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Music and Vibration – Can Music Change Your Mood?

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How music affects your moodMusic is vibration

You have probably heard that colors and music are vibrations. Light colors and high notes vibrate faster than dark colors and low notes. We are drawn to and choose different colors and music depending on our mood. Of course, different colors mean different things to people, but they do affect each and every person. We choose brighter colors and songs when we feel happy, and darker colors and songs when we feel sad. It’s important to realize that we are drawn to music that vibrates on the same frequency as the mood that we are in. However, we do have the choice to deliberately choose songs to make us feel better, and thereby change our vibration. So how does music affect your mood or vibration?

Music affects your vibration

Music can change your mood in seconds and bring out the happiness within us. But it’s important to realize that it can have the opposite effect as well. The rhythm, harmonies and lyrics are almost like subliminal messages, that affect our emotions. Many of us don’t pay any attention to what we are listening to. Music is running in the background and we are singing the lyrics without noticing it. In other words, we vibrate (as we sing and feel) and attract whatever the music is communicating! Music and its lyrics can work as subliminal messages that we affirm without realizing it, as we listen and sing along without paying any attention. That can be very good, depending on what we want to radiate and attract!

What do you radiate and attract today?

What kind of music do you listen to? What do the lyrics say? Are they empowering and uplifting, or are they about unrequited love? Do they make you feel happy, outgoing, or withdrawn, depressed, angry etc.?

As a kid, you probably listened to different type of music than you do today. Music are vibrations and so are you. You have evolved and changed, and your interest in music has grown with you. You are drawn to the music that is on the same vibrational frequency as you are. However, if you want to change your vibration, you need to pay attention to the things that you surround yourself with, and deliberately choose things that make you feel better.

Does this song make you feel better?

Be a deliberate creator – Choose your tune /vibration

If you want to be a deliberate creator of your life, you need to be careful with what you are exposed to and focused upon, and this includes music. You need to ask yourself if you are listening to songs that are empowering and uplifting, if the songs take you to a better feeling place, or if they enhance negative emotions.

People often say that ”music feeds the soul”, and it’s certainly true that music has a deep impact in our lives and affects our thoughts and emotions. So what do you wish to be filled with? If you want to change your vibration and feel joy and optimism, you can use music to – step by step – song by song – get to a better feeling place.

How to change your mood with music

If you are a deliberate creator you don’t ”react” to circumstances. Instead, you deliberately focus on things that make you feel better. You choose one thought that makes you feel a little better, and then you choose another thought that feels better etc. You don’t go for the big jumps, trying to go from a depressed mood straight to feeling joy, because that will take you right back to where you were. You change your mood little by little, thought by thought. This process works with music too.

For example, if you are mad, you will not be drawn to ”happy songs”. You would rather prefer music with stronger beats that connects to your heart that is pumping in the same rhythm. This is perfect from where you stand right now, because this music with stronger beats will make you feel more empowered. You always work from where you are. The next song, could still have powerful beats, but now you could choose a song that has a little more optimistic lyrics. This is an example on how you work your way ”up the ladder” to a higher frequency. It doesn’t take long to change your vibration with music. You only need a few songs to deliberately change your vibrational frequency.

As you use music to change your vibration, it’s important to recognize how you truly feel while listening to its lyrics, harmonies, and rhythm. Also, if you are watching the music video to that song, pay attention to how you feel while watching the images.

Music is a powerful healing and affirmation tool!

This process where you actively choose a tune that feels better is a form of sound healing, where the vibrations from music cleanses your mind and heart. Also, music, with its lyrics and videos, are very powerful affirmation tools, so let’s have some fun using music videos to attract more joy and love in our lives!

Posted: January 27, 2014 at 2:45 pm
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