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Learn About Your Psychic Powers – Lisa Williams

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learn-about-your-psychic-powers-lisa-williamsLearn about your psychic powers and how you can develop them even further. The world-renowned medium and clairvoyant Lisa Williams shares her experience, and she also gives her insights on ”psychic vampires” and negative energy.

Psychic medium John Holland interviewed Lisa Williams for the Hay House World Summit 2013, and got to ask her questions about psychic powers and negative energies. Furthermore, see the featured video at the bottom of the page where Lisa Williams explains her psychic gifts.

What are the four psychic senses?

We all have psychic abilities, but one is often stronger than the others. The four psychic senses are:

  1. clairvoyance – the psychic power to see things
  2. clairaudience – the psychic power to hear things
  3. clairsentience – the psychic power to feel things
  4. claircognizance – the psychic power to know things

Let’s find out which psychic power is the strongest for you.

How do I determine my strongest psychic powers?

Lisa Williams shares a simple technique to answer this question. Ask yourself what terminology you use when you relate to a person. If you say:

  1. I see what you mean – you are more visual (clairvoyance)
  2. I hear what you are saying – you are more auditory and may get voices in your head (clairaudience)
  3. I understand what you are saying – you are picking up more sensory (clairsentience)
  4. I know what you mean – you are more claircognisant and just know things (claircognizance)

Lisa Williams explains that how you speak reflects your strongest psychic senses. Your words are the key to discover your psychic sense, so notice your words. For example, if you often use the word ”feel” and say things like: ”Oh I don’t like the feeling of this, I don’t like the feeling of that picture, I love the feeling I pick up from this person” etc. – you easily pick up feelings and your strongest sense is therefore clairsentience. However, Lisa Williams points out that even if you have one or two primary senses, all of the psychic senses go hand in hand. You need to bring in all of your senses to be able to deliver specific messages from the spirits.

Also, it’s important to know that your physical senses will improve your psychic senses, according to Lisa Williams. Therefore, the first thing you need to learn is to be more mindful.

How do I develop my psychic powers?

  • Turn off your smart phone and be present!

Lisa Williams shares some very useful tips on mindfulness to develop your psychic abilities. To become more aware of and develop your psychic senses, you need to turn off your smart-phones and be more present. Lisa Williams have courses on mediumships and her students are not allowed to use Facebook, e-mails, internet, computer-games, TV, novels, pornography, and other distractions in the evening, because the students need to be present and allow space for the spirit world. When you avoid these types of distractions, especially in the evening, you learn to be mindful and present. Also, you learn to open up space for spirits, according to Lisa Williams.

  • Develop your psychic power – one at a time

Lisa Williams encourages you to develop your psychic senses – one at a time. Let’s say you want to work on your clairsentience. Start off by doing different feeling exercises. When Lisa Williams works with her students, she may for example have them go into a shopping mall to feel the energy there. The students may also be instructed to feel what the person next to them in the shopping mall is feeling, or they may be instructed to stand by a tree outside the shopping mall and feel what the tree feels like. The following week, Lisa Williams’ students will develop a new sense. If they are working on their clairvoyance, they will be having exercises that are all about being very visual. For example, they can be instructed to sit in a room to notice all the things around them, and pay attention to how many windows that are in the room, how may chairs that are in the room, the colors of the chairs, carpet, curtains etc.

  • Don’t speak for a day

Another exercise that Lisa Williams recommends if you want to develop your psychic senses, is to not speak for a whole day as you interact with your friends and family. You will learn and recognize different ways that you are able to communicate in. This will give you a greater understanding on the different ways that the spirits try to communicate with you.

I don’t understand the messages from the spirits – what do I do?

  • Deliver the message exactly as it is delivered to you

You don’t have to understand the whole meaning behind the message before you deliver it. For example, if you suddenly move your hand in a different way as you are communicating with the spirit world, then say to your client: ”I am holding my hand this way, why am I doing that?” Your client may understand it straight away, or perhaps hours later when he/she asks relatives who knows this spirit better than your client. Either way, it doesn’t matter, just deliver the message! Here’s an analogy that is good to remember:”Stop reading the mail, just deliver it!”

How do I deal with “psychic vampires”?

  • Set up boundaries to avoid “psychic vampires”

As you develop your mediumship, everybody will want to be your friend. Therefore, it’s very important that you set up boundaries for your friends and family. When it comes to ”psychic vampires”, Lisa Williams has a rule – she doesn’t do any readings for her family and close friends. As you declare this to the people around you, watch all those so called best friends – ”psychic vampires” – drop away. ”Psychic vampires” are not bad people. Just be aware if a person unknowingly takes energy from you. Recognize how you feel when you are around people that you think are ”psychic vampires” – do you feel energized or drained?

How do I protect myself from negative energy?

  • When you are a positive person, you will only attract positive energy

Lisa Williams believes that if you are a positive person, you will attract positive energy and positive spirits. If you are depressed and negative, you will attract negative energy. So, be aware of your energy and make sure that you stay positive and vibrate on a high frequency, before you open up to the spirit world.

  • Put your own needs first!

Lisa Williams always has her phone on silent so that she can choose her incoming calls. If she is not in the mood to speak to a certain person, and her energy level isn’t high enough, or she doesn’t feel that it’s good for her to talk to that person, she doesn’t answer the phone. When her energy level is at its peak, and she feels great, then she has more to give, and are more likely to answer the phone. Lisa Williams wants you to remember that: “You don’t have to do anything. You don’t have to speak to anybody if you don’t want to. You can do it when it’s the right time for you.”

You have to honor yourself and love yourself first, to be of value to others. As you learn to trust yourself and your needs, you will develop your psychic senses.

  • Visualize a white light surrounding and protecting you

There are many ways to protect yourself from negativity. For example, you can visualize a white bubble of light surrounding you, or ask your guide to protect you, or put on a certain ring or clothing that will protect you, or visualize a shield of protection.


In the video below Lisa Williams explains her psychic powers: 

  • Psychic – she can tell what’s happening in the future
  • Medium –she can translate messages from the spirit world to this world
  • Healer – she can help people to recover from health problems, and balance the body, mind and spirit


Posted: September 25, 2013 at 12:40 pm
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