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Wayne Dyer – The Power of Intention 1 (2)

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Learn about the universal source of energy that is called the “Power of Intention”. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer will teach you to use this powerful energy so that you can create the life you always wanted. This source is infinite in its possibilities and is always available to you. Don’t forget the summary below.

Summary: The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

In the Universe there is an indescribable “force”, which those who live of the source call “intention”. Everything that exists in the Universe is attached to “intent”.

Everything that exists, including you, emanates from the Source. You are already connected to the Source; the Source/this field of energy beats your heart, grows your fingernails etc. But in order to create the lives we want, we need to connect that link back to “intention”, and keep that connecting link clean”. Here’s how you do that.

The Spirit gives life

First you need to realize that everything that we see in the material world, doesn’t originate in the material world. It’s the spirit that gives life. So, if the shape of your eye can be in an energy field that has no boundaries, no form, no materialness to it – why not the shape of your life? You can create your life the way you want it, because you showed up from this energy field; called “intention”.

Suspend Your Ego

You need to suspend your Ego; the part of you that believes that you are separated from the Source. All of our problems, struggles, illness etc. appear because we disconnect ourselves from the Source. The field of intention is only about well-being, and it wants you to be in a state of happiness. You need to see the unfolding of Source/God in all that you encounter, because by changing the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Your Power of Intent Exists Within You

Let’s say you want more happiness in your life. Realize that there is no way to happiness; happiness is the way and can only be found inside you. You find happiness by visualizing yourself surrounded by happiness, or whatever condition you want to produce. This is an internal process.

When You Feel Good You Are Connected To Source / The Power of Intent


Dr Wayne Dyer is the author of “The Power of Intention”

How can I feel good when so much around me is bad? When you say you want to feel good, you want to feel God and connect with the Source. Remember that you can’t get sick enough to heal one person on this planet, you can’t get poor enough to make one person wealthy on this planet, you can’t get confused enough to “un-confuse” one person on this planet. No amount of your feeling bad can help anyone, because when you feel bad, you lose your connection to Source.

When you lose your connection to source, you create resistance and may say things like “I can’t do this, I am not worthy, It’s impossible etc.”. When you think or act out of resistance, you have negative emotions. Any moment you are feeling bad, you are attracting the opposite of what you wish to attract. The positive thing with negative emotions is that they are always letting you know when you are disconnected to Source. So, when you feel good, you are connected to Source and can create whatever life you want. But when you feel bad you are not connected to Source, and you lose your field of “intention”.

What’s Your Belief?

The creative Source reacts to your belief with a fulfillment of your belief. So if you have a belief for shortages, that you can’t be healed, or that you can’t be happy etc., you will attract just that. If you are thinking of things that has been, then you will attract more of the same things over and over again, because thoughts are energy.

You are always connected to Source, but are ready to stop living at an ordinary level of consciousness, and willing to live at a spiritual level of consciousness where you can have or do anything you want. The first thing you need to check is your emotions, that are telling you if you are connected to Source or not. When you feel good, you are in harmony with Source and connected to the creative force; the energy of intention.

When You Are Inspired – You Are Creating

Inspiration is a very powerful feeling and is telling you that you are connected to the Source. When you are inspired, or “in-spirit”, everything is working for you. When you are inspired, you are creating; you are using the Universal creative force; the energy of intention.

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Posted: September 23, 2013 at 3:18 pm
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