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Happiness is a Choice

By admin

Hppiness is a choiceIs happiness a choice? You can choose to be happy by changing your thoughts. Yes, it’s that simple. The key is to be more present and aware of your thoughts and emotions in order to change them. It’s not difficult once you apply the following steps.

Your thoughts affect your emotions

We often believe that our thoughts and feelings have a life of its own, and that we don’t have any control over them. That is not true. You decide what you are going to focus on (think and talk about) and this decision will affect your feelings.

Thoughts and feelings are vibrations. Positive thoughts and emotions vibrates faster than the negative ones. When you think about something, you have an emotional response to that thought. For example if you fantasize about your dream house, you feel good, but if you think about not having enough money to pay your bills, you feel bad. This means that whatever you focus upon, will affect you emotionally.

Happiness is a choice and the only person who decides what you should pay attention to and thus feel, is YOU. As you manage your thoughts, you will manage your emotions. However, many of us are sloppy in our thinking, and we need to be more alert and aware of what’s going on inside us in order to change things around.

Monitor your feelings

Does this mean that you should monitor your thoughts? No, monitor you feelings instead. If you try to monitor your thoughts you will be overwhelmed, because your brain is working all the time! You have many thoughts before you even move your body, or decide what your are going to do next etc. It is therefore much easier to monitor your feelings. Your feelings work as an indicator, letting you know whether you are on the right path or not. As soon an you feel bad, your feelings are telling you to pay attention to your thoughts and correct them.

When you feel bad – you are not in alignment with your inner being

Whenever you feel bad, your feelings are ”telling you” that what you are thinking right now, is not in alignment with your true self. Your inner being never feels bad. You inner being doesn’t have any problems and never judges. Your inner being is filled with unconditional love. Your inner being always has loving and positive thoughts about you and everyone else, and is always focusing on the solution. So negative emotions function as a “signboard” indicating that you need to correct your thoughts right now. When you change your thoughts and focus on things that make you feel better, you know that you are on the right path.


A very happy dog

When you feel bad – Choose a thought that feels better

Remember that being happy is a choice, so as you experience any negative emotions, stop for a second and be present. Be aware of what you are thinking in that moment. Next, find a thought that feels a little better. Hold that thought for a while until the new vibration gets stabilized within you. Then focus on another thought that feels better etc. You work your way towards feeling better, step by step, thought by thought.

As you practice this everyday, you will develop a new habit. Whenever you feel bad, you will automatically correct your thoughts that you are having in that moment and choose to focus on something that feels better.

Happiness is a choice that requires work some time. “

“Happiness is a choice” quote from an Ancient Greek writer Aeschylus

Be present and find happiness

So, the key to happiness is to be deliberate in your focus, and choose a better feeling thought. Choose also to be more present. We are so busy in our lives that we don’t allow any quiet time for ourselves. Often, we are so used of having bad feelings that we don’t even contemplate that something is wrong. But if you understand the concept that you can choose to be happy, half the work is done and you can start practicing on being more deliberate in your focus.

Allow yourself to be ”in the now”. Slow down your hectic lifestyle. Turn off your smartphone, go for a walk, take some deep breathes, meditate, do Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi etc. As you deliberately do things to help you connect with the present moment, you will feel more relaxed and centered. Use this time to pay attention to your feelings, without adding any thoughts to it. Quiet your mind and stay with your emotions, even if it feels uncomfortable. After a while the negative energy will dissolve itself, little by little, because in the present moment you hold no resistance, and as you hold no resistance you can let go of anything that is holding you back.

As you practice mindfulness, you will find joy in the simple things in life, and improve your mental and emotional state of being. You will release all problems, because problems only exist in our minds, and as you become present and quiet your mind you will find peace and inner joy.

Start a new habit today!

You do have the ability to change how you feel, by deliberately choosing a better feeling thought and becoming more present. Don’t let your emotions control you. Take charge and be responsible for your thoughts, and make sure to quiet your mind for at least 15 minutes every day. This is the greatest gift that you can give to yourself.

Being happy is a choice!

Posted: March 14, 2014 at 11:50 am
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