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Meditation CD – Abraham-Hicks

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meditation-cd-abraham-hicksGetting into the Vortex – Meditation CD

Eshter and Jerry Hicks have released a wonderful  meditation-CD that can help you change your life. It is called “Getting Into The Vortex: Guided Meditations CD and User Guide”.  The CD comes with a user guide (hardcover) for a clearer understanding. This is an amazing tool that we at highly recommend. It will guide you into your Vortex everyday, where all your dreams exist!

A 70-minute long Meditation CD

The 70-minute long “Getting into the Vortex”-CD starts with an introduction by Jerry Hicks, followed by Esther Hicks (Abraham) explaining the purpose and use of the CD. This tool will help you to get into your “Vortex of Creation” in four areas of your life:

  1. General Well-Being
  2. Financial Well-Being
  3. Physical Well-Being
  4. Relationships

Each of the four tracks is 15 minutes long, where Abraham-Hicks are giving powerful words accompanied with wonderful music that resonate with your inner being.

15 minutes of daily meditation

15 minutes of daily meditation is all you need in order to get amazing results, according to Abraham-Hicks. By listening to the CD, you will feel better and raise your vibrational frequency and thereby attract new and positive events in your life. This valuable tool promises to get you into your Vortex right now!

If you are not familiar with the teachings of Abraham, please visit our Abraham-Hicks section The Vortex.

Introduction on the meditation CD “Getting into the Vortex” by Abraham-Hicks

Find out more in the video below where Jerry and Esther/Abraham-Hicks talk about the meditation-CDs “Getting into the Vortex”:

Posted: January 3, 2011 at 2:21 pm
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