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Homeopathy – A Process of Opening Up to the Spiritual Realm

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Homeopathy is undergoing a revolution and becoming well accepted in the realms of traditional medicine. Suspicion surrounds the association between homeopathy and its links with healing of a spiritual nature. In its new position sitting side by side with traditional allopathic medicine, how can homeopathy still embrace its spiritual leanings?

Homeopathy – A Spiritual Medicine

Homeopathy - a process of opening to the spiritual realmIn truth spirituality lies at the very core of homeopathic healing. It exists on the principle that each and every one of us is made up of three separate parts of the same whole; the mind, body and spirit. In homeopathy (and indeed many other complementary medicines) disease is seen not in terms of broken chemistry or even injured tissues but as a blockage in a persons ability to express their spiritual nature.

Often we fight the messages the universe sends us. There can be many reasons for this. Ease, fear or even worry of what others may think about us may stop us from making changes in our lives. The truth is though, in the moments when we don’t listen to our inner child and its needs, we experience dis-ease. Let me offer an example. If you are in a loveless relationship, your ability to give and receive love is diminished, and like a candle snuffed out, your vital light is extinguished. No wonder heart problems can often follow experiences like these.

Homeopathy addresses healing from this different angle. Rather than using its plants and minerals to lower a fever or reduce a pain, a homeopath strives to unshroud the underlying sources of the patient’s illness. In the quest for wellness they aim to change the perception of the life paths the patient finds before them. Tiny dilutions of medicine not only heal the physical symptoms, but also re-ignite the spark in the quest for happiness.

Homeopathy is a quiet healing process. There are no needs for lectures or even discussion. The gentle medicines light the touchpaper and leave the patient’s mind to investigate the perception for themselves. For many, it can be difficult lessons to learn. It may take many months, years, and even an entire lifetime for some people to truly accept the lessons. Healing hurts, but no pain is waisted since it teaches us many interesting and empowering things about ourselves. The healing process strengthens our souls and opens up our hearts.

The joy of the healer is the ability to understand that perceptions can change slowly and yet a person can still be healed in the short term by the tools of homeopathy. It’s like a sticking plaster, if you will. A homeopath can only open the doors for the soul path lessons, and wait for the patients spirit to be ready to follow. And much like a loving parent, they must patiently wait, with unconditional care as the life lessons are learned (but more importantly are accepted) and understood. No matter how deep their wisdom of materia medica, a really great therapist knows they can never be more than merely a spectator in a patients healing. The true artist is the patient as they start to experience and use their spiritual manifestation in all its glory. Homeopathy is simply a tool which sets this knowledge free. It’s a spiritual medicine.

Posted: September 2, 2013 at 12:19 pm
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