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The Chinese Body Clockalso called TCM Body Clock or Chinese Meridian Clock, explains why you may feel differently at different hours. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), each meridian is more active at specific hours. This means that if you have an unbalanced meridian, it is most likely that you will experience symptoms during the hours when this particular meridian is most active. For example, if you have problems with your stomach, you may feel worse between 7-9 am, because the meridian for the stomach is most active during these hours.

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However, an unbalanced stomach meridian will not necessary manifest as abdominal pain. Instead, you may experience nausea, sore throat, nose bleeding, or gum toothache. An unbalanced stomach meridian can also be manifested on the mental and emotional levels. Problems of letting go of things, situations, places, or people, are often related to an unbalanced stomach meridian. This means that an unbalanced meridian can be manifested on all levels: physical, mental and emotional, according to the Chinese Body Clock.

Furthermore, certain activities are best performed at certain times, according to the TCM Body Clock. As we follow our biological and natural rhythm, we will automatically help balancing our meridians. Use the Chinese Body Clock table below to identify what particular body organ / meridian that needs attention, and learn how to balance your body. The Chinese Meridian Clock table shows the time period for each body organ / meridian, associated symptoms, and balancing activities.



Time Period
Body Organ  
TCM Meridian
Associated Symptoms of Unbalanced Meridian Balancing Activities                  Best Time To…
Large Intestine
Physical level: constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, sore throat, tooth ache, runny nose, nose bleeds, finger numbness, tinnitus, deafnessEmotional & mental level: guilt, defensiveness, feeling stuck, difficulties in letting go of situations/ places/ people Wake Up & Drink Water!This is the best time to drink a lot of water, have your first bowel movement, and go for a brisk walk, according to TCM Body Clock. It is the worst time to have caffeine, because it’s a diuretic and your body needs a lot of water for healthy intestine and colon. Drink a large glass of warm water with lemon instead. 06:45 Sharpest Blood Pressure Rise
Physical level: no appetite in the morning, stomach pain, fluid retention & swelling, vomiting, nose bleeding, sore throat, bleeding gums, facial paralysis, lack of appetite, constant hunger, constipationEmotional & mental level: despair, disgust, problems with healthy eating habits Eat Breakfast! Make sure to eat fibers, proteins, and low GI-carbs. Breakfast should be the largest meal of the day, according to Chinese Body Clock – so don’t eat too much in the evening and go to bed at 10 pm to stimulate your morning appetite. 07:30 Melatonin Secretion Ceases 08:30 Colon Activated – Evacuation Likely
Physical level: sweet craving, tiredness, bloating, sluggishness, poor appetite, lack of thirst, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, anemia, yellow skin/ eyes, allergies, problems with spleen/ pancreasEmotional & mental level: difficulties concentrating, jealousy, worry, low self esteem, disappointments Work & Be Active! The spleen is associated with mental powers, supports metabolism, and is responsible for converting nutrients into energy. This is why it’s so important to eat a healthy breakfast, according to TCM Body Clock. 10:00 Alertness Peaks
Physical level: heart problems, abnormal heartbeat, thirst, bitter taste in mouth, yellow skin/ eyes, red complexion, incoherent speechEmotional & mental level: frightfully sad, restlessness, lack of passion/ inspiration/ joy, uncontrollable crying/ laughter, mental confusion, poor memory/ concentration, bipolar disorder Eat Lunch & Socialize! The lunch should be balanced, nutritious, warm, filling, and not too big. According to the Chinese Meridian Clock, this is the time to enjoy conversations, connect with people, and to cooperate. Reach out to people, be of service, and find your passion. Studies show that most heart-related incidents occur during this time frame, so don’t overwork your heart between 11am-1pm.
11:00-13:00 Greater Risk of Heart-Related Incidents
Small Intestine
