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Guidance System


“The way you feel is an indication of whether you are in sync with who you have become, or not.”

– Abraham-Hicks

Law of Attraction – How to use the Guidance System

In this video, Abraham-Hicks is introducing the Guidance System – our feelings – to find happiness and clarity in life. Don’t forget to read the summary below the video.

The video was recorded in February 2008, at a Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction Workshop, video 4 (5).

Read the summary on the “Law of Attraction” – Part 4 (5)

Guidance System – Listen to your feelings

In this video, Abraham-Hicks is coaching us to navigate through life towards happiness, by paying attention to our feelings. Our feelings are our Guidance System that will take us on the right path in life.

We all have a Guidance System that is telling us if we are on the right track, or not. By paying attention to our feelings, we learn to feel our way through life and we learn to make decisions that are in harmony with our inner being.

When you feel happy, eager, enthusiastic etc., you are moving in the direction of who you really are; towards your dreams. When you feel insecure, despair, anger etc., you are moving away from Source Energy within you. The reason for this is that Source Energy within you only focuses on things that it wants to see more of.

By saying NO you include it in your vibration

Source Energy within you understands the Law of Attraction and that this Universe is based upon inclusion only. There is no exclusion in this Universe. Every time you say “No” to anything you include it in your vibration. When you say “No” or push against something, you give your attention to it and include it in your vibration and prevent yourself from going towards what you really are. You hold yourself apart from what you are asking for.

The longer you live, the more contrast you will experience, and the more you will ask for. The larger part of you becomes the vibrational equivalent of what you are asking for. To receive everything you have asked for, you have to listen to your Guidance System; your feelings. By focusing on want you are wanting, you feel happy, and when you feel good your Guidance System is telling you that you are on the right path to receive all that you have been asking for.

The sensation of inspiration tells you that you are on the right path

There are 2 aspects of you. The vibration of you in your

  1. Physical Form and
  2. Non-Physical Form, in the wholeness of who you really are

Abraham-Hicks is, through workshops and books, coaching us to pay more attention to our non-physical form. The vibration in our physical form is different from the vibration in our expanded non-physical form. Our expanded non-physical form has a stronger response to the Law of Attraction.

The reason for this is that your non-physical form, is your expanded version of you, and has become all that you have been asking for. The Law of Attraction’s response to who you have become, creates the sensation for you of inspiration, the feeling of being called to completion of something. When you feel inspiration, your Guidance System is telling you that you are on the right path towards all that you have been asking for.

If you don’t follow the “stream” willingly you feel bad

Abraham-Hicks gives you the following analogy: The Law of Attraction creates the sensation for you that’s like a powerful river flowing to the eternal becoming of that which is you. When you are on the right path, allowing who you really are, you feel ease. The better you feel, the more you are allowing the stream to flow through you.

You can allow the stream willingly or not (downstream or upstream, see The Art of Allowing), but you can never separate yourself from the stream. When you go willingly with the stream, you feel wonderful and when you don’t go willingly you feel awful. You can not hold yourself behind to what life has caused you to become. When life gives you an expanding experience you have got to go (follow the stream, inspiration), or you don’t feel good. When you don’t allow yourself becoming all that already are in your non-physical expanded form, you feel resistance and unhappy.

The Law of Attraction – Self Coaching Tips

Coach yourself to allow the stream of who you have become to flow willingly. Use your emotions as indicator to find out if you are on the right path or not. Listen to your own Guidance System and following your bliss.

The Astonishing Power of Emotionsicon” by Esther and Jerry Hicks,  is a great book if you want to learn more about the Guidance System and manifest your dreams.

For more self coaching tips and inspiration on the Law of Attraction, see Abraham-Hicks Products.



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