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Abraham-Hicks – How to Attract a Wonderful Relationship

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In this video, Abraham-Hicks are coaching on the Law of Attraction and Relationships. Abraham-Hicks are giving you the tools to open up and allow happy relationships. Learn how to attract a wonderful relationship! Don’t forget to read the summary below!

Summary: Abraham-Hicks on the Law of Attraction and Relationships, by

Law of Attraction and Relationships

“We wish that you could see, from our vantage point, what’s lined up for you. You would not be crying. But you have got to stop crying and being sad, to let it in.”


Don’t talk about bad relationships – Talk about something else

If you talk about your bad experiences, you keep escalating what isn’t working. Stop justifying your complaints because it keeps you from moving forward. If you continue to remember and talk about your bad relationships you keep attracting that around you. Talk about something else. This is how to attract the relationship of your dreams – by focusing only on what you are wanting. Observe and speak only about happy relationships.

Life gives you what you expect!

People who are wanting long-term relationships don’t have access to you, because you are offering a different vibration when you are talking about all the things that are not working in a long-term relationship. It doesn’t matter if you are talking about your own experiences or if you chose to focus on what isn’t working in other people’s relationships. According to the Law of Attraction and Relationships, you won’t attract a partner who is ready for a wonderful relationship as long as you focus on bad relationships.

Focus on things in your life that are working

The next step in understanding how to attract your perfect partner, is to enjoy your life as it is today, and appreciate your existing relationships. Look for things to appreciate right here and now!

When you think about things in your life that are working today, you put yourself in a different vibrational frequency. You put yourself in an allowing position, so good things can come to you. By focusing on what’s working right now, you stop the resistance and start allowing.

Stop worrying!

The final piece of the puzzle in understanding how to attract a wonderful relationship, is to stop worrying about the future. When you enter a relationship and think “I hope it will last”, “I want to attract one that lasts”, you worry. This will set you back on the same track again. You are fixating in “long-term” because you believe in shortage. You don’t believe that there are many people who are in a good long-lasting relationship, and what you believe, you create into your own experience. You have to change your belief and once you do, you will see a different “reality”.

Abraham-Hicks teaches about the abundance of well being. Abraham-Hicks want you to really understand that there is an ongoing of well being flowing to you. You don’t have to take just a piece of it, whether it is a relationship, money, house etc. and think that you have to protect it or you will be left with nothing. The Universal forces are hearing your desire and are keeping the reservoir of well being flowing to you at all time, according to the Law of Attraction.

Fun Now!

Instead, start enjoying the relationship here and now. Start saying “Fun Now! Doesn’t matter”, “Life is good now, nothing else matters”. When you only focus on how good things are here and now, you don’t worry. When you are in a happy place and start anticipating what’s coming next – good things will come. Your happiness level doesn’t have to dip because there is a change of scenery. As you begin to try to feel the adventure of what’s next and what’s next…, it will sooth the sting of what you think you are leaving behind and you will have better and better experiences…your energy level will rise and rise…. and soon you will be in a relationship that feels really, really good.

This doesn’t mean that you have to move from person to person, in order to find a really good relationship. Instead you need to work on your attitude to put yourself in an allowing position for good relationships to enter in to your experience, according to the Law of Attraction and Relationships.

The following attitudes, will keep you in a place where you let in the good relationship that is already lined up for you:

  • “It’s going to get good”
  • “Good is coming”
  • “It’s good now”
  • “It will continue to be good”

If you want a long-term relationship, start coaching yourself by including these attitudes in your daily affirmations. Focus on having fun here and now and expect good things to come your way and feel the adventure of what’s coming next. Believe that life is getting better and better everyday and look only for things that is going well in your life. Soon you will have proof of well being everywhere, because what you expect will be your reality.

Don’t take life so seriously – Get Happy

Stop making such a big deal out of everything. Relationships are not the big thing that you make it to be. Relationships are opportunity to experience more of who you are. Your relationship with your Source is where true joy comes from.

Wonderful things are waiting, but you must stop crying and get happy to let it in.

  • You have to get happy to let happy things in
  • You have to go with the flow of Universal forces
  • Give up the resistance
  • Stop the struggle
  • Stop making such a big deal out of everything
  • Start having a good time

Abraham-Hicks want you to really get that:

  • You are supposed to have a very good time
  • Life is supposed to be good for you
Posted: November 15, 2010 at 11:08 am
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