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Gary Zukav and Oprah – The Authentic Power

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Join Gary Zukav and Oprah in some of their most enlightening conversations about the soul, the meaning of life, and how to connect with our authentic power.

Below is a summary with video clips from a Super Soul Sunday episode with Oprah and Gary Zukav.

What is the Soul?

For Gary Zukav, the soul is what you are. It is a powerful, purposeful essence. It is the very center of who you are. Your soul existed before you were born, and your soul will exist after you die. The mother ship is your soul, and you are the little boats. The mother ship knows why you are in the water and why you encounter storms, even though you may not know all of the time. Your job is to learn how to sail in the same direction as your mother ship, and if you do that, your life will fill with meaning, purpose and love. You will be exited about being alive, appreciating the people around you, and enjoying what you are doing.

Finding Meaning and Purpose

Meaning” is your inner compass that always aligns itself with the direction that your mother ship wants to go. As you follow your inner sense of meaning, you are sailing in the same direction that your mother ship wants you to sail. When you feel that there is something missing in your life, listen to your inner compass and ask yourself: “What do I really want?”

Multi Sensory Perception

We have been taught to define the truth and our reality with our “five senses”. However, if you develop your intuition, or “multi sensory perception” (the ability to “see” more than the five senses can detect), you will be able to experience the non-physical reality and its wisdom. You will reach that place where you follow your heart no matter what your head or five senses tell you. This is a good thing because when you follow your heart/intuition, you automatically get access to compassion and wisdom.

The Principle of Intention

“The Law of Cause and Effect”, “The Golden Rule”, and “Karma” say that “what you put out comes back”. In the book “The Seat of the Soul”, Gary Zukav explains this principle even further and says that every intention (that comes even before the action), determines what the outcome is going to be. So, if you are not clear about your intention, you always end up in confusing outcomes, but if you are clear about your intention, you won’t be surprised about the outcome.

To see how you have been creating in the past, look around you. For example, if your intention is kindness towards a person, you may not necessarily receive love from the same person that you extended kindness to, but you will receive kindness from someone. If you have loving people around, then you have loved. If you have angry people in your life, then you have had anger in yourself. Gary Zukav explains that if you are an angry person, you will draw to yourself angry people, because you understand each other and are on the same (energy) level – like attracts like.

You can never have an intention without an effect. This is why it is so important to always ask yourself: “what is the true reason why I am doing this, what is my ultimate motivation, what are my intentions, thoughts and feelings behind this action”.

Gary Zukav explains: “Every action, thought, and feeling is motivated by an intention. That intention is a cause that exists as one with that effect. If we participate in the cause, it is not possible for us not to participate in the effect”.

Spiritual Partnership

A spiritual partnership is a partnership between equals for the purpose of spiritual growth. The purpose of any relationship is to bring the higher deepest part of yourself into the forefront of your being so that you can activate that. Equal partner is someone who wants the same spiritual growth that you do and is willing to be a part of that. You know when you are in a spiritual relationship because that person is “irreplaceable”, and you are there for each other, and you have got each others back.

Earth School

Gary Zukav explains that everyone has a sacred contract with the universe. We all came to give our gifts and learn from our experiences in this earth school.

Whenever you encounter challenges, or have “problems” in life, ask yourself: “What is this here to teach me?”. If you can get the answer to this question, you get to rise above the question and the problem.

What is “Authentic Power”?

In the book “The Seat of the Soul” Gary Zukav explains that authentic power is when you use your personality to serve your life’s purpose; your spirit; your soul. Authentic power is when the personality comes to serve the energy of the soul. When your personality is in full balance, you can’t see the difference between the personality and the soul, and you let the one serve the other. When the personality is in full balance, you can not see where the personality is, and where the soul begins. This is the whole human being.

How to Become Authentically Empowered

Our soul has a purpose. We are a body in a soul, not a soul within a body. We are here to serve the energy of the soul. Beneath the personality of “your roles” in life (occupation, status, worker, parent, student, homemaker etc.) there is energy; an inner desire; an inner connection; your soul. Your personality isn’t the same as your soul, but you can use your personality to elevate, enhance and serve what is your real soul’s purpose. If you can use your “roles” in life to elevate the energy of your true purpose and why you really came, then you become authentically empowered.

Posted: March 28, 2014 at 1:49 pm
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