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Abraham-Hicks: How You Attract Perfect Health

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In this video, Abraham-Hicks are coaching on how to attract perfect health. Don’t forget to read the summary below.

Summary by Abraham-Hicks on how to attract perfect health – A health professional seeks perfect health for herself

Law of Attraction Health

In this coaching session, we follow a woman who has been devoted to health and physical fitness for 30 years. Her conclusion to her devotion is that her attention to it has brought her a lot of problems. Over the years she has experienced declining health, and developed diabetes.

You can never change anything by saying: “I do this to avoid that”

The problem with the lady’s attention to health and physical fitness, is that her focus has been on avoiding health problems. Abraham-Hicks explain that her effort to avoid health problems becomes her experience, because there is no such thing as exclusion. When you say “I really don’t want that so I will do this to avoid that”. The action will not make any difference. Instead, the action holds you in a stronger vibration of what you don’t want, as you offer the action to avoid something.

Your life experience makes your desire even stronger

The positive thing is that through all of the lady’s hard work and action, she has finally tuned her desire. For 30 years, the woman has been shooting many rockets of desire, so her desire is really strong today.

If the same applies to you, wanting a perfect health for a long time, you should be happy to know that the Universe can clearly see your desire because it has grown very strong over time. You may have taken all kinds of action in order to become healthy, without any positive results, but the good thing is that the Universe doesn’t ask for your resume. The Universe doesn’t count the “unsuccessful results”. The Universe only sees that your struggle has made your desire even stronger. So, your desire is very strong and the Universe sees it clearly. What’s next?

Think and talk about your perfect health

Your work now is to think and talk only about what you want. If you want a perfect health, the “Law of Attraction” says that you should only talk about perfect health. Pay attention so you don’t slip back into your old habits and start talking about what you don’t want. Focus only on what you want. Think and talk only about perfect health.

You have to become your own coach and shift your attention as quick as possible when you lose focus on perfect health. Watch the video below to see how Abraham-Hicks are coaching the lady into only thinking and talking about perfect health.

Find the feeling place to close the gap

The next step for you is to close the gap between where you are right now, and where your desire is. By visualizing your perfect health and by finding the feeling place of your perfect health, you will close the gap.

You can tell by the way you feel, when you are talking about your desire, whether you are closing the gap or not.  When you feel good talking about your desire, you have closed the gap between where you are right now and your desire. But if you feel bad, you are not enabling for the manifestation of your dreams to take place.

Abraham hicks - how you attract perfect healthYou have closed the gap when you feel happy while visualizing your perfect health

You must feel healthy and happy in order to become it, because this is how “Law of Attraction” works. You create with your vibration through your thoughts and feelings. Paint a picture inside your head and start describing what you are doing as you are feeling healthy. Then, pay attention to how you feel with this perfect health. Describe your feelings.

When you manage to visualize yourself with a perfect health and at the same time feel happiness, then you have closed the gap between where you are right now and your desire. Now your desire will start manifesting. Now you will start the process in receiving a perfect health.

Posted: November 16, 2010 at 11:35 am
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