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Abraham-Hicks – Stop Apologizing

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Do we need to apologize? What does your apology really mean? What about forgiveness? What is Abraham-Hicks‘ perspective on apology and forgiveness? Find summary and videos from conversations with Abraham-Hicks on the subject of apology and forgiveness.

Abraham-Hicks – Apology Conversations

Abraham-Hicks: ”Whatever you are sorry about has now been introduced into the vibration”

  • When you think: “I need to go back and make things right”
  • What you really do when you go back to apologize is: you reactivate the situation all over again.
  • When you want to apologize it’s like saying: I want to climb up a mountain – but before I climb up the mountain, I am going to dig a whole and climb in it – and then I climb up the mountain…

Abraham-Hicks: ”Your Inner Being Never Apologizes”

What you really say when you apologize is:

  • I am not done with the subject that has caused discomfort
  • I am taking the responsibility for how you feel

But remember that …

  • You are never responsible for how other people feel
  • You can’t focus on the problem and fix the problem
    You need to focus on the solution


Abraham-Hicks: ”Your Inner Being Never Looks At You In A Flawed Way”

You inner being will never apologize because your inner being will never look at yourself in a flawed way and then try to explain why you did it.

Abraham-Hicks: ”Your Inner Being Cares About Your Perspective”

Every time you apologize it’s because you care about their perspective and not about this perspective.

Abraham-Hicks: ”Be Where You Are And Move Forward In A More Loving Stance”

The reason you feel sorry and want to apologize, is because you are not in the Vortex where your inner being is. When you feel bad, your guidance system is telling you that you are not aligned with your inner being. The vibrational discord that you experience is telling you that your thoughts are not matching the thoughts that your inner being has about the situation.

So in order to resolve the discomfort that you are feeling, join your inner being. Go into the Vortex where the solution always is, and move forward in a loving stance.

Jerry Hicks – Stop Apologizing – Start Living Your Life

Jerry Hicks shared his personal life experience on this subject. Jerry Hicks discovered that people don’t like people who tend to apologize. For some reason, nobody likes anybody who apologizes to them. Somehow it turns people off when they do that. Jerry Hicks had this experience with a co-worker. Everybody disliked this co-worker because he tried so hard to get everyone to love him and constantly apologized for everything, no matter what. So Jerry Hicks advised his co-worker as follows: “Stop saying you are sorry, and get on with your life“.

The reason why we may feel uncomfortable around people who always apologize, is that our inner being knows that when you apologize you are not in the Vortex where the solution is, according to Abraham-Hicks. The “dislike” we feel is the discord between our inner being, and the words of apology that are spoken outside the Vortex. Your inner being that is inside the Vortex never apologizes, because it never judges.

We all like people who are confident, passionate, and who don’t care about what other people think. In other words, we all like people who are in the Vortex.

Abraham-Hicks – Forgiveness Conversation

Abraham-Hicks: ”Your Inner Being Never Forgives Because It Never Judges”

The only reason you want to forgive, is because there was something that you focused upon that you now want to remove. Your inner being doesn’t have to remove or forgive anything. The reason your inner being never forgives is because it never judges so it never has to “take it back”.

Videos on Apology & Forgiveness

Posted: April 11, 2012 at 9:14 am
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  • so let me get this straight, if someone used your money without your permission and lied about how they got access to your funds and has done this 3 times then leaves you without any fund for over 5 days and during this time doesn’t make secondary arrangement for you to get your funds back so you don’t have to be without the basic (food, toilet paper, bus pass) and they do utter the words ‘i apologize’ but completely without any real sense of empathy for what they put you through because you trusted them. that means i’ve judged them after they left me without funds and basics for that 5 days.. how am i supposed to process that?

    • admin says:

      If a person says “I’m sorry” and doesn’t mean it, that’s beyond your control. You can only control yourself and your life. If someone is treating you badly, make sure that this doesn’t happen again. By taking care of yourself and putting your needs first, you are not “judging” the other person who is treating you badly. Instead, you are taking control of your own life. As you start loving yourself more, your energy will shift and you will no longer attract people who take advantage of you. You deserve all the best in life!

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