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How to become a Spiritual Coach

A Spiritual Coach affects others through his/her own spirituality

By becoming a Spiritual Coach, you will deepen your own spiritual life, as well as the spiritual life of others. Through your spirituality you will be able affect many aspects of life: work, health, relationships etc.

You will find that there is a great possibility to build a business within the field of Spiritual Coaching. There are millions of dedicated religious individuals, as well as other spiritual people who are not connected with a specific religion, that may find great inspiration and guidance from a spiritual life coach.

Below is a short guide on what to think about and what to do, if you want to become a Spiritual Coach.

Work with your own spirituality

If you want to become a Spiritual Coach and inspire people in their own spirituality, you have to live / practice what you teach. A Spiritual Life Coach needs to be deeply involved with and constantly work on his/her own spirituality.

Inform yourself online

Search on web-sites for information on spiritual coaching. To find helpful information, use keywords like “Spiritual Coach Certification”, “Spiritual Coach Courses”, “Spiritual Life Coaching”, Spiritual Courses”, “Spiritual Courses Online” etc. You will find numerous websites that provide useful information.

Search for Spiritual Coaching Certifications online

If you want to become a Certified Spiritual Coach (C.S.C), you will have to undergo training. There are certification programs online, and courses you can take on different colleges. Credentials can be obtained through organizations such as the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the International Coach Academy. The International Coach Federation (ICF) offers three credentials: ACC, PCC, and MCC. To become Associate Certified Coach (ACC), you need at least 100 hours of client coaching experience. The abbreviation ACSTH stands for Approved Coach Specific Training Hours.

Train yourself informally

You can also train yourself informally. Work on your own spirituality. It’s possible to become a Spiritual Coach without formal training or certification, although some people feel more comfortable hiring a coach who has credentials. If you want to train yourself informally, read books on spirituality and coaching, participate in online forums and groups etc.

Advertise your Spiritual Coaching services

When you are starting your own practice, you will have to attract clients by advertising your services. You have to get the word out about your Spiritual Coaching services. Have your own web-site, where you inform what you do as a Spiritual Coach and where to reach you. Make your own business cards and spread them at places like alternative bookshops, Yoga and Healing centers, Spiritual Fairs etc.

  • Join a group of Spiritual Coaches. Join an established group of Spiritual Coaches and attend networking events.
  • The Faith to Action Movement” is a great place where you can connect with like-minded Spiritual Coaches, and also find information and resources. Another example is “Meetup” where you can find networking events in most cities throughout the United States.  Be creative and find new ways to connect and spread your Spiritual Coaching services.
  • Ask for referrals from families and friends. Referrals are very important when you start building a Spiritual Coaching practice. After getting started, you can ask for referrals from your clients and associates. Let people know that referrals are appreciated.
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