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Tips on how to be HAPPY – Louise Hay

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tips on how to be happy - louise hay

Louise Hay

If you are looking for happiness tips, then listen to what the famous author Louise L. Hay has to say. She has given many tips on how to be happy in her successful books that have helped millions of readers around the world! Listen to her wisdom as she shares some simple tips for happiness in daily life that you can apply right now.

Below is a summary on her best tips on being happy. Also, watch the inspiring video with Louise L. where she gives the most powerful “happy tips for life” that will dramatically change your life once you start applying them. Furthermore, learn about her mirror work and powerful affirmations for self love and happiness.


Tips for a Happy Life – Remember that Life is like a Boomerang!

The most important tips for a happy life is to be responsible for what you think, say, and do. Louise L. Hay has noticed that whatever you send out will come back to you like a ”boomerang”. Your are creating your future with your thoughts, words, and action. It all has to do with the ”law of attraction”. For example, if your energy is spreading love, you will receive love. But if you are angry and say hurtful things, this is the energy that will come back to your experience. In other words, like attracts like.

Louise L. Hay explains that ”doing affirmations” can be very powerful in helping you to eliminate negativity from your life experience, by consciously choosing your words. As you do positive affirmations on a daily basis you will create something positive instead. How is it so? Because every thought you think, and every word you speak – is an affirmation!


Great tips to be happy


Important Tips for Happiness – Let go of the Past & Future!

Other tips to being happy include letting go of the past and future. Don’t spend time recalling unpleasant memories – especially if remembering the past causes you pain or discomfort of any kind. Worrying about the future is not helpful either. As you are fussing about the future, you are only introducing more experience that will cause you angst and worry. Most of us spend lots of time thinking about the past and worrying about the future, without realizing it. It’s a waste of energy, because your power is in the ”now”. Louise L. Hay explains that whatever you think about – whether it’s about something that is going on right now, or if it’s about something that happened in the past, or if you are thinking about the future – you are creating your future right now. So what’s the solutions? Let go of the past and future, by becoming more present. To live in the present moment and to look for things to appreciate are powerful tips to live a happy life. Why? Because when you are truly present, there is no pain and nothing to worry about. When you are truly present, you are at peace. At this state of being, you will experience an inner joy and happiness.


Appreciation & Self Love – Powerful Tips for Happy Life

Appreciation and self love are two very powerful tips for being happy in life that can really turn your life around. As you look for things to appreciate, your energy will rise and you will vibrate on a higher frequency. As mentioned, whatever you choose to focus upon, will eventually manifest. So be careful and choose your thoughts and what to focus upon. For example, it’s very easy to appreciate the beauty in nature, so start there. Recognize the abundance in nature. That the nature is a gift and is there for you to appreciate. Look for easy things to appreciate (the nature, the fact that you have a warm home, a bed to sleep in at nights, food, clean water etc.) – because it doesn’t matter what you focus on as long as you are feeling good while doing it. When you radiate appreciation, love, peacefulness, abundance etc. this is what you will receive. Appreciation for yourself is the next step that can take some practice for most of us. Teaching about self love is something that Louise L. Hay has been very passionate about because when we love ourselves, nothing but love can come back to us. This is why self love and self appreciation are such powerful tips to a happy life.


Top 10 Tips to Be Happy by Louise Hay

The video was shot in 2008 at the Raw Lifestyle Film Festival, and was produced by David Faltskog. Here are Louise Hay’s top 10 tips for happiness:

  1. If you are willing to change your thinking, you can change your life….
  2. Remember that life is like a “boomerang”: what you give out comes back to you.
  3. Every thought you think and every word you speak is creating your future, so be careful about what you think and say.
  4. If you keep thinking about your past difficulties you will only attract more of that.
  5. To improve the quality of your life enormously, be appreciative of life and express gratitude.
  6. To increase your love for yourself, Louise Hay suggests that you do the following practice: Stand in front of the mirror, and say: “I love you; I really, really love you”. Do this every morning. This practice will help you to re-connect with your inner child, and you will start experiencing miracles in your life. Remember that you are divine expression of life.
  7. Love who you are
  8. Be very grateful and appreciative for life
  9. Say thank you a lot
  10. Don’t fix the problem; fix your thinking and attitude to how you respond to a situation. When you have a so called “problem” say: “All is well – Everything is working out for my highest good – Out of this experience, only good will come – I am safe”. This will quiet your inner worrying long enough for the Universe to find the solution to the so called problem. When the solution comes, you say “thank you”.


Book Tips for a Happier Life

Great book tips for a happier life by Louise L. Hay include her bestsellers “You Can Heal Your Life” and “Heal Your Body”.

If you want more guidance on self love, don’t miss the CD ”How to Love Yourself”! You will learn to stop being so hard on yourself and to love yourself more. You will also learn to bring more positive energy into your life. This fantastic work by Louise L. Hay will show you practical and empowering ways to feel good about yourself.

Louise L. Hay has come up with 10 tips to be happy. These steps will help you feel better about yourself and to increase your self love. Examples of the steps include: let go of all criticism, start accepting yourself exactly as you are, stop terrorizing yourself with your thoughts, acknowledge that you have created negativity into your life to fulfill a need, and now it’s time to release the old patterns as you are finding new and positive ways.

“How to Love Yourself” will also show you to gently change your thoughts to more loving ones, to praise yourself, and to treat yourself with kindness and as someone you love. Louise Hay points out the importance of supporting yourself and of taking care of your body, and teaches about nutrition and exercises to reach optimum energy and vitality. You will also learn about her famous “mirror work” to reconnect with your love for yourself. The CD “How to Love Yourself” includes an empowering meditation that you can enjoy everyday to increase your self-love.


Tips on How to be Happy – Mirror Work & Affirmations

According to Louise L. Hay, the most effective tips on happiness is to ”do mirror work” together with powerful affirmations.

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