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Did you know that your mind is responsible for how you feel and what you create in life? The power of your mind is amazing and determines every aspect of your life. If you want a happier, more loving and successful life, you need to stay connected with your spirit. When your mind and spirit reconnects, you will become more focused and balanced. You will experience greater self confidence, feelings of worthiness, and improved health.

This section will provide you powerful tools to connect with your spirit. Open up the door to this wealth of universal abundance, and start manifesting your dreams today.

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Be Mindful And Get Happy!

Today, we are asked to do more in less time. No wonder the principles of mindfulness are applied in many corporations and schools like the Harvard Business School. If you find yourself stressing through life, forgetting where you put things, can't recall what people have said during conversations, eating without tasting your food, dwelling on the past, paying more attention to your smartphone than those around you, then you really need to learn about mindfulness!

Balancing your Mind and Spirit

- Mind and Spirit -

Inner peace and balance are of great importance in everyone’s life. Having such, helps you gain self-control, be more disciplined, and focused. When you lack balance, outside influences affect you greatly causing fluctuations in your emotions and your decision-making abilities.

So how does one find this balance of mind and spirit? If there were just three steps we could take to experience greater balance we’d all be there. We must realize that a true healthy balance of the mind and spirit also includes self-actualization and gratitude. But let’s just take a quick look at ways on how we can find the balance we seek.

You have to pay attention to your thoughts, live in your moment, as well as, take care of your body. Buddha said “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” Pay attention to your thoughts. Are they positive? The thoughts that run through our mind have a major impact on our mental state of balance. Your awareness will allow you to get a handle on negative thinking, false perceptions, fear-based projections and self-imposed limitations.

Living in your moment which simply means: to make the most of every situation whether good or bad. Re-direct your focus onto the things that make you a better you. Meditation and exercise are great ways to re-direct your focus into finding that state of balance in the mind and spirit. Developing inner and outer strength, and the ability to make the mind quiet, will take you a long way toward attaining and maintaining a state of inner peace and balance. It is the combination of a strong body, a sense of well-being, and a confident feeling of whom you really are that will bring balance to all areas of your life and help you to become the person you were meant to be.

The Key to Happiness

- Happiness -

How do you find happiness? We all know happiness is officially defined as a state of well-being brought about by enjoying, showing, or marked by contentment, pleasure, satisfaction or joy. Since this is the case, finding such happiness is key in life. Happiness is not difficult to find, neither is it hard to maintain if we obtain a positive mindset. What are you thinking about? Is your mind drenched in the negativities of life? If so, change your mindset. Think positive thoughts and you’d be amazed at how much happier you are.

Live in your moment. Be grateful. Smile often. Become resilient and fearless. Manage your stress. Be courageous. All these suggestions or keys to happiness are action-based if you’ve noticed. It takes you to make life happen happily for you. When you live in your present moment you learn to realize that the past is the past. What really matters is now! Deciding to take charge of your life’s present mental situations causes you to become grateful for even the smallest things. Those things make you smile and smiling of course, can and will change your whole persona.

Now that your outlook has changed and your disposition is sunnier, you almost instantly become more resilient and fearless and the things that used to bother you don’t bother anymore because you’ve realized; they matter much less. Your stress levels have decreased and you’re on to making greater strides in life to being happier. Once you’ve reached this level of happiness, courage sets in, you’re no longer afraid to face life head on and you’re off to setting new goals. Nothing can stop a happy person because they’ve learned not to allow outside influences to deter their state of being.

‘You see where we’re going yet? Do you grasp the fact that being happy is a choice? If so, make sure you find your happy place and stay there because the key to happiness is finding it and keeping it!

What is Spiritual Awareness?

- Spiritual Awareness -

Incorporating spirituality into your everyday life is possible, in fact, doable by allowing you to attune more to your inner self and increasingly live in that awareness. But how do you become more spiritually aware and what is spiritual awareness? Many have their own opinions and thoughts about this subject but it cannot truly be understood unless you focus within and realize it is a personal journey.

Spiritual awareness means different things to different people but it can be defined as the process by which we begin to explore our own spiritual being in order to become whole and reunite our spirits with our physical bodies in a commonality of purpose. Simply put, it is a greater understanding of one’s own spirituality, being mindful of spiritual truths. Such awareness is pursued by many people in different religions and often comes about through frequent prayer and or meditation relying on one’s own personal level of spirituality. Through the regular, daily practice of meditation and or prayer, you can start each day by raising your levels of consciousness to spiritual realms.

Becoming spiritually aware does not take a great effort and you cannot compel yourself to become more spiritually aware. Just an open heart and mind to being aware of your internal feelings is all that is needed. When you are aware of what is going on inside you as opposed to what is going on around you, a great sense of inner peace and calmness comes along. Spiritual awareness has the ability to make a person feel a certain level of completeness because it in a sense transcends beyond the physical.

Spiritual awareness begins and ends within and as you are able to recognize yourself as a spiritual being you will see yourself reflected in all that surrounds you. When this happens your knowledge of self in spiritual awareness becomes perfected.