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Abraham-Hicks – Why We Get Sick

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You create your own life, including your health

Abraham-Hicks wants us to understand that we create our own lives, every bit of it, including our health. We create with our thoughts, and our feelings let us know if we are on the path of manifesting our dreams, or not.

In this video Abraham-Hicks explains why we get sick. We all create our disease with our thoughts and we need to let go of the resistance in order to feel well.  There is also a summary after the video to help you remember important things that Abraham-Hicks wants us to remember.

Life Contrast helpw you know what you want – and the Universe answers immediately

Abraham-Hicks talks about “Life Contrast” in this video. The dis-ease that you want to get rid off is an example of a life contrast. This life contrast makes you know exactly what you don’t want – you don’t want the disease. At the same time you automatically know what you do want  – you want to be well. A new desire is born within you like a “Rocket of Desire” and the Universe answers immediately.

In other words, life contrast helps you understand what you do want, and the Universe answers immediately, but the question remains: are you up to speed with the delivered answer from the Universe? Do you vibrate at the same frequency as your desire (wellness)?

The reason why we get sick is when we don´t vibrate at the same frequency as our desire.

When you are stuck on what you don’t want – you can’t get what you do want

Health problems arise when you get stuck in the knowing of what you don’t want. You can’t get what you are asking for (wellness) when you create a resistance within you, thus preventing the healing power to flow. Abraham-Hicks gives perfect examples that are easy to relate to when our mind patterns are stuck, see below.

Examples on when you are stuck on what you don’t want

You are stuck on what you don’t want when you are trying to figure out:

  • what it is,
  • who else has got it
  • if it will be the thing that will kill you
  • how it came to you
  • what you might do to prevent it so that it doesn’t come again, or
  • explain how bad it feels now that you have got it
  • looking for sympathies of other who don’t have it, who are not interested that you have it but you think they should be interested that you have it because you have it
  • it is vivid in your experience and they don’t have it and they don’t seem to be interested that you have it so you want to explain to them that you have it since they don’t know that you have it
  • so you go to the doctor to see what you have and he looks and are not sure of what you have so he’s willing to play the game with you to talk about what it is that you have; he will run tests to see what you have and see if he can figure out how you have got it and where it came from and he will give you diagnosis of how long it will be there …..
  • when you say to yourself and beating the drum of: I don’t feel good, I don’t feel good, I don’t feel good…..Haven’t really ever felt good…Used to feel good…I’m older now….oh look at that one frisky over there, just wait, just wait……

Meanwhile the larger part of you – the vibrational part of you, the non-physical part of you, the soul source part of you- is done with all of that contrast andis focused upon the wellnessthat this experience – your illness- has caused you to ask for!!!

So if you are stuck in these mind-patterns, the Universe can not give you what you want. Instead, the Universe waits for you to let go of your resistance by start focusing on what you want instead. When you are sick, your non-physical part of you have already asked for wellness and to manifest this wish you have to pay your full attention to what you want; to be well according to Abraham-Hicks.

Abraham-Hicks: The reason why we get sickwoman feeling sick

The only reason that you ever feel sick is because you are not vibrationally up to speed with the wellness that you have become, according to Abraham-Hicks.

Abraham-Hicks wants us to KNOW that when life causes you (the larger non-physical part of you) to expand to a new place, and the rest of you doesn’t go with it, the separation is what equals the illness.

Abraham-Hicks: How to get well

Your personal goal must be JOY.

How you feel must be your dominant awareness and intention – and when it is, everything will fall into place.




Posted: October 6, 2011 at 11:21 am
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