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Learn how YOGA can help YOU stay in the PRESENT MOMENT

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Learn how yoga can help you stay in the present momentYoga has many benefits. It is a meditation and a wonderful form of exercise which maintains flexibility like no other. But for those worriers amongst us, the greatest gift yoga gives us is the ability to stay in the present moment.

Yoga is about being

Time is a strange concept; fluid and changing. Even as I mention the present moment, as you read it, my moment has passed. Since time is fleeting and transient, how can we ensure we don’t miss a single second of our precious existence? First of all is ridding our mindsets of worry. The hours we waste, anxious of inevitably bad outcomes is time wasted which we can never get back. Every one of these moments is vital heartbeats lost and worse as we design our lives we are creating a blueprint of sadness to live up to. Learning yoga allows you to gain a moment of complete calm, almost like an off switch. Yoga is like a holiday from anxiety, centering us, allowing us to maintain a far happier kilter of simply being.

Yoga helps you focus

Stretching and breathing both focus the mind. When you extend your joints to a position where they pull, your mind is focused on the slight discomfort you feel. It becomes the forefront of your mind and other thoughts disappear. As you test your limbs to see if you can challenge them further, you are drawn into your experience. It is this process of becoming completely absorbed in what we are doing which keeps us present.

It is written: “When the Breath wanders, the mind is unsteady, but when the Breath is still, so is the mind still.” – (Hatha Yoga Pradipika) Yoga breathing or pranayama is another powerful tool for staying present. This technique (Prana, meaning life force, and yama meaning discipline) takes a
bit of practice, but from the very first time you use pranayama you will know its strength.

Yoga calms your mind and relieves stress

It is worth trying Yoga for stress or in times when you feel panic starting to reel out of control. There is no need for a yoga mat, purely an awareness of your breathing and its cycles. Yoga breathing focuses on low breath. A deep filling of the lungs right to the diaphragm. As the lungs fill completely, the body is filled with oxygen. It calms and regenerates. Breathe slowly in and out, 20 cycles is ideal. This deep concentration and awareness on your breathing will help to center yourself, grounding you and pulling you back to the present moment.

In any situation change your perception, and your mind will focus on investigating it. Trying it on for size if you like. The easiest way to utilize this yoga concept is to close your eyes. Nothing more, nothing less. Take away one of your senses and the others rush in to compensate. Every one of your other senses will be sharpened, and as your mind wrestles to make sense of the new messages, it discards all other thoughts.

Yoga is for everyone

These basic principles form the foundations of yoga. They are so simple that anyone can master them. Implemented in everyday life, these simple present moment yoga exercises can help you to experience every moment far more fully and sharply.

Yoga for stress relief – Barbara Benagh

Yoga for stress relief by Barbara BenaghBarbara Benagh is a renowned Yoga instructor and has come up with this fantastic DVD to help us release stress from our daily lives. Her practices focus on a variety of stress-related conditions to accommodate most of the reasons that a person has for practicing Yoga. If you have problems with your neck, shoulder, back, stomach, digestion, or to relax your mind, “Yoga For Stress Relief” may be of great help.

The DVD is a wonderful tool if you want to restore balance to your life, and detoxify your body. It is suited for the average person, and includes over 10 routines and provides everything from a 15-minute workout to a 60-minute workout, making it easy for you to fit a yoga routine into your daily routine.

For example, if you need help to start and end your day in a positive and harmonious way, you will find AM/PM Yoga For Beginners very helpful. AM Routines will make sure that you wake up your mind and body in a balanced and energetic way. PM Routines are perfect to let go of mental and physical stress of the day and prepare you for a relaxing sleep. “Yoga For Stress Relief” also features routines to help you feel great throughout the day, reduce stress, decrease lower back pain, and to center your mind and body. Furthermore, this DVD includes an interview with Barbara Benagh, and a bonus featuring Dalai Lama discussing “Finding Peace”.

This yoga DVD  is perfect if you want to release all your tensions. You will start feeling more relaxed and energized than ever before. Get an overall experience of tranquility and join Barbara Benagh, at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world; Half-Moon Bay, Antigua, in the Caribbean. Make sure to get your copy of Barbara Benagh’s “Yoga for Stress Relief”.

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