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Wayne Dyer – The Power of Intention 2 (2)

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Learn about The Power of Intention – the source energy that is always available for you – by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. Gain access to the universal power and attract whatever you want into your life. Don’t forget the summary below.

Summary: The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer


If you want to connect to the creative source energy, make it your intention to be kind to everyone around you. Your feelings will tell you whether or not you are connected to source. When you are kind, you feel good, and this indicates your connection to God/Source Energy/Soul/Spirit etc.


The power of intention is a source of love. When you are in a state of love, you connect with God. This connection opens up the door for miracles. When you feel love in your heart, there is nothing you can’t do or be. Love is the most powerful energy and where creativity and abundance takes place. When you love what you do, you are on the right path and at the highest state of creation.

Your view of the world depends on how much you respect yourself and how much love you have for yourself. When you trust in yourself, you trust in the same wisdom that created you. When you don’t trust yourself, you deny your own divinity and therefore attracting the opposite of what you want. If you have difficulty loving yourself, remember that true nobility is not about being better than anybody else; it’s about being better than you used to be.


Every beauty that we see resembles the source. When you find beauty everywhere, you connect yourself to source and the power of intention. When people asked how Michelangelo could create such beauty as the statue of David, he replied: “It’s easy. You just ship away the stone that doesn’t look like David”. In other words, the beauty of David was already “in there”.


Make it your intention to express the genius that you already are. You are, just like the source, an expanding energy with forward moving intention. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Learn to think, feel and act like God / source energy. So pay attention to your pattern of thoughts that are limiting.


If you believe that you can’t attract abundance into your life, then you can’t. You need to change your belief system and realize that you were created from abundance. You need to be in a state of abundance and gratitude in order to attract more of that, and be willing to give it away.


Receptivity means to be open without judgment. Be open to see possibilities. Act as if your dream is already here. Wish your dream to manifest for others as well. Don’t forget to relax and let the Power of Intention do its work.


Dr Wayne Dyer – Author of “The Power of Intention”

Posted: September 23, 2013 at 3:38 pm
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