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Ask for advice – Ask Ada!

ask-for-advice-ask-adaDo you have problems in your love life? Are you clinging on to unhealthy relationships? Do you have health problems? Are you worrying about money? Do you have trouble at work? Do you feel stuck in life? Or do you have other questions that you need answers to? Here’s your chance to find the answer that you have been looking for!

Ask Ada for advice! Ada at will guide you towards the easiest solution to your problem. It’s all very simple – post your question on our Facebook page, and get the answer. It’s absolutely FREE, with no strings attached!

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Ask for advice and share your story with us!

Ask Ada for advice if you want changes in your life! If you are trapped in a specific mindset and need new perspective on things, feel free to ask for advice and share your story with us. You will be helping others by telling your story, because there are many out there who are going through the exact same thing that you are experiencing right now. If you are looking for some free online advice on different aspects of life, please try and write about one aspect at a time, and Ada at will give feedback accordingly.

Free Online Advice – This is how it’s done if you want to ask for advice!

The process of finding the right solution is quite simple actually, but unfortunately most of us have been trained to ignore our feelings. Our feelings are our own guidance system that helps us follow the “right path” in life, where wanted experiences can unfold. The first thing we need to do as a problem arises, is to quiet our mind and get perspective on things that are bothering us.

If you feel that you are stuck and need a new mindset on a particular aspect in your life and would like to share this with us and our readers, here is your chance for some free online advice! Post your question on our Facebook page. Ada at will inspire you to see things from a new perspective, and help you find a fresh vantage point to clearly see the solution. In other words, you will get guidance and receive answers to your specific question from Ada. Furthermore, you may also be referred to a specific article/video featuring renowned spiritual life coaches, for more clarity and inspiration.

On what topics can you ask for advice?

You can pretty much ask about anything, but to give you an idea of what people ask for advice on, here are a few examples :

  • advice on life
  • spiritual advice
  • love and relationship advice
  • healing advice
  • dating advice
  • advice for a happy life
  • law of attraction advice
  • life coaching advice
  • inspirational advice

Ada is not a physician and will not give any medical diagnoses or treatments. Also, Ada is not a fortune-teller and will not predict your future. Ada applies logic, intuition, spiritual teachings, and the Law of Attraction, to give you uplifting guidance and empowering advice.

You will learn to apply ”Mindfulness” and the ”Law of Attraction” to your specific problem

Ada at will inspire you to quiet your mind to see things from a new standpoint. You will be guided towards the solution by acknowledging the power of:

  • the ”Law of Attraction” that states: whatever you focus upon, you attract. You will learn to successfully apply the ”Law of Attraction” in regard to your specific problem.

As you get a broader perspective, it will be easier for you to listen to your inner guidance – your emotions – and guide yourself towards the solution.

You will get positive energies from people around the world!

You are not alone in this and we can all learn from each other. You will feel supportive energy from all of our readers out there. As we all focus on the solution, the solution gets clearer. Together, we will apply the ”Law of Attraction” that states: whatever we focus on expands. The website and its Facebook page will thus serve as a platform, where we all can send positive energies to each other. Our readers are asked to focus on the positive energy of the solution, in order for this energy to grow and get clearer within you as well.

Together we can make a huge difference. According to ”Abraham-Hicks”: One in the ”Vortex” is more powerful than millions who are not. The Vortex is a place where all the creative power is and where everything we want has already become. When we feel good, we are automatically connected to this powerful creative life force. So, as we “join forces” from inside the Vortex and focus on your desire, we use our influential power and shine a light on the solution; thus speeding up the process so that positive and fast changes can happen for you!

Join our Facebook community. Together we can support each other!

The goal with ”Ask Ada” is to build up a community on our Facebook where you can receive guidance from Ada at It will also serve as a platform where you can give support to one another by posting your insights, and by sending out uplifting and positive energy. As we reach out and support each other, we also help ourselves as we automatically connect with this powerful creative life force that is called: our soul / spirit / source energy / God.

The whole purpose with the website is to inspire you to follow your passion and find inner peace and joy. ”Ask Ada” at Facebook is an additional tool to the website, and focuses on your personal needs. Ada at will help you get on the right track again, towards happiness and success!

Love and Blessings,

Ada at

Join our Facebook community! Welcome!

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