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Alignment with Source Energy


A thought that you think causes you to offer a vibration and when you offer a vibration because of the thought that you are thinking, Law of Attraction responds to that thought…

– Abraham-Hicks


Law of Attraction – Alignment with Source Energy

In this video you will get to know Abraham / Abraham-Hicks, and understand how to align with Source Energy. Abraham-Hicks explains how the Law of Attraction is responding to thoughts and feelings. Make sure to read the summary below the video.

The video was recorded in February 2008, at a Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction Workshop, video 2 (5).

Read the summary below on the “Law of Attraction” 2 (5):

Who is Abraham? Who are Abraham-Hicks?

Esther Hicks is able to channel and translate blocks of thoughts from the non-physical Source Energy.  Abraham is a spirit of many “enlightened teachers” that Ester Hicks channels. In other words, non-physical entities called Abraham, speak through her. Esther Hicks is not hearing words, instead she is receiving “block of thoughts” that explains what Abraham is.

Through meditation and by coming into alignment in the now, Esther Hicks brings her vibration into the frequency that is Abraham, so that they become one. When Esther Hicks becomes one with Source Energy / Abraham, the name Abraham-Hicks is used to define the alignment. You are experiencing the benefit of that blending, Abraham-Hicks, when listening to its wisdom through workshops and books.

Experience Source Energy

Abraham-Hicks want you to know that you don’t need Esther Hicks to experience that blending. Each one of us has access to that same stream of nonphysical consciousness, Source Energy.You can bring yourself into alignment and experience Source Energy / Abraham, by taking the time to manage your vibration into a higher frequency that is the equivalency of who you really are. When you are in your joyous moment, you are in alignment with your true self. When you are in your most irritated moment, you have separated yourself from your true self.

The Law of Attraction is responding to Thoughts

The Law of Attraction is managing all your thoughts and bringing back to your life experience, the equivalents to the thoughts that you are thinking. This is why Abraham-Hicks is coaching us on managing our thoughts. If you want the key to change your life, you have to manage your thoughts.

When you are thinking a thought, it causes you to offer a vibration which the Law of Attraction responds to. After about 17 seconds, new thoughts with same vibrations appear in your head. In time, this can develop into a belief, a chronic, dominant thought, a place you often go to. If this chronic thought makes you feel bad, then your life experience will not be as joyous as you want it to be, because the Law of Attraction is responding to this vibrational pattering.

Manage your thoughts by listening to your feelings

If you want to experience positive outcomes in your life, you must learn how to manage your thoughts by listening to your feelings. You have to decide for yourself what you want to focus on. In short, if a thought feels good, you’re on the right track – but if a thought feels bad, you have to shift your attention to something that makes you feel better.

You choose your thoughts

The Law of Attraction responds to your thoughts, so it’s up to you to decide what to think about. Are you going to focus upon things that separate you from who you really are, or things that takes you back into alignment? It’s your life and your choice.

You have options, all day, every day, to complain or reach for positive aspects. The Law of Attraction will respond to what’s most dominant in your vibration, so if you want a change in your life, you will have to decide for yourself and start practicing new habits of thoughts.

The Law of Attraction – Self Coaching Tips

Coach yourself into alignment, by becoming an observer of your thoughts and emotions, and by encouraging yourself into more positive thinking. Your job as you are coaching yourself, will be to shift focus and thoughts, as soon as you feel bad, to whatever makes you feel better. Pay attention and make sure to only focus on positive aspects in life. Positive affirmations can also be helpful if you want to practice new habits of thoughts. For more self coaching tips and inspiration on the Law of Attraction, see Abraham-Hicks Products.


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