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Sacral Chakra Healing

What is Sacral Chakra Healing?

sacral chakra

Location of the Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra – also called the Sacral Hara Chakra, Second chakra, and Swadhisthana – is located right below the belly button. The uterus, ovaries, prostate, bladder, large intestine, appendix, lower abdomen, pelvis, lower vertebrae, and hips, are related to the sacral chakra. It is the energy center for personal power, creativity, finances, vitality, sexuality and reproduction. The sacral chakra is associated with the water element, taste sense, and orange color.

The orange color of Swadhisthana, is a combination of red (the color of personality) and yellow (the color of wisdom). Sacral chakra healing is about integrating and balancing these energies in the sacral hara chakra, to overcome anger /guilt / shame /fear and develop self control, passion and compassion. Second chakra issues of physical surviving, intimate relationships, self control, decision making, skills, creativity, and addiction, can be resolved with sacral chakra healing.

Second chakra healing will open and balance your Swadhisthana. You will open up to creativity, become more spontaneous, and have a passion for life. You will have no problems in making decisions, and your skills will improve. Healing the sacral chakra will positively affect your emotions.

Just like the first chakra, the second chakra Swadhisthana deals with sex and money, but in a different way. When it comes to sex, the sacral hara chakra deals with the feminine energy of sexuality, and is more about love, having kids, sensuality, and how we feel about sex – whereas the first chakra deals with the masculine energy of sex, and is more about having sex only for the physical pleasure. When it comes to money, the sacral hara chakra rules the security that it brings – whereas the first chakra rules the power that money holds. The sacral hara chakra is all about love and about the security that money can bring. Often, one of these two aspects – love and money – will have a priority over the other, and that’s when sacral chakra healing can help. When your sacral hara chakra Swadhisthana is balanced, you will manage your love life, without sacrificing your finances, and vice versa.

Healing Sacral Chakra – How to Open, Balance and Heal the Sacral Chakra

If you experience any sacral chakra imbalance, second chakra healing can be very helpful. Healing the sacral chakra doesn’t have to be difficult, and the healing process can be quite fun. There are many ways to heal the sacral chakra, and you can do it yourself! Below are some powerful healing tools that you can use right now. Find out how you can heal your second chakra Swadhisthana, with the following sacral chakra healing techniques:

  • Affirmations
  • Sacral Chakra Stones & Crystals
  • Essential Oils
  • Foods
  • Yoga Poses (videos)
  • Guided Meditation (video)
  • Sound Healing (videos)

What can Sacral Chakra Healing help you with?

If you have sexual / intimacy / reproductive problems, or severe menopause, sacral chakra healing could really help. Other sacral chakra imbalance on the physical level that could be resolved with sacral chakra healing are chronic lower back pain, hip pain, arthritis, sciatica, constipation, urinary problems, prostate / ovarian / uterine illnesses, and fibroids.

Other manifestations of sacral chakra imbalance are apathy, emotional distress, blame, guilt, cloudy mental thinking, communication problems, fear of losing control, fear of being controlled, or having trouble making simple daily decisions. If you experience any of these symptoms, sacral chakra healing can help. It will not only cure the symptoms, but heal the root problem as well.

Do you need Sacral Chakra Healing?

Sacral chakra healing

Symbol of the 2nd chakra Swadhisthana

A person with a balanced sacral hara chakra Swadhisthana, is optimistic and open to the world. They are very kind, warm, friendly, nurturing of themselves and others, and sincere, but without seeming clingy. Also, a person with a balanced sacral hara chakra has lots of energy, but without being overbearing. If you are full of life, joyous, creative, sociable, independent, secure, patient, emotionally balanced, and feel secure in your body, you have a balanced and open Swadhisthana.

However, if you feel angry and frustrated, and often suppress your emotions, you could benefit from second chakra healing. If you no longer enjoy your life, have no sexual desire, lack creativity and spontaneity, your sacral chakra needs healing. If you have communication problems, emotional outbursts, problems with your kidneys, or bladder infections, then second chakra healing may be just what you need! These are all signs of a sacral chakra imbalance, and healing the sacral chakra will help opening and balancing the Swadhisthana.

Do you have a Balanced, Deficient, or an Excess Sacral Chakra?

