when you keep worrying about the debt collectors knocking, you will most surely draw them to your door. We all know people who have gone through life convinced they are ill, and you have probably heard people say “I am sure she talked herself into this sickness”. The important key here is to be mindful and present, and not follow your ego. This will allow a more positive mindset so that you can attract wanted things instead.

Make no mistake though, ignoring problems is not the same as accepting. Your subconscious will still shout negativity to the universe when you ignore a problem. When you accept – you don’t ignore the problem – you simply release your inner resistance. A state of mindfulness changes your energy completely and you will stop worrying and open yourself up to see possibilities, instead of seeing obstacles. As you incorporate mindfulness you will develop a positive mindset – free from any resistance – and you will allow your dreams to manifest in your life.

We all accept the need for a positive mindset for healing from cancers and disease. On some levels we understand the power of the mind in bringing wellness into being. Why not other things then? Why not wealth, power, or even love? A positive mindset will help you bring success in all areas of your life and by incorporating mindfulness into your everyday life, you will speed up your manifestations. The reason for this is that when you fully live in the present moment, you don’t worry and have no negative thoughts at all. In a state of mindfulness, you accept yourself and your situation exactly as it is, without worrying or trying to change anything.

Mindfulness to Speed Up Manifestations

Mindfulness is what sets successful people apart from those stumbling through their lives. Have you ever noticed how some people seem to glide from one success to another? Life never seems to trip them up, right? The secret to their calm placid journey is the time they devote to mindfulness of their quest. They actually speed up wanted manifestations as they are in a relaxed state of mindfulness in their everyday life. How is it possible to speed up manifestations when you are relaxed?

As you live your everyday life in the present moment, you automatically connect to the universal power that creates all life. Mindfulness techniques can help you become still so that you can choose your thoughts and focusing on what you want to achieve and making it manifest. You will be tapping into the universal power to design your life, and become a deliberate creation of your own life.

If it sounds too easy to imagine you are rich and then sit back and expect it to happen, let me fill in some gaps. It’s about assigning all of your positive energy to creating the life you want to live and then trusting it will follow. But first, you need to incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life. This will help to speed up the manifestations that you are waiting for.

Planning the strategy in the most finite detail will be easy and fun when you are present. You will not allow your destructive ego to take over with worries and negativity. Instead, you will only see opportunities since you are completely filled with positivity. Law of Attraction will also start working for you when you are in a state of mindfulness, because you have no longer any resistance or negativity going on in your energy field.

Your positive affirmations and visualizations will work very fast when you are in a state of mindfulness. The key is to always focus on the outcome you desire. For example, visualize how you call your creditors, getting them to accept your payment plan and seeing the debt cleared step by step, or visualize the chemotherapy shrinking your tumor a little more each day. As the plan unfolds and starts to become your reality, you may find the vision needs tweaking a little here and there. The more energy you build into your vision, the more detail, the more vibrantly you can see it, the more powerfully you will see it come to fruition.

When you are in a state of mindfulness, and have released your inner resistance, your life will get easier as you automatically “go with the flow” and let your dreams unfold in perfect timing without any effort. It takes a bit of focus and dedication to be in a state of mindfulness, but when you live your life in the present moment you connect to the universal source energy, and allow your dreams to manifest.

What are the benefits of Mindfulness?

There are myriad benefits of mindfulness as it impacts every facet of one’s existence. Indeed, mindfulness is a state of being and a way of interacting with the world. It often helps people distance themselves from their prior feelings, anxieties, or thought processes, helping them face their existence with a more productive frame of mind. Mindfulness keeps people mentally grounded, such that they become neither overly excitable nor openly negative.

Mindfulness meditation is said to lower stress, improve sleep, improve memory and cognitive function, support weight-loss goals, and lower the depression risk amongst pregnant women and teens. Mindfulness also lets you know your true self, makes you more compassionate, and helps decrease the feeling of loneliness.

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