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Boost Your Energy With Chakra Healing

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boost your energy with chakra healingChakra healing can do more for your health than many other healing tools you will find. It is simple to do and entirely necessary for health. But to understand how chakra healing can be so important, it helps to understand what chakras do.

What Are Chakras?

They are wheels of energy. They go through the aura and right through our physical body. If you look at yoga pictures you can see the locations of the seven major ones marked. There are another 23 minor ones but when using energy healing it is enough to concentrate on the seven major chakras. These are linked to the major organs; vitalizing them. In order for the body to achieve a position of wellness, the chakras must work effectively. That is, they must open and close.

Why Chakra Healing?

The need to heal the chakras comes when these wheels become either locked open, or jammed shut. These malfunctions usually happen because of some type of unchecked emotion. The easiest one to understand is the heart chakra. In times of grief or sadness, the floodgates literally jam the chakra open. In times of hurt or anger people shut down, they close off emotions. They close their heart chakra. Now, anyone who has been hurt would empathize and see the benefits of restricting access to their heart. Closing it though, means it can no longer be vitalized by the aura. When people talk of dying of a broken heart they are close to the truth – heart attacks are often the outcome of this.

Chakra healing will invigorate your mind, body, and spirit. For example, healing of the crown chakra will open you up to the universe and help you understand, on a spiritual level, why you are here and what you are to do with your life. Chakra healing can also be used to heal physical conditions such as impotence and frigidity, by pouring energy and power into the genital areas.

Chakra Meditation

Meditation is a perfect medium for chakra healing. The quietness and introspection allows you to really hear what your body and mind want to tell you. Close your eyes and sit or lie in a quiet place. Start by really concentrating on your breathing. Inhale for eight seconds – hold your breath for eight seconds – and exhale for eight seconds – and then stay empty for eight more seconds. Keep going until you are lovely and peaceful. Keep going until you are lovely and peaceful, then spend some time cleansing your aura, and then begin with the chakra healing itself.

Try Chakra Healing

Visualize yourself sitting against a pure white shining light. If you imagine a white light being split by a prism, it breaks into all the colors of a rainbow. These are the colors of the chakras. You want to imagine the colors pulsing brightly and vibrantly from your body (see picture), with a gently regular rhythm.

Visualize a deep violet light above your head. Allow the light to spread. Remember your chakra connects your physical body to the universe so the bounds of how far it should spread are endless.

  • At your brow, see indigo.
  • A blue light glows at your throat.
  • Imagine green at your heart.
  • Visualize a gorgeous yellow at your solar plexus.
  • See orange over your pelvis or sacral chakra.
  • The base chakra is a bright shining red. It is important to focus on this to ground yourself before leaving the meditation. Dependant on whether your chakra healing meditation is done sitting or lying down, your base chakra is that which connects you with the earth, your feet or the base of the spine.

Gently repeat the aura cleanse and return your breathing to normal. Your chakra healing is complete. Open your eyes.

Posted: March 6, 2014 at 2:58 pm
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