The general characteristics of a balanced, or unbalanced (deficient/excess) second chakra Swadhisthana are as follows:

  • A balanced sacral chakra: joyous, energetic, independent, secure, sociable, compassionate, patient, nurturing of yourself and others, friendly, warm
  • A deficient sacral chakra (or blocked Swadhisthana): unworthy, unloved, guilt, shame, overwhelmed, overly sensitive, shy, timid, immobilized by fear, clingy or isolated, sexually inhibit, impotent, frigid, have no intimate relationships, don’t allow yourself to feel because it will hurt too much, stuff your emotions with food
  • An excess sacral chakra: have emotional outbursts, are caught up in illusions, manipulative, use sex to avoid dealing with your emotions, see others as sex objects, overly ambitious

If you are having any of these symptoms, sacral chakra healing could be worth trying. Healing the sacral chakra will not only cure the symptoms, it will balance and heal the root problem. Second chakra healing is about releasing any feelings of anger, guilt, shame and unworthiness. It is about embracing your inner joy and passion for life. Below are some fantastic sacral chakra healing tools that you can use to heal your second chakra. You will find sacral chakra affirmations, sacral chakra stones and crystals, essential oils and foods for healing the sacral chakra. We have also included yoga positions, guided meditation, and sound healing to open, balance and heal your second chakra Swadhisthana.

You can use one or several of these amazing sacral chakra healing tools. Let your intuition guide you to healing tool that is best suited for you. It’s also a good idea to alternate between these sacral chakra healing techniques, because it’s important to keep it fresh and fun. When you apply the healing techniques described below, make sure to bring your awareness to your second chakra, because your intention will generate the healing process. Also, don’t forget to relax and allow the healing energy to flow in to your Swadhisthana. Enjoy activating your second chakra!

Second Chakra Healing – Affirmations

Healing the sacral chakra, is about balancing your finances without giving up your love life. It’s about loving yourself and trusting that the universe is a friendly place, and that life always gives you what you need. If you experience any second chakra issues / sacral chakra imbalance, working with affirmations can really help. You will reprogram your brain and develop new thinking habits, and thus change your vibration in your sacral chakra Swadhisthana.

Below are some wonderful affirmations that will aid in healing the sacral chakra. Work with the sacral chakra healing affirmations that you feel guided to. Start by writing them down on a peace of paper, and place the paper where you can see your affirmations as often as possible. As you repeat them to yourself in your mind and out loud, you start believing in these statements. You will reprogram your brain and this will change your vibration and start the healing process of your second chakra.

  • I know that life always supports me and takes care of me
  • I welcome the comfort of others in times of need
  • I am lovable and I am loved
  • I welcome intimacy as one of life’s greatest pleasures
  • Comforting another human being is one of the kindest things
  • I trust the process of life

Sacral Chakra Stones & Crystals

Healing stones help the body to re-balance and heal itself, by absorbing negative energy from the body, and transmute it into positive energy. Most sacral chakra stones that are used to heal the second chakra, are orange in color. The second chakra Swadhisthana promotes vitality, passion, sexual energy, strength, endurance, creativity, and new ideas. If you experience problems in any of these areas, sacral chakra stones can be helpful in balancing your second chakra.

Carnelian, fire opal, and orange jasper, are often used for second chakra healing. Other sacral chakra stones for the Swadhisthana are tiger eye, orange amber, peach aventurin, and golden topaz. Each of these gemstones are great for healing the sacral chakra, but since they have specific healing properties, it’s best to choose the one you feel guided to. Some sacral chakra stones are very stimulating, while others can have a more calming effect. For example, carnelian stimulates creativity and motivation, whereas peach aventurin has a more calming effect on the second chakra, and is good for developing patience and tranquility.

If you experience any second chakra issues / sacral chakra imbalance, crystals can be very helpful. You can use these wonderful sacral chakra stones as jewelry, and let the healing energy be around you all day. Another way to use sacral chakra crystals, is to place them on your second chakra as you lay down and meditate for 15 minutes. Feel the healing properties as you visualize an orange vortex of energy pulsing in to your Swadhisthana. Feel how this orange energy is opening up your sacral chakra. Now, release any anger, guilt, or shame that has been blocking your Swadhisthana. As you open your second chakra, you will invite comfort, pleasure and joy into your life. After using the sacral chakra stones, make sure to cleanse them as they naturally absorb negative energy and transmute it into positive energy.

