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Learn To Connect With Spirits – Lisa Williams

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learn-to-connect-with-spirits-lisa-williamsHave you lost a loved one and want to connect with him/her? Here’s your chance! Learn from medium and clairvoyant Lisa Williams.

A conversation with psychic medium John Holland and Lisa Williams was aired during the Hay House World Summit 2013. We have compiled a summary from the conversation here below. Also, see the featured video at the bottom where Lisa Williams talks about death, life lessons, life purpose, and how she communicates with the spirits.

How do I know if my deceased loved ones are around me?

Lisa Williams gives you three words of advice. If you want to connect with your deceased relatives and friends you need to develop: trust, respect and belief.


You need to start looking for, and trust in the signs that the spirits are giving you. These signs are messages to tell you that they are here for you. For example, as Linda Williams was walking her dogs, she found a shining penny from the year of 1973, the same year as she was born. As a medium and clairvoyant, Lisa Williams immediately knew that this was a sign from the spirit world, and didn’t brush it off as an ”insignificant incident”. The spirits give us signs all the time and you have to trust that the spirits are there with you. You need to start looking for the signs that they are sending. When you get that feeling and say: ”Hm…are they standing behind me?” but then say: ”No that can’t be”, you are doubting yourself and you don’t trust in yourself. Stop with the self doubting. Trust in the signs from the spirit world, and trust that your spirits are there with you.


The next thing you need to do in order to connect with your loved ones, is to respect yourself. As you start to respect yourself, you will connect with your soul and understand the connection between souls. You also need to respect the spirits. Lisa Williams always thanks the spirits for their willingness to come forward by saying: ”thank you for coming forward, and thank you for using your energy to bring me that message”.


As you witness a sign from the spirit world, it can be hard to believe what has just happened. However, you have to believe in the spirit world, if you want to connect with the spirits. Don’t walk away five minutes later and say: ”No, it didn’t happen”. Don’t talk yourself out of what has just happened. Don’t let your alter-ego take over. Lisa Williams’ alter ego is called ”Veronica”, so when she has doubts she says to herself: ”Oh, that’s Veronica taking over” and then she sits with herself and meditate. After a while as she becomes present, she gets ”Veronica” out of her head. As you practice mindfulness, your ego will have less influence over you. As you reconnect with your soul you will then say: ”Oh that really happened!”. You need to believe in yourself, and believe in the message that the mediums are giving you, and believe in the spirits when they are giving you signs!

Why don’t I get a sign from the spirit world?

There can be many reasons why you can’t connect with spirits. Maybe you try too hard. Perhaps the spirits don’t give a clear sign because they might set you back in your grief and healing process. Many times the spirits know you better than you know yourself, and they are always looking out for you. The spirits will come through when it’s best for you.

Another possibility is that you are so used to having their energy around you, that you don’t even notice that they are there! You need to cleanse yourself first and ”step out” of your energy. Take a salt bath and relax. If you get a tingly feeling, or a memory comes up, or a random thought pops into your head, or thinking ”why am I doing this?” – these are signs from the spirits telling you that they are there with you.

Can we do anything about issues that never got resolved?

Yes! If you have unresolved issues with a person that has passed away, it’s never too late. Perhaps you weren’t on speaking terms, or you are angry about something they did to you, or you feel guilty about something you did – you can still forgive or be forgiven. Lisa Williams explains that we are all connected. When you get back to the core of who you are and connect with your soul, you can absolutely connect with a spirit, according to Lisa Williams. We are all connected in the ”underground network of souls”. It’s just a matter of feeling it and saying: ”I forgive you” or ”I am sorry”. When we die, we go into a world of unconditional love so the spirits don’t hold on to these grudges, so why should we? We just need to let it go.

Do spirits see everything that we do?

People often wonder if spirits can see everything. Do they watch us while we are in the bathroom, shower, bedroom etc.? Lisa Williams explains that there is an unwritten rule when it comes to privacy – they don’t watch everything. Spirits have other things to do. However, if you ask them to come forward while you are in the shower, they will. Lisa Williams have had spirits telling her clients the brand of the shampoo that they are using, and the color of their underwear. The spirit give these type of messages only to let us know that they come forward when we ask for them. So remember, that your loved ones that have passed over, are only a thought away.

Connect with spirits – Exercise

Here’s a great exercise that Lisa Williams recommends if you want to connect with spirits:

Sit quietly, and then visualize the person that you want to connect with. Imagine that you are looking at their photograph. Look at the lines in their face, the hair, the nose etc. – try to visualize it in your mind. Now their features and presence are getting stronger. If you find this difficult, then use your other senses and connect with your feelings. What did it feel like having them around? How was their voice? As you are pulling from your mind and emotions how they looked and felt like, how they sounded and smelled like – and using all your senses – you will start to feel that person around you. Bring them closer into your mind and feel their presence and energy and hold that image in front of you. Now, the spirit is coming forward and helping you bring that image to you. It really is that person in front of you. Ask the spirit to give you a sign. Don’t demand it – just ask for a sign. The sign will be the first thing that comes into your head – anything that comes into your head. Hold that image and then release it. Let go of the spirit, because you can do this exercise anytime you want, very quickly. Remember the sign that you got from the spirit – it could be an image, sound, smell etc.. Lisa Williams promises that you will see that ”sign” again within the next 24 hours, and that is a sign from your loved one.

Lisa Williams did this exercise on a seminar once, and a woman got a sign from her deceased father showing a pair of boxing gloves. The woman said that she would never see a pair of boxing gloves withing the next 24 hours. Then a lady who was sitting right behind this woman accidentally dropped her keys and asked this woman to pick them up, and the keyring had boxing gloves on them!

You can also do this exercise if you want to reconnect with an old friend that you haven’t heard from in a very long time. You just have to focus on that person, to connect with them, because you are already connected in ”the underground network”. This happens all the time when we think about a person, and suddenly they call and we say: ”I was just thinking of you, what a coincidence”. Lisa Williams explains: ”That’s the power of underground network!”.

If you have a hard time grasping the ”underground network”, remember Lisa Williams’ advice: trust, respect and believe in yourself and in the spirits.

Posted: July 19, 2013 at 4:39 pm
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