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Tai Chi Healing – The 5 Step Process

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Tai chi healing - the 5 step processTai Chi is an ancient healing exercise that balances body and spirit. This great spiritual healing form is often confused with Qigong. Tai Chi is more mobile than Qigong, and consists of series of slow movements that are carried out after each other. Tai Chi exercises are very gentle and suit both young and elderly people. Here are some Tai Chi basics.

Step 1 – Food and Tai Chi Exercises

It’s not recommended to do Tai Chi exercises on an empty stomach or right after a large meal, because your energy will then be occupied with your digestive system instead of focusing on your overall healing process. So plan a head and eat a couple of hours before doing any Tai Chi exercise, and don’t forget to wear comfortable clothes.

Step 2 – Tai Chi Healing Outdoors

Proponents of Tai Chi healing believe that Tai Chi exercises should preferably be done outside in the open air. The nature is full of life energy – Qi – and by exercising outdoors you will facilitate your healing process. A tip is to do this wonderful spiritual healing exercise in a quiet park alone, or together with others.

Step 3 – Relax before doing Tai Chi Exercises

A few warm-up exercises to relax your body and open your mind, are usually recommended before beginning the movement itself. Start with a breathing exercise. It’s easier to achieve a peaceful state of mind when you learn to concentrate on your breathing. The breathing exercise will help you to stop your thinking process and relax your body. Continue with some warm-up exercises to strengthen your muscles and tendons around the joints. These warm-up exercises will also warm your muscles and stimulate your Qi energy to flow.

Now you have prepared your body for Tai Chi exercises and are ready to continue with a series of slow Tai Chi movements.

Step 4 –  Do series of slow Tai Chi Movements for 45 minutes

Tai Chi exercises consist of a series of positions which are carried out after each other in a slow sequence of movements. The movements have descriptive names, such as “Stork Spreads Wings” and “Brush Knee and Twist Step”. Each exercise begins and ends with a complete standstill for a few seconds. The entire workout takes about 45 minutes depending on the number of movements performed.

Step 5 – Exercise Tai Chi every day for Spiritual Healing

It is best to practice every day, or a couple of times every week. Consistency is very important if you want to experience Tai Chi healing.

After Tai Chi exercises, you may experience a sensation of heat and cold. This shows that your Tai Chi healing is working. You may also feel a bit stiff and sore, but this will pass after a day or so.

If you practice on a regular basis you will start noticing that you have more energy. You will also find yourself more relaxed and positive with Tai Chi healing.

Posted: November 3, 2011 at 10:48 am
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