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How to Experience Spiritual Awakening

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If you look at the most successful or happy people around the world, you will find something in common among them. This common thing is a spiritual awakening that they have experienced at some stage of their lives. It is true that the strength of your spirit is what keeps us going and when you have your spirit awakened, you seem to find the right direction in life and the goal that you actually desire to achieve. Many of you may not be sure what is happening around you, and if the direction your life is going in is correct or not. This is because you have not experienced a spiritual awakening.

how to experience spiritual awakeningSpiritual Awakening is a ”State of Mind”

A spiritual awakening is something beyond your body and your mind; it helps you identify your authentic ‘self’. The power to experience the ‘self’ is not bound by senses. You cannot touch, hear, or smell it. It is the enlightening of the soul where you just concentrate on your feeling of existence, and not the feeling of touch that makes you realize that you have a body. As you start becoming aware of your existence, your ‘self’ and a feeling of pleasure and happiness tends to run through your body. This is a state of mind where you are so relaxed and calm that you are oblivious to everything else around. This can be attained through meditation, prayer, or contemplation.

How To Start With Spiritual Awakening Process

  • Relax your body and mind – The first step to experience spiritual awakening is to relax your body and mind. You can do that by forgetting the sense of identification. Your eyes notice things and you identify them with preconceived notions. You can start by sitting in a relaxing position and closing your eyes. Try to relax your body even more and let it feel the way it wants to. Don’t try to feel any part of your body. Just concentrate on your breathing in and out and your simple existence and you will experience more and more bliss. Practice this every day and little by little you will experience a spiritual awakening.
  • Write a journal – It is a good idea to begin journaling every day in order to document any progress that you make. Record your feelings, stumbling blocks, messages received from the divine, or anything that comes to mind. One day you will be able to look back in your journal and read how your spiritual awakening unfolded season by season. What a great memoir to leave your family as well.
  • Outside help? – A spiritual awakening is a gradual process and the time frame differs for each person. Some may not require any help in the process, but some may require a guide or a spiritual guru for assistance. There are even spiritual retreats that you can go to so that you can devote a week or weekend solely to awakening your spirit. Once you learn the method of freeing your senses you will be so close to your spirit and will understand better your path on life’s journey.
Posted: August 27, 2013 at 8:41 am
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