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How to Be a Supportive Partner

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how to be a suportive partnerWe all have problems and go through stressful situations in life. Some problems may be very difficult and embarrasing to share with our partner or others. If your partner is undergoing such problems, he/she might withdraw into a shell and become completely uncommunicative, or find the courage to confide the problems to you and seek your support. In either case, it is your duty to be a supportive partner at such times and do whatever possible to bring comfort and solace to him/her.

Don’t take it personally

If your partner starts acting strangely and you detect a change in his/her behavior, there is no need to immediately jump to conclusions and put the pointer to yourself. Most people start worrying whether they are to blame and become so focused on this problem that they fail to be a supportive partner in times of need. The best thing to do would be to start a free conversation with your partner and discuss the problem. If it indeed turns out that you are the problem, you can go about fixing it, and if it is some other factor, you can start being supportive.

Opening up doors to communication

It is important to keep up the flow of communication between you two, as this is the best way to be a supporting partner, instead of just clamming up. Positive conversation can have a soothing influence and you could analyze the problem and even make suggestions for solving the situation. However, the communication should be positive and not argumentative.

Give him/her space

It is very important to provide your partner space while he/she is undergoing a problem in his/her life. This does not mean to say that you are abandoning the person. You should offer a rock solid shoulder on which he/she can lean on, just by being a sounding board or a listener, but also give the person some time to think things over quietly. It is better that your partner fixes the problem instead of you fixing it. It is not your problem and you are only supposed to be a supportive partner, as you cannot be in the right position for analyzing all positive and negative aspects of the situation. You might even take a decision or provide a fix that worsens the situation for your partner. Just ask your partner ways in which you can help him/her through the situation.

Oftentimes in life, there will be opportunities to be a supportive partner when problems ensues the other. By being a supportive partner, you could strengthen the bond between you and the relationship can become healthier and more positive. However, troubles will emerge if you take it personally or are more concerned about your own problems. Remember, you are there to love and support your partner, so do it with a joyful, understanding, and giving heart.

Posted: January 14, 2013 at 6:04 am
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