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Root Chakra Archetypes

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Root Chakra ArchetypesAre you often stressed out and tired, have headaches, or suffer from pain in your lower back? Then understanding your root chakra Archetype may be just what you need! As you become aware of your root chakra Archetype, you will be able to change negative behavioral patterns. This will give you more energy, and help you to live up to your fullest potential!

What is the Root Chakra?

The root chakra, or the first chakra, is located at the base of the spine. It rules our physical energies and governs our basic human needs: survival, safety, security, and nourishment. Our mental and emotional health is associated with the root chakra. Sings of an unbalanced root chakra are: low self-esteem, bad temper, stress, depression, anxiety, loneliness, and difficulty bonding with people.

Physical signs of an unbalanced root chakra are: headaches, lower back pain, joint pain, poor blood circulation, diarrhea, sexual problems, urinary problems, swollen hands and feet. If you experience any of these problems, you may need root chakra healing to balance your first chakra. There are many ways to open and balance the base chakra. Understanding the root chakra Archetypes, can be very useful in the healing process.

What does “Archetypes” mean?

The psychologist Carl Jung recognized that we are all connected to the collective unconsciousness through our subconscious mind. He used Archetypes from mythology, to describe our unconscious behavioral patterns. It’s easy for us to recognize these Archetypes as we see them in movies, or read about them i books. However, we can also learn to see the Archetypes in ourselves. As we become aware of our own destructive behavioral patterns, we can change them and thus change our lives. This awareness can help us start living up to our fullest potential!

The Root Chakra Archetypes

There are three Archetypes associated to the root chakra: The Earth Mother, The Victim, and The Bully. The first Archetype – The Earth Mother – is a representation of a balanced root chakra, and the other two – The Victim / The Bully – are representations of an unbalanced root chakra.

Now, let’s find the Archetype that represents your first chakra, and see if you have a balanced, deficient, or excess energy in your root chakra.

“The Earth Mother”– The Balanced Root Chakra Archetype

If you have a rooted and balanced energy in your root chakra, you feel grounded, protected, strong, and secure. You enjoy your life, and you are able to manifest the things you desire. You are healthy, have lots of energy, and you love unconditionally, just like mother earth.

“The Victim” – The Deficient Root Chakra Archetype

If you have a deficient energy in your first chakra, you often see yourself as the victim, and blame everyone else for things happening in your life. You are like the baby who needs to be nurtured by the ”mother”, and you believe that you can’t take care of yourself. People with a deficient root chakra have a low self-confidence, low self-esteem, feel unlovable, are needy, and don’t think that they can control or change their situation.

“The Bully” – The Excess Root Chakra Archetype

A person with an excess energy in the root chakra also suffers from a low self-esteem, but acts more like a “bully”. They are very egoistic, materialistic, greedy, possessive, dominant, controlling, judgmental, and have biased opinions. For them, sex is about physical pleasure, without any emotional attachment.

Root Chakra Archetypes – Healing

If you don’t have a balanced root chakra, you tend to make yourself vulnerable, and can either feel like the victim, or act as the bully. Root chakra healing with Archetypes, is about acknowledging The Earth Mother within you. It’s about taking responsibility for your own life, and realizing that you can take care of yourself and that you are capable of providing for yourself financially. As you connect with Mother Earth within you, you will feel safe. You will nurture and take care of yourself on all levels. You will be able to create physical and emotional security for yourself.

When you understand which Archetype that has been running your life, you can change it. Your awareness is the first step in the root chakra healing process. You do have choices and you deserve the best in life! Here are some helpful affirmations to connect with Mother Earth:

– I am safe in this world

– The world is a friendly place

– I am deeply rooted in myself

– I belong and have a right to be here

– I am able to stand up for myself

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