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Abraham-Hicks – The Key to Effortless Manifestation

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abraham hicks the key to effortless manifestation Have you wondered why some people always seem to have all the good luck in the world, while others struggle their whole lives? What’s the secret to good luck? Abraham-Hicks will give you the key to effortless manifestation. Also, they have a fantastic manifestation-meditation CD called ”Getting into the Vortex” that will help you manifest your dreams with no effort!

What is ”Effortless Manifestation”?

Effortless manifesting is a new way of being. You have to let go of your old ways of thinking and embrace the fact that whatever you vibrate is what is coming back to you. Effortless manifestation is about trusting the Law of Attraction.

Abraham-Hicks – Effortless Manifestation

Abraham-Hicks: “Do you know how many arguments, how many words, how many efforts, how much action is necessary just to keep you alive and out of desperation when you’re not in the Vortex?…It’s a big effort to live this life when you’re counting on your words and your actions to make it happen.”
Abraham-Hicks explain that instead of making things happen through your actions, there is an easier way to live your life. The recipe for effortless manifestation is to relax more and to have more fun! Let your energy do the work. But how does this apply to real life?


How does Effortless Manifestation work?

So, effortless manifestation has to do with the law of attraction. This means that when you feel great, you will attract positive events into your life, but when you are negative stuff that match that vibration will come into your experience. In other words, you need to make sure that you vibrate on a higher frequency to match your desires. But how do you do that? Abraham-Hicks’ recipe for effortless manifestation is that you start caring about how you feel and align with your Vortex as often as possible.


Tips on Effortless Manifestation

If you want effortless manifestation, the most important things are to care about how you feel and to always choose a better feeling thought, according to Abraham-Hicks. Below are tips that will help you raise your vibration so that you become a match to your desires:

  • Step away from the things that are bothering you and your loved ones. Focus on something that gives you access to the Vortex. From inside the Vortex, everything is clear.
  • Choose a better feeling thought, minute by minute, day by day. This way, you will train yourself into alignment with your Vortex. Improved manifestations will be shown to your when you are aligned with your Vortex; when you’re in a state of pure positive energy.
  • Mind your own Vortex. Instead of wasting your energy on trying to change other people, focus on yourself. So, mind your own business.
  • Let your priority be to care about how you feel.
  • When you align and let your priority be to tune yourself back into the vibrational frequency to all that you are, you get so much life back.
  • It’s important to care about how you feel because everything you feel becomes constant feedback about your proximity to your Vortex. Your relationship with your Vortex and how you feel will be shown to you through manifestations, according to Abraham-Hicks.
    When you’re in a state of positive energy, positive improvements in your life will manifest without any effort.


Abraham-Hicks Video on Effortless Manifestation

Effortless Manifestation – Meditation CD

Abraham-Hicks helped Esther and Jerry Hicks in creating a manifestation-meditation CD that will help you change your vibration; and thus life experience. It is called “Getting Into The Vortex: Guided Meditations CD and User Guide”. The manifestation-meditation CD comes with a user guide (hardcover) for a clearer understanding.

The 70-minute long “Getting into the Vortex”-CD starts with an introduction by Jerry Hicks, followed by Esther Hicks (Abraham) explaining the purpose and use of the manifestation-meditation CD. This tool will help you to get into your “Vortex of Creation” in four areas of your life:
1. General Well-Being
2. Financial Well-Being
3. Physical Well-Being
4. Relationships

Each of the four tracks is 15 minutes long, where Abraham-Hicks are giving powerful words accompanied with wonderful music that resonate with your inner being.

This is an amazing tool that we at highly recommend. It will guide you into your Vortex everyday, where all your dreams exist!

15 minutes of daily meditation is all you need in order to get amazing results, according to Abraham-Hicks. By listening to the manifestation-meditation CD, you will feel better and raise your vibrational frequency, and thereby attract new and positive events into your life. This valuable tool will make sure that you get into your Vortex – right now!

If you are not familiar with the teachings of Abraham, please visit our Law of Attraction section The Vortex.

Find out more in the video below where Jerry and Esther/Abraham-Hicks talk about the manifestation-meditation CD called “Getting into the Vortex”:

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