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Abraham Hicks – Power of Influence

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Is it enough if only one person in a relationship practices the Law of Attraction? Can this person influence the other person in the relationship? Find out what Abraham-Hicks say when it comes to the Power of Influence. See video and summary from previous conversations with Abraham-Hicks on the subject of “Power of Influence”.


Summary on previous conversations with Abraham-Hicks on “The Power of Influence”

Question: “If only one person apply the Law of Attraction is that enough?”

Abraham-Hicks answers: “Yes, that is what the power of influence is”.

Abraham-Hicks explains The Power of Influence as follows: “One who is in the Vortex, consistently aligned with the relationship that you really want, has the power of influence to evoke, or attract the other, more and more often into the Vortex too.”

What you need to do if you want to have “The Power of Influence”

  • Let go of the thought that says: “I am willing to do the work and you are not”.
  • Decide: “I am not going to let the reality of the relationship as it is right now, dominate the way I think and feel about it.”
  • “I need to stop focusing upon the part that I don’t want, so I can become a vibrational match to the part that I do want. I need to be inside my Vortex.”

You have no power outside your Vortex

The thing that keeps you from your power of influence, is not that your partner isn’t doing the work focusing on the positive aspects according to the Law of Attraction, and it’s not that your partner doesn’t agree with the work that you are doing – it’s the attention to these things that holds that in your vibration, that keeps you from your power of influence.

You have no power when you stand in your current relationship trying to convince your partner, through words and action to be different. The reason for this is that you have to leave the Vortex in order to accomplish that, and you have no power outside your Vortex.

abraham hicks power of influence“The Power of Influence” is inside the Vortex

You need to tune yourself to the best part of your partner. Let’s say that your partner has 5 characteristics that you really like and 5 characteristics that you don’t like. Your job is now to get into the Vortex where only the characteristics that you do like are. When you train your vibration and focus only on the aspects that you like, the 5 aspects that you don’t like will not be in your experience. The Universe will reach right into your partner and bring cooperation.

Let’s take an example when a woman feels insecure and wants her partner to change some patterns of behavior. The more insecure a woman feels the more freedom a man wants. Men want freedom and imagine what it will do for your relationship when you become the breath of fresh air, and completely accept the responsibility for you own happiness – he’s going to enjoy you very, very much. Your partner is really going to enjoy hanging around with you when your dominant intent is alignment with who you are. This means that you take out of the equation any pointing at him to change and accept your responsibility for your own happiness.

The perfect formula to a perfect relationship is: “It is my intent to keep myself in a really good place, and it’s not your responsibility to make me happy. I am going to do a really good job to make myself happy, because I want to have a really good life with you.”

Your power of influence is inside the Vortex, where there is an alignment between you and you, and where no convincing through words or action has to take place. One person who is in the Vortex is more powerful than billions who are not.

Abraham-Hicks: What “The Power of Influence” really means

The Power of Influence is not about adjusting your vibration so you can change the behavior of others. Abraham-Hicks want you to adjust your vibration so you can match the full version of what you have put in your Vortex.

Each time you want something, the Universe answers and the non-physical part of you becomes the vibrational expanded version of what you want. You need to match this full expanded version of who you have become – and who you have become is inside the Vortex.

In other words, you have two relationships going on:

1. The existing one that you can see, touch and smell and

2. The improved one that is in your vibrational Vortex that you have created and that is in the now. This improved relationship is the one that you need to focus on and tune into.


Posted: April 15, 2012 at 4:06 pm
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