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How to become a Medium – Lisa Williams

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how to become a medium - Lisa Williams

Does everyone has psychic abilities? How do you know if you are supposed to be a psychic medium? How can you develop your mediumship skills? Let the renowned medium, clairvoyant and best-selling author Lisa Williams, answer your questions!

If you missed the conversation that psychic medium John Holland had with Lisa Williams, here’s your chance to catch up. The interview was aired during the Hay House World Summit 2013. This article summarizes the interview.

Make sure to view the featured video at the end where Lisa Williams shares her personal story on becoming a medium. That video was not part of the Hay House World Summit 2013 but recorded for the Lifetime TV.

Do we all have psychic abilities?

Yes, psychic awareness and having a sixth sense is natural for all of us. We all have psychic abilities – we just have to believe in ourselves. We can develop our psychic abilities. Everyone is a psychic, but not everyone is a psychic medium. However, the most important thing is that we find our spiritual pathway and finding out what is right for you, according to Lisa Williams.

How do we know if we are supposed to be a psychic medium?

If you want to become a medium – ask yourself why

The first thing you need to do is ask yourself why you want to become a medium. Lisa Williams has an 8 week online course on mediumship with a 3 day intense workshop where she certify her students as a medium, if they pass her course. She hand-pick and select her students and not everybody pass her course. You have to want to be a medium for the right reasons – to help people. Mediumship is not a job – it’s who you are. It’s a life of service.

Becoming a medium should not be about becoming rich and famous. You may be great doing mediumship privately, and it’s important to not emulate anybody else. Lisa Williams explains that if it’s meant that you should do the work as a medium in front of people on stage, the spirits will lead you to it. Your path will unfold. She always asks herself: ”What is it that I need to look at today?”. Try it yourself, and then follow your inspiration. Your inspiration will always lead you to your right path.

How do we develop our mediumship skills?

Get over your fear and hangups

The very first step to develop your mediumship is to allow yourself to do this, according to Lisa Williams. Give yourself permission. If you have or have had people around you that are not into this mediumship, and are worried about what other people will say if you start developing your mediumship, you first need to get over your fear. Let go of hangups where you say things to yourself like : ”It’s not right, it’s not normal, or my religious beliefs don’t agree”.

Affirm your mediumship and accept it as part of your life

Make mediumship normal for you. Lisa Williams advices you to start thinking and speaking like you believe it, start speaking like you are owning it and accepting it in your life. Stand in front of the mirror and affirm that you are a medium, and say: ”Hi, my name is X and I am a psychic medium”.

You have to meditate!

Meditation is the key element of your spiritual development, according to Lisa Williams. You have to meditate, whether it’s about healing, psychic, spiritual awareness, self improvement etc.! There are many different ways to do it. Lisa Williams starts her meditations with a minute’s silence. She then get her students to breath in deeply, and then breath out deeply, and get them to count the amounts of breath that they take in and out. This technique is really simple and can work very well for you too. Focus on how many breaths that you can take deeply in and out, and extend the exercise form 1 minute, to 2 minutes, to 5 minutes and then to 10 minutes. People do meditation in different ways: they get to the state of meditation as they say mantras, go for a walk, jog, listen to music, play the piano, or even wash the dishes! There are many “spiritual tools” that can be used, but do whatever works for you to zone out and get in touch with who you are. Allow the space within yourself and make room in your consciousness for those ”intuitive hits” and for spirits.

Connect with your soul

If you want to develop your mediumship skills, it’s important to connect with your soul. Sit with yourself, meditate, and come to peace with yourself. Lisa Williams explains that the souls are like ”underground network of souls” and when you connect with your soul you can connect with anyone! Sit in silence and breathe and learn to know who you are first. Name your alter-ego, so that you clearly can see when you are being negative towards yourself. For example, when Lisa sits with Lisa, her true self, her soul, she is content. But when her alter-ego (called Veronica) comes up, nothing is good enough, she is not worthy, and the world is terrible. If you can’t sit with yourself, you are hindering your own development as a medium.

Learn to focus

You need to realize that becoming a medium is a process and it doesn’t happen overnight. If you want to become a medium, practice meditation and learn to focus. You need to work on your skills. Lisa Williams has had the gift since she was 4 years old and has developed her skills over the last 20 years! Her on-line course will not teach her students to become a medium overnight, but they will have the ability to focus and they then have to practice, practice, practice on their own! Don’t be impatient, you will need the practice, experience, understanding, and confidence to deliver the message from the spirits in the right way.

You need to surrender

You have to completely surrender to spirits, your gifts, to who you are, and what you have been place on this earth to do. When you get into that mindset of surrender, you ”open up” and are now able to deliver messages from the ”other side”, but once again, it’s not an overnight process.

You need to develop your psychic awareness

Psychic awareness is often referred as the ”sixth sense”. We are all born with a sixth sense, but as we grow up we forget how to use it and stay connected to it. We learn to believe that what we can’t see, hear, taste, smell or touch, isn’t real. Psychic awareness is about connecting to our intuition.

As you practice to focus and surrender, you will learn how the spirits feel like, learn to work with your guide, and learn to get the evidential communication. You need a good solid foundation on how this psychic equipment work before you ”channel dead people”. If your natural ability is mediumship, you will develop that first, but you will also need to develop your psychic awareness. For example, Lisa had a student who had a natural ability to talk to dead people and her mediumship was incredible, but Lisa didn’t certified she until she develop her psychic awareness. This student was forcing her psychic awareness, and couldn’t grasp the concept of hearing dead people and pulling these techniques into psychic. She had to have an element of psychic ability to do mediumship.

The mediumship is happening through our psychic centers and psychic aura, so it’s important to understand and know the equipment. If you can’t ”turn on” or ”turn off” the communication from the spirit world, you are untrained. You have to develop your psychic awareness first. It is natural, so don’t force it.

In the videos below, Lisa Williams shares her story on becoming a medium.

Posted: August 30, 2013 at 11:17 am
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