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Caroline Myss on Oprah – Power, Intuition and Grace

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caroline-myss-on-oprah-power-intuition-and-graceHere’s your chance to catch up with Caroline Myss’ unique perspective on some of life’s biggest questions. Find out what the bestselling author and medical intuitive says about power, intuition, and grace. Also, watch videos from this inspiring conversation between Oprah and Caroline Myss. This will definitely feed your soul!


What is Spirit?

Your spirit is a part of you that feels like hope”. Spirit is the part of you that is seeking meaning and purpose. Spirit is a part of you that feels this drawn to hope, and that will not give in to despair. It is a part of you that believes in goodness. Spirit is the light of you. This light feels like hope and grace.


What do you choose – Love or Fear?

In the book “Anatomy of Spirit” Caroline Myss says that from spiritual perspective, the entire physical world is nothing more than our classroom. What we need to decide for ourselves is if we are going to make choices that will enhance our spirit, or if we are going to give away our power to situations that will drain our power.

Caroline Myss encourages us to see our lives as an earth classroom. Everything in our lives are “lessons”. Either we learn something from it, or not. We need to ask ourselves if a particular situation is draining or enhancing our spirit. Every single choice we make is either going to enhance our spirit, or it’s going to drain our spirit. Either you are walking your way towards love, or you are walking towards fear. There is nothing in between. You either choose love that is enhancing your spirit, or fear that is draining your spirit. When you listen to your intuition that always chooses love, you enhance your spirit.


The Sacred Contracts

In the book “Sacred Contracts” Caroline Myss explains that the sacred contracts are spiritual documents that our soul recognizes. When you for example say “there is something I know that I was meant to do”, your soul is recognizing your sacred contracts. The sacred contracts are the reason you were born. You can’t put your finger on it, because they reveal themselves to you through co incidents and synchronicities, through obligations you can’t get out of, and through mad love you can’t stop no matter what you do etc.

Many people are so confused about the reason for being here (the sacred contracts) and this confusion arises when you define it (your purpose) for what you want, and not what you have. When you pursue a life, that isn’t even meant for you, you get confused about your reason for being born. For example many people want to have a life like their idols, and feel depressed when this never happens. If this is the case for you, it’s important that you understand that you will never be happy if you keep focusing on a life that doesn’t belong to you, because we all have our unique sacred contracts that all look different. So how do you know what life/path that is meant for you?


How to Find Your Purpose

When your life path begins to harm you, you have taken a detour. If something isn’t working out for you, remember that you have had your life/path focused on something or someone that didn’t belong to you. You didn’t let go of yesterday that didn’t belong to you. You kept saying “I can’t believe this is happening to me, this shouldn’t have happened” and never got over it. Remember that you are not excluded from the ordinary everyday things of life. Things do happen in life and you have the opportunity to learn from your experiences and to move on by shifting your focus. Now it’s time to change your focus.


Being Alive Means You Have Purpose

First of all, if you have life, you have purpose. You have never lost your life purpose. Have no judgments and no expectations about your life. Have no expectations in the sense that “certain things shouldn’t happen to me that happens to ordinary people”. People hold the idea of being “ordinary” in absolute contempt. When we think we are different and separated from others, remember that this is the words of the Ego. Just because bad things happen to you, it doesn’t mean that you are on the wrong path. What if this experience was the best thing that has ever happened to you? You have an opportunity to learn something very important from this experience.

Remember that you don’t always know what’s in your best interest. When you don’t get the things you want (until you are ready) you may actually be protected from something that you don’t understand yet. For example, maybe you are not ready for extreme fortune because it would make you a mean and bitter person to your friends. Maybe you are protected from ruin your friendships by first be given the opportunity to learn about generosity from where you are right now. There are always things to learn from each experience and we need to step back (from our Ego) and get perspective in order to see it. Give up the need to know what happens tomorrow. Be fully present and fully appreciate all that is in your life right now.


Are You on the Right Path?

You are on the right path when you don’t put yourself in the position where you betray yourself anymore; when you don’t have to negotiate your sense of integrity; when you don’t feel confused or drained as if you are loosing life; when you don’t feel like you are loosing yourself. When it feels right, you are on the right path.

There is a big difference between betraying yourself and compromising. A compromise is when you willingly and out of love say OK. In a compromise you don’t feel like you have betrayed yourself. If you have been compromising to the point that you feel drained or depleted, then you have betrayed yourself. When you betray yourself, you are saying that you are not worth protecting, and you are no different than the people who hurt you.


How does Grace Work?

Grace transforms this moment to something better. An example on how “grace” works is when your intuition speaks right before an argument and says: “don’t say that because you can never take it back”. Grace is when you pass your energy of love to this other person that wants to start an argument. Grace is when you follow that inner voice that says “everything is going to be alright”.


How does Prayer Work?

Prayer is an inner mystical awakening. Prayer is a dialog with God. It is not a petition. Prayer is when you withdraw from your five senses and go into a world where rational thoughts no longer commands or distracts you.


What does Accepting mean?

What you resist only shows up more in your life. When you resist you build the muscles for what you don’t want and get more of that. You let go of the resistance, when you accept. Accepting does not mean “doing nothing”. It means that you give it your best and then let it go. When you have done all that you can, and then let it go and surrender to the power and energy that is greater than yourself, you accept what is.


How Caroline Myss defines God

For Caroline Myss, the definition of God is a mystical law; the order of the universe. It is universal, consistent, the nature of life, and the negotiating principle with mystical laws and prayers. Miracles are when God bends these laws for you in an intimate way.


Soul to Soul with Caroline Myss

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