Physical level: energy crash, pain in the lower abdomen, stiff neck, hearing problems, yellow eyes, sore throat, swollen chin/ face, facial paralysis, pain in shoulder/ arm/ elbowEmotional & mental level: insecure, gullible, vulnerable, feeling of abandonment Solve Your Problems & Get Organized! This is the best time for problem solving, sorting out issues & problems, and for getting organized, according to the TCM Body Clock. If you experience an energy crash between 1-3 pm and reach for caffeine/ sugar, it can be a result of skipping meals or eating unhealthy, so make sure to eat healthy at regular times. 14:30 Coordination Peaks
Physical level: headaches, pain in the neck/ back/ along the back of the leg, problem with bladder, eye problems, night blindness, color blindness, red/ swelling/ itching eyes, facial paralysisEmotional & mental level: timidity, irritation Work, Study & Drink Tea! This is the best time for efficient work, and to have your afternoon tea, according to the Chinese Body Clock. To detox your body,drink a lot of water between 3-5 pm, since toxins are passed in urine. 15:30 Fastest Reaction Time
Physical level: tired, poor circulation, cold limbs, incontinence, night time urination, night sweats, dry throat, asthma, constipation, diarrhea, poor appetite, dizziness, tinnitus, lowering of the libido, weak back/ knees Emotional & mental level: anxious, fear, terror, poor memory, insomnia, stressed out Eat Dinner & Restore Your Energy! This is the best time to have dinner, but not too much, and to restore your energy, according to the TCM Clock. Your kidneys store your energy reserves, and if feel tired during these hours, ask yourself what thoughts and actions you spend your energy reserves on. You are only responsible for your own life, and no one ease’s. Take care of yourself, put yourself first & love yourself more! 17:00 Cardiovascular Efficiency & Muscle Strength Peaks18:30 Blood Pressure Peaks
Physical level: heart & chest pain, abnormal heartbeat, red face, armpit swelling, elbow spasmEmotional & mental level: mental & emotional problems, unresponsive, inability to express emotions, depleted, hurt, extreme joy, mania Socialize, Flirt & Have Sex!The pericardium is responsible for the circulation, and associated with the brain & reproductive organs. This is the best time for socializing, flirting, having sex, getting pregnant, soaking the feet in hot water, and massaging the arch of both feet, according to the Chinese Body Clock! Avoid big evening meals between 7-9pm. 19:00 Body Temperature Peaks
Triple Warmer
Physical level: stiff neck, water retention, urinary difficulties, incontinence, problems with ears/ eyes/ chest/ throat, tinnitus, abdominal swelling, swelling of cheek, diseases of the thyroid and adrenal glands, pain in the shoulder/ arm Emotional & mental level: confusion, hopelessness, paranoia Relax & Chill Out! Triple Warmer is associated with the thyroid & adrenals, is responsible for energy transfer, and controls temperature & metabolism. This is the best time to chill out, according to the TCM Body Clock. Don’t think too deeply. Relax and read for a while instead. Avoid eating after 9 pm. 21:00 Melatonin Secretion Commences
Physical level: migraine, headaches, dizziness, nausea, frequent sighing, bitterness in the mouth, gall bladder problems, yellow skin/ eyes, ear diseases, pain in jaw/ outer corner of the eyes, hip problems Emotional & mental level: resentment, bitterness, indecisiveness, mental illness Sleep & Regenerate… Now it’s time to sleep and regenerate, according to the Chinese Body Clock. If you have gallbladder stones, it is most likely to experience pain during these hours. You may want to consider gallbladder flush & liver detox to cleanse these organs. 22:30 Colon Deactivated – Evacuation Suppressed
Physical level: blurred vision, low back pain, PMS, pain in the lower abdomen, hernia, diarrhea, constipation, nausea, red face/ eyes, vomiting, breast tenderness, painful/ irregular menstruation, liver problems Emotional & mental level: rage, irritability, frustration, depression Deep Resting & Dreaming…If you often wake up during these hours, it’s because the liver is overwhelmed by the detoxing process, according to the TCM Body Clock. Too much alcohol, prescription drugs, or poor diet can cause liver stagnation. You may want to consider a healthier life style. It can also be a good idea to cleanse your liver. 02:00 Deepest Sleep
Physical level: Cough, respiratory problems, shortness of breath, asthma, sore throat, catching colds easily, stuffy/ runny nose, sweating, pale, weak voice, shoulder/ back pain Emotional & mental level: grief, sadness Sleep Soundly…If you cough between 3-5 am, it’s because your lungs are expelling toxins during these hours, according to Chinese Meridian Body Clock. If this happens often, it’s an indication that you need to make some changes in your diet / lifestyle. 04:30 Lowest Body Temperature


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