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Balance Your Life with the Health Triangle

By admin

balance-your-life-with-the-health-triangleThe Health Triangle considers three aspects that needs to be balanced in order to regain optimal health: the mental, physical, and social aspects. The health triangle is an uncomplicated concept to use if you want to gain to perfect health.

The health triangle is devised and founded by a group of Alaskan middle school students. The students were researching health and health issues to find those relevant to their peers. They finally narrowed down the list of issues to three legs of a triangle. This health triangle designates each side solely to a mental, physical, or social health characteristic.

1. The Physical Leg of the Health Triangle

For many of us, the physical leg of the health triangle, this is the leg that is most often ignored. We hardly ever get adequate amounts of sleep and rest and we consume far too many unfulfilling calories. We also pay very little attention to the extra pounds that add up. But by making a few simple changes, with the health triangle in mind, you can improve your physical health.

If you begin a regular exercise regimen, eat a balanced diet full of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, and get some rest, the physical leg of your health triangle will improve greatly.

2. The Mental Leg of the Health Triangle

The side of the health triangle dealing with the mind describes how we think, cope, and feel. Parts of this side include how we learn new things and cope with stressful situations. It also includes disorders like anxiety and depression. While many mental and psychological sicknesses have a physiological foundation, the severity and symptoms can be related to stress.

To improve the mental leg of your health triangle, you need to work on your critical-thinking and decision-making skills, endeavor to learn something new every day, sharpen your mind by doing things like crossword puzzles, and increase your knowledge base by enrolling in a college course. You must also learn ways to deal with stress.

You have to carve time out of your schedule to decompress and find ways to relax. The easiest way to do this is to make an appointment with yourself to take a walk, go for a hike, or take a hot bubble bath. ‘Me Time’ is very valuable to the mental state.

3. The Social Leg of the Health Triangle

Now when it comes to the social leg or side of our health triangle, this appears to be the most difficult to deal with because those who have a medical condition usually lack an abundance of encouragement from family and peers. When this is the issue, they usually have additional health problems too, including physical and mental. But don’t fret. You can build and rebuild this side of your health triangle in many ways.

You can make an effort to have a healthy relationship with friends and family members. Build friendships, and focus on keeping the friends you’ve made by developing those friendships into relationships.

Another way is to learn to work in group circumstances by making useful contributions. When you have to disagree, keep your emotions in check. If you need support, seek it out from a friend or professional counselor. Likewise, if you have a friend in need, show yourself friendly and be there for them by offering them what assistance you can.

The significance of utilizing the concepts of the health triangle is to know and understand that all three sides are of equal length, which illustrates the importance of balance. The triangle shows you how to monitor your wellness so you can keep yourself balanced in your own life.

Posted: November 18, 2013 at 9:49 am
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