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Still Your Mind with Qigong Meditation

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still your mind with qigong meditationAll energy is power and qigong meditation is a still and peaceful way of harnessing it. Qigong is made up from two words: qi is pronounced chi and means energy, and gong translates to discipline or trained in controlling. Qigong exists in many forms, throughout Chinese culture. From the still qigong meditation, to the quiet but moving tai chi, or the martial art kung fu, all forms involve gathering internal power though our own vital energies.

Effective flow of qi empowers and strengthens our four manifestations. We gain:

  • physical strength
  • emotional balance
  • mental clarity and
  • spiritual openness

If for some reason there becomes an emotional and metal challenge, flows of qi along meridians become impeded. These blockages are the root of illness and dis-ease. If they can be opened, then divine energy is allowed to flow freely and wellness is restored.

Redirect Your Personal Energy with Qigong Meditation

Qigong mediation allows us to focus on our minds to discover our own personal energy inside. Once found it can be controlled and directed. Once learned we create a glow of physical wellness and with it, spiritual lightness occurs. Guiding the energy through our body helps us to mentally manage the physical flows which exist within our body. The energy guides the circulatory and lymphatic systems. It energises them and allows them to recharge, invigorating every part of our body.

Quiet Your Mind with Qigong Medition

In the stillness of focusing the breath we quieten internal and external chatter from our minds. Directing the breath from our chests right down to the depths of our belly, we can discharge the oxygen deep though our veins and into our blood. Qigong meditation draws our awareness within, to direct our awareness from the outside world and into the sacred space of our minds. There, where all possibilities dwell, we are able to discover amazing things about ourselves. Perhaps many things we have hidden not only from the outside world but also from ourselves, step into view in our minds. The joy of qigong mediation is its ability to show you that exactly how you are, is exactly as you should be. You have infinite power and there is no one as powerful as you, because no one can be exactly like you.

This gentle acceptance is a calming realisation but also an incredibly empowering one. In the silence of your own thoughts qigong mediation allows you to free unlimited potential in your mind, within your body and therefore your connection with spirit.

Posted: January 16, 2013 at 12:34 pm
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