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The Benefits of Qigong Healing

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qigongThe benefits of Qigong can help you with your spiritual healing. Qigong healing refers to body, mind and spirit/soul, and is a wonderful technique for overall healing. If you want to heal yourself, it’s important to remember that body, mind and spirit go hand in hand.

Qigong exercises

Qigong exercises, is an ancient form of gymnastics that can be taught by physiotherapists. Qigong is a technique that you learn with a supervisor’s help and then do regularly on your own. The Qigong exercises, aligns breath and physical activity and increases awareness of spiritual health. In China, Qigong is practiced by all age groups, often early in the morning out in the open.

Qigong increases life energy – Qi

Qigong is a method to influence the body’s energy field that is considered to improve the circulation of vital life energy, called qi in the body. Qi is often described as life energy; the energy you feel when you feel healthy, strong, balanced, happy and excited. Qi is also described as a kind of deep relaxing feeling that turns into a sense of energy.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, everything that happens in the body, mind and soul is due to changes and movement of qi. For you to function optimally and stay healthy, qi must flow freely. Life energy – qi – moves through the body, along channels called meridians. If this flow of qi is blocked, weakened or strengthened, diseases or pain occur.

Qigong balances the spirit, mind and body

Qigong healing techniques can balance your spirit, mind and body. Qigong teaches you to recognize the feeling of qi, your inner power, and to control it so that the spirit, mind and body work in harmony together. This overall balance makes sure that the body’s immune system works perfectly which will improve self-healing ability.

Qigong healing techniques can dissolve tension in the body and make stiff joints more flexible. Qigong exercises can also increase the blood and energy flow. According to traditional Chinese medicine, Qigong helps increasing the life force and thereby slows down the aging process.

Qigong meditation for spiritual healing

The positive effect on health is considered to be important, but Qigong meditation is also used for spiritual healing and growth.

Apart from different movements, Qigong also includes breathing exercises and meditation. Qigong works with energies – life energy – called Qi. It means vitality and Qigong meditation is a form of energy exercise. Qigong meditation and breathing exercises, move and activate qi, life energy. The Qigong meditation will help you to feel inner peace and balance and become more harmonious. The body and mind will work in harmony by reaching a deep quietude through Qigong meditation.

Medical Qigong

According to traditional Chinese medicine, Qigong healing techniques can be used as treatment for headaches, dizziness and fibromyalgia pain. Qigong healing is also used as treatment for stress problems, sleep disorders, social phobias and panic attacks. The goal is to heal your body and spirit by increasing the viability, vitality and sense of relaxation. The different Qigong healing exercises are said to provide increased body strength, flexibility, coordination and mobility, reduce stress of everyday life, and strengthen self-healing ability and confidence.

There are thousands of variants of Qigong. Some Qigong healing techniques emphasizes on movement, while others emphasizes on breathing exercises and meditation. One thing that the different Qigong techniques have in common is that they all focus on having control over the body, breath and mind, and is perfect for spiritual healing.

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