Here are examples of sacral chakra stones for the second chakra, and their healing properties:

  • carnelian – creativity, energy, prosperity, good luck, determination, self-confidence, calming, PMS, menopause, depression, anger
  • fire opal – creativity, vitality, energy, sexuality, abundance, decision making, independence, balancing, PMS, menopause, protecting, letting go of the past
  • golden topaz – creativity, fortune, joy, energy, personal will, self-confidence, balancing, calming, releasing tension, depression, attracting helpful friends and teachers
  • orange/golden amber – decision making, memory, calming, centering, grounding, self love, stress relief, depression, absorbing and transmuting negative energy into positive energy
  • orange jasper – creativity, enthusiasm, vitality, endurance, stress relief, protecting
  • peach aventurin – creativity, leadership, decision making, prosperity, success, calming, dignity, presence, seeing possibilities
  • tiger eye – creativity, grounding, calming, self confidence, deliberate action, balances masculine and feminine energy, seeing both sides of any situation

Second Chakra Healing – Essential Oils

Essential oils can aid the healing process in our chakras. Beneficial essential oils for the second chakra are usually stimulating and encourages personal expression, and encourages creative, sensual and sexual expression. For example, Sandalwood promotes self-esteem and stimulates sexuality and sensuality. Both Sandalwood and Clary Sage regulates hormones and the reproductive system. If you experience any second chakra issues / sacral chakra imbalance, add a few drops of these lovely healing oils into your bathtub, or use a diffuser. Here are examples of essential oils that are often used to open, balance and heal the sacral chakra:

  • Bergamot
  • Cardamon
  • Clary Sage
  • Jasmine
  • Orange
  • Rosemary
  • Rosewood
  • Sandalwood
  • Ylang-Ylang

Sacral Chakra Healing – Foods

The sense of taste is ruled by to the second chakra Swadhisthana. This is why foods can be especially useful in balancing the sacral hara chakra. Foods that balanced the second chakra include: orange colored foods, sweet and tropical fruits, seeds, nuts, fish, fats and oils.

Also, eating provides nurturing and comfort to your mind, body, and spirit, as well as you to your sacral hara chakra. Preparing and sharing food can also be an act of love and community. It can bring a sense of security and belonging, and this act can have a strong healing effect on the second chakra. If you have sacral chakra imbalance / second chakra issues, make sure to add some second chakra healing foods in to your diet, see examples below:

  • almonds
  • carrots
  • caraway seeds
  • coconuts
  • fats and oils
  • mangoes
  • melons
  • nuts
  • oranges
  • passion fruits
  • salmon
  • sesame seeds
  • strawberries
  • sweet paprika
  • tangerines
  • vanilla
  • walnuts

Sacral Chakra Yoga Poses

There are certain yoga poses that open, balance and heal the sacral chakra. If you experience imbalance from a blocked sacral chakra, try yoga. Yoga is a wonderful exercise that heals mind, body and spirit. Here are examples of the most common sacral chakra yoga poses:

The Cobra is a classic sacral chakra yoga pose, and is also beneficial for the third and fourth chakra. It strengthens the spine, improves posture, circulation, and the body’s flexibility, and opens the sacral hara chakra.

The Triangle is a wonderful sacral chakra yoga pose to open the second chakra. It also stretches the spine, tones the muscles, strengthens the stomach muscles, trims the thighs, and expands the lungs!

The Twist strengthens the inner organs (liver and pancreas ). This sacral chakra yoga pose increases the blood flow into the vertebrae and nerves, and opens up the second chakra. It also helps your spine to be more flexible.

Sacral Chakra Meditation

Sacral chakra meditation is a fantastic healing tool, if you have any second chakra issues / sacral chakra imbalance. Here is a wonderful sacral chakra meditation videos for activating and healing the second chakra Swadhisthana. Sit in a chair, with your back straight, and your feet on the floor. You could also sit on the floor, but make sure that your back is straight. Take deep breaths. Relax and enjoy the guided sacral chakra meditation, see video below:

Sacral Chakra Healing – Sound Healing

Sound healing with Solfeggio frequencies can be very helpful in opening, balancing and healing the second chakra. If you experience second chakra issues / sacral chakra imbalance, sound healing could be very beneficial to you. Sacral chakra resonates with a specific color, note, and Hz:

Sacral Chakra – Color Orange – Note D – 417 Hz

The healing frequency for the second chakra Swadhisthana is 417 Hz. This frequency will balance your sacral hara chakra and resolve past traumas and facilitate changes in life. Make sure to use head phones. Take deep breaths and relax while you enjoy the wonderful sacral chakra healing sounds, see videos below:

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